At least seven GOP candidates will take the stage tonight at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California, for a debate sponsored by NBC News, Politico and the Reagan Library Foundation. Originally billed as Rick Perry’s debate debut, his attendance is now in question due to the expanding wildfire disaster in Texas. However, a spokesman for the Governor has indicated recently that he does plan to attend the debate.

Entire Video: Full Reagan Library GOP Debate Video

Original Air Time: Wednesday, September 7th at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT on MSNBC

Participants: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum

Report from the Washington Post:

New polling out today supports this reading of the contest. And the truth is that the other candidates — the fringe candidates — are rapidly running out of time to change this.

If any of these remaining candidates is serious about trying to change it, we should know tomorrow night at the debate at the Reagan Library. If we see real fireworks, it will suggest that the fringe candidates are still serious about trying to win. But if we don’t see serious attacks, it will be good evidence that the fringe candidates aren’t really seeking the nomination, and that the shape of the contest has now more or less been determined.

Not all debates are equal. This one looms large for several reasons. The Reagan Library debate has become a bit of a tradition, and that, plus the ever-magic Reagan name, makes this one stand out from others in the endless series of Republican clashes. This debate is also notable because it will be new frontrunner Perry’s first time on the stage. On top of that, Barack Obama’s job speech and scheduling flap wound up pushing a bit more publicity onto the event. Put it all together, and this will probably wind up the most-hyped, and therefore most-noticed, debate up until the primaries actually start.

For the two frontrunners, Romney and Perry, the obvious debate strategy is to survive without any damage. You probably won’t see them attack each other. Indeed, Romney’s job plan is basically the kind of stuff you expect from a leading candidate: nothing too startling.

For the others, this debate is a good chance to get noticed. And the best way to get noticed is to attack. But who to attack?

Clearly the story line to watch will be the Perry/Bachmann/Romney trifecta. These three will be looking to make headlines and stand out from the pack. For Bachmann, the coming months will be crucial given her recent drop in poll numbers since Perry’s entrance. For Romney, his goal will be to hit back at some of Perry’s criticisms and present himself as the electable of the group who can appeal to conservative and moderate Republicans. Perry simply has to come in and either strengthen his position or at least escape unscathed to continue his lead in most GOP primary polls.

The other candidates, of course, will be looking for their breakout moments as well, however, if past debates are any indicator, don’t look for Santorum, Huntsman, or Cain to take too much question time.


  1. All of the candidates, with the exception of Ron Paul, believe basically the same things. If the moderator wants a REAL debate, let Ron Paul take on Rick Perry’s foreign policy OR economic policy. Rick Perry is just another Bush – no matter what he’s said before. Just look at his record. And big government Romney is just more of Obama – only with better hair and less controversial friends.

      • John, my silly Neo-Con friend, stating the factual similarities between these candidates is pretty simple. So why not the simplification.

        If you take 1 hour from your busy life and research their records, you will find nothing tea party, nothing liberty loving and only big government and benefits from sad government.

        Grow up.

    • Maria, it is untrue. There are differences. Rick Santorum has pledged all resources to the securing of the border. He, unlike Ron Paul, believes strongly that Iran should never get the bomb. Paul doesn’t have a foreign policy, except to state that all troops should be brought home. Santorum has a strong economic policy. What is Paul’s?

      Ron Paul is not a Republican. He left the party, and is now masquerading himself as a Republican. He will never get the nomination. Period. But he doesn’t have to give back, nor can give back the funds from his failed bid. Paul attacked Reagan rather viciously in the past. Wonder if he has any misgivings about being at the library tonight surrounded by President Reagan’s spirit? Naw. He doesn’t have the character.

      • Foreign Policy:

        Rick Santorum = Bush
        Rick Santorum = Obama

        The U.S. has military bases all around the world including in the middle east. Worried about Iran getting the bomb??? Pakistan has nuclear weapons and receives billions from the U.S. each year. Where was Osama Bin Laden hiding??? (Yes, in Pakistan in case u didn’t know) The U.S. has enough nuclear weapons to wipe out the world!!! Are we going to worry about Iran now? We thought Iraq had weapons and went into war there what like 9 years ago and still there! Now, we are in Afghanistan and Lybia… When will we stop all of these senseless and draining wars???!!!!! I think WE ALL HAVE HAD ENOUGH this B.S.!

