Eight Republican candidates met at the Reagan Library on Wednesday in a debate sponsored by NBC News, Politico and the Reagan Library Foundation. The debate, as expected, was dominated with questions to Texas Governor Rick Perry from the start.

Full Video: Reagan Library Republican Debate Video

Below you will find the video highlights as they become available.

Perry and Romney spar on jobs

Gingrich chastises the media

Perry calls Social Security a “Ponzi scheme”

More to come as they’re posted.


  1. Headshot, I think they will have the full debate on here later this evening or tomorrow. I think you can also still catch it on FOX when they do a re-run?

  2. I hope people realize how much a moron Perry is after listing to him tonight, and run him out of the GOP race after his Stellar (cough cough) showing in the debate.

    • The good news is he will probably just run himself out of the race with his moronic statements. That’s just what you want to tell the country: “I will kill social security”. Excellent, keep it up Rick. You are headed for the exit. Also hilarious how he makes a fool of himself, then, rather than make a cogent argument, just says “and we need jobs! JOBS! JOBS!”

  3. I missed it too Headshot, although I surfed around a few channels at 8PM Eastern Time. Apparently it was a secret debate, only to be seen by…oh, never mind. Typical TV network mis-management.

  4. I love how they do not ask Dr. Ron Paul about healthcare. As a doctor I would assume that he would know about healthcare.

  5. Make sure yall find the WHOLE debate not just these stupid media clips. Big garbage Media is purposely leaving out Ron Paul who clearly won and has the best agenda and ideas. Rick Perry + Romney + Bauchman = Big Goverment Big Taxes Big deficits. Read the 1987 letter Ron Paul wrote that Rick Perry Criticized him about. Ron Paul spoke out against the huge government, huge deficits, & Huge taxes that the Republican party is **supposed** to be against but is just as guilty as the democrats for doing.

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