      • Foreign Policy:

        Rick Santorum = Bush
        Rick Santorum = Obama

        The U.S. has military bases all around the world including in the middle east. Worried about Iran getting the bomb??? Pakistan has nuclear weapons and receives billions from the U.S. each year. Where was Osama Bin Laden hiding??? (Yes, in Pakistan in case u didn’t know) The U.S. has enough nuclear weapons to wipe out the world!!! Are we going to worry about Iran now? We thought Iraq had weapons and went into war there what like 9 years ago and still there! Now, we are in Afghanistan and Lybia… When will we stop all of these senseless and draining wars???!!!!! I think WE ALL HAVE HAD ENOUGH of this B.S.!

  2. Umm, how is Bachmann part of the “trifecta” when Ron Paul is polling ahead of her in almost every single poll?

  3. MoneyMedia pretty-faces don’t make leaders. Cain is the only one standing who has a clear understanding of what the financial institution and the job market needs, and is the most sensible person capable of leading our nation in foreign policy. Ron Paul is a one sided coin, Perry too inflammatory to be elected, and both Perry and Romney show too much like Rhinos who won’t get traction if they ever get elected. Romney, Paul and Perry are not national leaders, they’re the media’s preference for pretty faces with traditional liberal tendencies. Let’s go America. Time to get back to work!

    • Did you just use Paul(Ron) and “media’s preference” in the same sentence? I understand not everyone owns a tv or reads the news, but you can’t be serious.

      • Good response! I laughed at the use of “media preference” and Dr. Ron Paul in the same sentence too!!! Obviously, deprived with no access to TV…LOL

  4. It could just be me, but I swear this little entry almost seems biased toward particular candidates. Who is to say that we are not in need of drastic change, who is to say that what we need is something out of the normal range. I think people get too caught up trying to look at image and not the underlying issues that must be addressed. Are we really turning our presidential debates into that of a TV reality show? That is all.

  5. @Maria- I hope you dont think Ron Paul has a better Foreign Policy than Perry. Any man (in this case Paul) who thinks that it is ok for Iran (one of, if not our most, outspoken enemy) to possess nuclear power is a fool. Yes i agree that the US should not be so involved in everyone’s business, but when it comes to our enemies possessing weapons that could annihilate our population I am very much against that, and every other American should be too. If you dont remember, try watching the Iowa debate again, and tell me Paul did not clearly state that it is Iran’s choice whether or not to possess nuclear weapons, not ours. This may be true, but that doesnt mean we shouldnt do everything we can to stop them from doing so. To think otherwise is just plain ignorance.

    • He didn’t say that he wanted them to possess nuclear power. He simply points out the ridiculousness of focusing on a poor under developed countries nuclear research when there are many other nations that have or are working on nuclear power, that we consider to be even more dangerous than Iran. Why arent we going after north korea? pakistan? It just doesn’t make sense.

      What if Iran built a nuclear weapon? What in the world makes you think they would use it against the U.S. or anyone else? They know it would lead to the destruction of their entire region and populace.

      Oh wait I forgot.. anyone that shade of brown is a martyr and wants the destruction of the U.S.
      Maybe we should go ahead and deliver the first strike then?

      • Emc, on the contrary. Paul was saying that if it is okay for one nation to have the bomb then Iran should be able to have it. Iran would use it against Israel, and since they hate us…. They’ve made the statements. I know Iranians who back verify that.

        As for North Korea and Pakistan, there are things going on in back channels that you are not privy to.

        Not everyone who is brown is a martyr, but to make light of the threat shows arrogance and ignorance.

        • “Iran would use it against Israel …”

          That’s absolutely ridiculous. Contrary to the propaganda, Iran isn’t interested in committing national suicide. Israel has their own nuclear arsenal and could completely annihilate Iran in a retaliatory attack.

          Even if those countries DID go to war, what business does the United States have in getting involved? Well, except for the fact that the U.S. has already invaded Iraq. Wonder how the Iraqis would treat our U.S. military personnel if the U.S. and Israel decided to attack their Shi’ite brothers in Iran?

          It’s time for the U.S. to start treating other nations the way it would want to be treated if the roles were reversed. What a novel concept.

  6. NYjobs, you may be the first person ever to call Ron Paul a “pretty face”.

    Herman Cain is way out of his league in any Presidential debate. Just listen to his debate answers, his words speak for themselves. He has no understanding of public funding, foreign policy, history, and seems to have a harsh perspective on law enforcement that encroaches on civil liberties even further than we’ve already gone. Why he is considered electable by anyone is beyond me.

  7. I would like to hear more from Santorum. How can people make an informed decision when some of the candidates are ignored.

    • Well, they could start by not listening to the MSM 15 second soundbites for their information and instead doing a bit of research online. I am assuming that everyone that has posted here has internet access ( otherwise, the posts wouldn’t be here).

      If it weren’t such a serious matter, it would be almost funny…listening to
      everyone complaining that this candidate did this…or that candidate did that (
      as if the thigs that they complain about is something new….they aren’t). Then,
      when anyone points out that there is one candidate out of the whole batch ( both
      sides)….who has never done any of these things, who has always been honest,
      forthright and a defender of the Constitution….someone who has stood up for
      smaller, less intrusive government, sound currency and personal
      freedoms…….everyone goes wild … calling the man everything except…a
      viable candidate. Why is that?
      It is obvious to me ( as it should be to everyone else) that what we have been doing….ISN”T WORKING…..and maybe…just maybe,
      it’s time to take a new approach to the way this nation is beng run. Maybe, just maybe it’s time to stop electing “business as usual” “mainstream” candidates….who continue to run our nation into the ground while ignoring the will of the people
      If we were to elect Dr. Ron Paul, could he really be any worse than what we’ve had over the last 40+ years (both sides)?
      If we were to elect him and he doesn’t make changes that positively affect our nation….can we not vote him out in another 4 years?

      Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over…and expecting to get a different result. Isn’t it time that we stopped the insanity?
      While I am not asking anyone to vote for any particular candidate, I will ask that you spend more time actually looking into all of the candidates’ backgrounds ( voting records, campaign finances…who they’ve made deals with etc.). learn everything you can about the candidates (not the MSM talking heads versions…do the research yourselves), so that on election day….you can make an informed decision about who you want to represent you in government….Remember, what they do is a direct reflection on us…..if they do foolish things….which means we look like fools for electing them in the first place.
      I don’t know about anyone else, but I am tired of the insanity and will be casting my vote for Ron Paul. You can say that I am wasting my vote….well , I guess that’s OK….it is after all…MY….vote……it doesn’t belong to any party or candidate….it belongs to me …to cast as my conscience dictates.
      I hope eveyone makes informed decisions concerning our future as a

      The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived
      and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.
      John F. Kennedy

      Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012!

  8. I’m sorry. I think the media is biased beyond belief. They have proven this with, at the very LEAST, their reaction to the Iowa straw poll. Ron Paul has been saying the same things for YEARS and no one has listened. He predicted the results of what the politicians have been doing in Washington for a long time. He predicted the housing bubble popping. He is a strong leader. A no nonsense kind of person. He has never wavered from his beliefs. Frankly, after reading up on Perry he is…. well just plain scary. (Sorry for the rhyme)He is exactly the type big government and the news media feeding out of their pocket would WANT in office. Ever wonder why, after only 3 weeks it SEEMS like Perry is overwhelmingly in the lead? Because the news media wants it to LOOK that way! Much like they totally cut Ron Paul out of the picture after coming in second in the Iowa straw poll. People need to wake up to what this country has become and WHY it has become that way. Special interests, pork fat and hands out all over Washington wanting freebies from a government that is BANKRUPT. Our freedoms are being torn from us one by one, and pretty soon we won’t have anything left anymore. The government was set up BY the people, FOR the people. We now see that we work for the government, not the other way around. It’s time to take back our freedoms and cut government as much out of the picture as we can. They were meant to run in the background, not to be a huge hungry cloud hanging over our head, ready to swallow us all and every future generation as well. Sorry news channels, Ron Paul is my choice and I am going to say it loud and proud and tell as many fellow Americans as I can, so we can preserve this country for future generations.

    • I agree, Ron Paul is the only candidate who has not waivered on his platform. He is the only man of his word. The U.S. has been fed so much FEAR it is ridiculous. So what if Iran gets a nuclear weapon; they would be absolutely suicidal to threaten anyone with it. AND, Israel can take care of themselves, they are mighty capable! We need drastic change not the same old -same old.

  9. I honored Ronald Reagan’s memory by viewing his flag-draped casket in the Capitol Rotunda in Washington, DC on June 9,2004.

    • History will remember Reagan the same way I will, as the first president to run up huge deficits by cutting taxes for the richest Americans while spending lavishly on arms we didn’t need. He will also be remembered as a union buster, the one who would negotiate a trade of arms to the Contras in Nicaragua for the release of hostages from terrorists, and for launching a senseless attack on a tiny Carribean Island that gained us nothing but contempt from the civilized nations of the world. Newt Gingrich and his ilk have made Reagan out to be some sort of hero when he was anything but that. He had a chance to disarm the former Soviet Union but refused to do so because he wouldn’t give up his sacred “Star Wars” anti-missile program that lined the pockets of his rich defense contractor campaign contributors with taxpayer money. No, he was no hero.

      • Love when people keep trying to play down what Reagan did. Yep, Gorbachev is solely responsible for ending the Cold War, Reagan’s responsible for every problem today…at least when it’s not Bush’s fault, and if only Carter would have won a second term, all would be right with the world. But it gets worse…Reagan was re-elected. How could 49 states and almost 58% of the vote get it wrong? Boy he sure had a lot of people fooled!

  10. Candidates nust deport themselves like understanding citizens and not likena herd of anamals attakih each oher. Tell us what specifics can be done to put an end o our jobs situation and fix our faterring economy.

    Speak intelligently and not as a radical.

    • Well, the first thing you could do is learn to spell and get a grasp of sentence structure. Reading internet posts makes my head hurt. Posts of this quality advocate the end to public education louder then any politician.
      Have a nice day.

      • @Elliot Outlier; it doesn’t take much to dis someone’s literary ability. Why don’t you concentrate on what the person says instead? BTW, I think you meant “than” any politician, didn’t you?

  11. Ummm… Hermain Cain, Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman… all mentioned but the candidate who is even with Bachmann in most polls ignored. Give me a break.. Look at the rest of the comments.


  12. For the point toward Iran having nuclear weapons… so are you to say that we have the god given right to invade other nations and forcibly tell them what they can and cannot do. This is the exact problem that is irritating the global situation, but I guess we did the same thing with the American Indians when we came here. What is so hard to understand about this? How many “trails of tears” do we really have to have?. Would we rather want them to have these weapons in secrecy via partnership of other agencies and/or nations. Where does it stop? Are we going to quit telling the world that we are their king and that they should obey us or face consequence. I’m sorry, America does not have this right, though I’m not against a fully invasive spy network to keep us informed, that, ladies and gentlemen, IS defense. We do have the right to protect ourselves but this is not exactly what we are doing. This is what is meant by “policing the world”, this is not our duty, this is why we are broke, this is why other nations own us in accordance to debt, etc. This current war has been financed entirely on credit which was a ludicrous idea to begin with. How far does it really have to go? We can only continue this method for so long until we weaken our nation to the point of which we will be unable to physically defend ourselves from our own soil. So yeah, if you think we can continue to do this without our own consequences, then get ready for the fall as it will be inevitable at that point.

  13. Al… I’m sorry, your post makes no sense to me.
    Concerned Citizen… you are correct. We DON’T have the God given right to police the world.
    We also don’t need to be dependent on foreign oil as we have trillions of it here, in ND waiting to be removed. But no, we would rather go abroad and fight for something that isn’t ours to begin with.

    It’s a crying shame. I hope people wake up soon and I hope they DO NOT let the media LULL them into thinking Perry is a “good guy” that is going to solve all our troubles.

    It’s exactly what the media wants you to think. Don’t be cattle. Herded into voted or thinking the way big Government and their pocket dwellers want you to vote and think.


  14. How is Ron Paul a ‘LONG SHOT’ when he is currently dictating the entire GOP race. EVERY single candidate is now moving more into alignment with what Ron Paul has been saying because they realize he has ALL the REAL support. So take that ‘long-shot’ bullshit down, the people have spoken. STOP undermining the will of the people, it is TREASON and will have dire consequences. Lets take this country back and rebuild a true free society, and let these ignorant scum and war-mongers die out or move to Cuba. RON PAUL 2012! A MOVEMENT OF LIBERTY NEVER GOES AWAY AND NEVER LOSES, GET WITH IT OR GET OUT OF THE WAY! REAL AMERICANS HAVE ACTUAL WORK TO DO! RON PAUL 2012

    • An inspiring message indeed! I had the privilege of listening to Ron Paul speak on Monday and to be amongst a group of truly diverse Americans with one thing in common – the natural yearning for liberty! Ron Paul 2012!!! I used to be, not too long ago, a mainline republican. Please know that our minds can be changed. Let’s keep telling others the truth – when it all comes crashing down, the truth must be part of the debate.


  16. Lol Trifecta… More like the axes of evil. Ron Paul is the only shot we have as a Country, and with ratings higher than all, he still get’s shunned… Why doesnt the major media cover him? 2nd place in the Iowa Poll??? By 152 VOTES??? Oh yeah. The Major media is bought and payed for. Good thing they are obsolete, and we can get True news from Online…

    Libertas Vel Mortis.

  17. I’m not a republican but I’m very, very impressed with Ron Paul fans. They are passionate and know their stuff. The ultra religious candidates scare me.

  18. This Media source ahs failed you all in recognizing the “Perry/Bachmann/Romney trifecta” And then clearly labeling RON PAUL as the fringe. This SOURCe is the fringe. this election – the mainstream media will commit suicide by nature of awareness. DO YOUR HOMEWORK_ ALL OF YOU- IM EMBARRASSED FOR SOME OF YOU THAT CALL YOURSELF ADULTS- YOU NEVER DO YOUR HOMEWORK- YOU GOT LAZY BECAUSE YOU THINK YOUR COOLER THAN ME- WAKE UP * BITCH SLAPS YOU really hard****

  19. I’m with you, Madelon — I want to hear LOTS more from Santorum! The people want to get to know ALL the candidates; it isn’t fair that the media focus only on their chosen few. They need to stop trying to make our decisions for us and let us choose for ourselves. If some candidates are not as well known, it is the media’s JOB to help us get to know them!!

  20. “Clearly the story line to watch will be the Perry/Bachmann/Romney trifecta.”

    – Really? – No!

    Clearly the story line to watch will be the vicious standup, ground game and finishing triangle choke that Ron Paul puts on the flabby neck of the loudmouth Perry. Ron Paul has been in serious training for 35 years. Perry and Romney? They spent all that time combing their hair and getting their teeth whitened.

  21. Would like to hear more from all but Perry, Paul, and Bachmann. Would especially like to hear from Huntsman, as well as Cain and Santorum. I’m sure we’ll hear plenty of Romney. At least Huntsman (a seasoned diplomat and governor, best governed state, real job creator) and Romney (top-flight businessman, consultant, and governor) have real qualifications and seem pretty level headed – unlike most of the leaders in the field.

  22. I wish my fellow republicans gave more credence to John Huntsman. His experience as ambassador to China gives him a foreign policy credential not possessed by any other candidate. So what if he was appointed by the Obama administration? That he worked for democratic president demonstrates a sense of statesmanship not possessed by many politicians of either party these days.

    We should be looking for a candidate who can win a national election. Obama is weak right now, but if we nominate a candidate who’s guaranteed to alienate half the country we will give Obama a second term.

    My party has managed to both move further to the right and spend sums of money that would make FDR proud. Our focus has been in all the wrong places. Forget social issues, acknowledge the role we have to play in international affairs (but with a dose of reluctance and humility), and make the economy the top priority.

    • I do like Huntsman… there are those candidates that are not “allowed” real media coverage. Ron Paul has enough supporters right now to possibly break through the media ceiling, but not Huntsman. Perry was tapped at Bilderberg as the next GOP front runner. Romney has been an establishment candidate for a long time. The outsiders (Paul and Huntsman)don’t stand a chance unless they get enough real support outside of the media.

  23. Class of Fools. Gingrich is the only one that will make sense, until he tries too hard to be like the other to please the tea bag party

  24. “Clearly the story line to watch will be the Perry/Bachmann/Romney trifecta.”

    Really? The last time I checked, Ron Paul was ahead of Michelle Bachman in every single poll….I’m glad to see this writer is unbiased in his reporting…..Sorry NATE…yer a turd.

  25. The lack of mention of Paul is very sad. He is polling better than Bachman, and does better in a match-up against Obama than either Perry or Romney. I will not vote for anybody but Paul on the GOP ticket. Not nominating him is throwing away about 1/3 of the GOP voters.

  26. “Clearly the story line to watch will be the Perry/Bachmann/Romney trifecta.”

    Really? The last time I checked, Ron Paul was ahead of Michelle Bachman in every single poll….I’m glad to see this writer is unbiased in his reporting (not!)…..Sorry NATE…yer a media turd.

    Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012!

  27. Don’t be frightened; be informed. Check out the records of each individual. The past is a good indicator of future actions. Try not to stereotype individuals. Check out who supports each candidate and what their motivation might be. There is far too much corruption in today’s politics and too little respect and love of our constitution and the freedom it is supposed to secure.

  28. Sorry for the double post, the first time it said; “cannot read CAPTCHA code”, then it posted twice (Although I did add to the second post).
    Again, my appologies.

  29. @ plain jane: Ron Paul isn’t a republican either, except by name only. He’s not conservative; his position is more libertarian.
    As far as “ultra religious candidates” go, the only one I know of is Obama — he apparently regards himself as deity, receiving worship from others, allowing them to call him “The Messiah.” If that isn’t “ultra religious,” I don’t know what is.
    However, if you label someone “ultra religious” just because they believe in and practice their faith, then you’re just prejudiced against people of faith.

  30. MSNBC’s guests are saying that the Republicans are looking for common sense. Well, if anyone or everyone has been listening to the only two who make commom sense is: Mr Herman Cain for President and Rep Ron Paul for Vice President. Will your vote be common sense vote?

  31. Does anyone know where we can watch this debate on the internet? My teacher assigned us to watch it, but I do not have cable. Thanks!

    • At the top of the page it says…Live Stream: Politico (live around 7:30 pm ET)

      hit the link (politico), it should take you there.

  32. MSNBC’s guests are saying that the Republicans are looking for common sense. Well, if anyone or everyone has been listening to the only two who make commom sense is: Mr Herman Cain for President and Rep Ron Paul for Vice President. Will your vote be a common sense vote?

  33. MSNBC’s guests are saying that the Republicans are looking for common sense. Well, if anyone or everyone has been listening to the only two who make commom sense is: Mr Herman Cain for President and Rep Ron Paul for Vice President. Will your vote be a common sense vote? I’m a registered Democrat and I’m voting for Mr Cain.

    • Vote for Ron Paul because Herman Cain was the Deputy Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Kansas. Which is a sign he’s in with the bankers.

      Ron Paul 2012 or kiss america good bye.

  34. I love the dreams of libs, I respect conservatisim, the tea party rocks, and most americans are afraid to think RON PAUL, people Ron, Mitt, Rick, Newt, with Michelle & Sarah, should be all in charge for us. Obama wow where the f**** are you coming from other than George Soros, eventhough I under stand your debt to that pcs of sh***t.

  35. I just missed 50 minutes of the debate. Well, I never watch or knew where MSNBC was located on cable. This is a funny channel to have a Republican debate.

  36. It’s amazing that so many Americans speak in terms of “fact” when they have no fact to back what they say up. I can’t believe people are more concerned about these ridiculous scare tactics perpetuated by the media and DC about Iran. I can’t believe Americans who crave liberty would actually consider Perry, with his record, a viable candidate. It truly is beyond comprehension. Maybe the powers that be want to see a real revolution in this country. Maybe that would give them just the justification they need to just go off on the Citizens of this once great nation. It’s so unreal to see where we have become. There is no right or left. Just a distraction. There is no such thing as conservatism anymore. There is no such thing as government by and for the people. We are fodder for the machine. It’s over folks, if your only concern is Iran or some other inane distraction. Wake up people! Wake up!

    I’m not telling you to support anyone candidate, although Ron Paul has my 100% support, but stop being dumb. Stop being naive. Read for the love of this nations future. Stop acting like 2nd graders. Educate yourselves. Make informed decisions. Look at candidates records and stop just believing what you believe because someone told you to believe it. Wake up!!!

    • Perry scares me. I don’t care if he did create all those jobs, Texas has one of the lowest or THE lowest average wage. They have the lowest percentage of high school grads…so what jobs did he create? Flipping burgers at minimum? Perry says more than minimum…remember all 25 cents over minimum is more than minimum. No thanks Perry, we need REAL jobs and educated American workers to fill them.

      I am liking Ron Paul more every day!

      • I am college educated and have a great job and the minimum wage job helped me to get there. Since when is having a minimum wage job lower than a government hand out? People poo poo burger flipping but I happen to think any job is a good place to start.

  37. We have 8 Republican candidates that represent a broad spectrum of conservative thought. The bjust had a discusiion of illegal aliens in the country andf it evolved to the need for 1000’s additional
    border securitty quards and a big expensive fence. Let’s get real. First they want to cut the federal government to cut spending … yet out the other side of their mouths. they want to spend much, mush more. Perhaps the Republicans will justify the expenditure of funds for a ffurutre Hadrian’s wall on our southern bord. The second task is to give the power to the states to administer this which have neither the funding, nor the inclination, to tackle this problem. How do we resolve such problems if all the Repub licams propose is anarchy.

  38. I love listening to the conservative radio personalities scream about constitutional governance and free markets and they endorse these Neo-Con thugs (Bachmann, Perry, Romney). The only person who legislates in line with the Constitution is Ron Paul. The only person who wants you to be free is Ron Paul. The only person on that stage tonight who isn’t acting, isn’t spinning the truth and won’t lie is Ron Paul. See you at the primaries!

    Ron Paul 2012 or kiss america good bye.

  39. I SAY open the borders, let people come and thrive among us. The more foreigners the more money circulates the more money in our pockets.

  40. This is getting ridiculous because they are not giving Newt Gingrich, Cain and Huntsmon enough time for this debate versus the other candidates. These are the people I want to hear from. They have been in places where the other candidates have been. These are the ones who make the most sense.

  41. I can’t believe they put it on MSNBC. Some of us don’t believe in paying the rates Sat or cable. Hopefully they’ll put it o free TV.

    That’s about as worthless as Obama’s speach tomorrow.

  42. Lets see, Dr Paul wants to stop borrowing money from china to fund the unsustainable wars, stop policing the world on our dime (thus stopping extremism), give us a strong dollar (keeping us from defaulting through inflation), letting people keep there hard earned money to invest how they want for retirement. Letting local government handle education (we all know big government control is better LOL), He wants to stay out of peoples business of sex, religion, habits (Don’t we need Government to tell us what is right for us).he also wants to stop the FED and walstreet from controlling our economy by artificially controlling interest rates (thus making a good idea to save some money).Also he wants to balance the federal budget. Oh yeah, he also would allow the free market to work. And this ”crazy” guy has 30 years of voting record to prove it. Ron Paul 2012 !!!!!

  43. Well I’m voting for Ron Paul. He’s the only one that truly wants a free market and has the track record to prove it. Perry will force vaccinate, force mandates, and has spent Texas till they’re in deeper debt per capita than California, him and Romney are both complete hacks. Santorum wants to spend our country broke supporting special interests around the world while calling it “spreading our goodness”, well Santorum, murder and theft aren’t goodness.

  44. Was anyone else under the impression that this debate was completely bias in procedure. There was no equal talk time, hell Ron had to interject just to speak medically when he’s the only candidate with the credentials to actually cover this topic, they ignored him completely. I noted the time and it was half an hour in before Ron had one word to get in, that was a third of the debate, how is that equal. Oh, and I’m not only in Ron’s defense here, a lot of the other media considered “low running” candidates did not get much talk time either. However, it seems Romney and Perry got plenty of airtime to cover their issues. I am however, glad that Perry finally had to face a little amount of the major screw ups that he has caused down here. I like that they didn’t even mention the 75% cut that he made to our firemen down here last year, I suppose it could have been in poor taste but still…. and we wonder why we still have fires going on. I propose that no longer can media direct these debates, they should be allowed to air it but that is it, there is obviously way too much political interest for the stations involved.

  45. I Love how Ron Paul has so many supporters. He makes the most sense of any candidate out there. The majority of the candidates are running off his philosophies. Ron Paul is the total package he has the best domestic and foreign policy of any candidate.

    Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  46. Once again, we were cheated out of hearing more from Herman Cain! Is the media so afraid of truth and logic, as to simply disregard it?

  47. I guess i wish most of you would step back for just a moment and compare and contrast the group of potential nomonies to Obama’s record behind the wheel thus far. All would likely support private sector job growth over tax payer sponsored. Most would consider regulatory easing to encourage our private sector. Most would support personal responsibility over the ‘right to being taken care of’. All would commit to reductions in spending, like most of us have in order to keep our individual households afloat. You folks need to consider only one thing…the candidates up there may be a lot of things, some same, some different; but their NOT BO! And that’s a very comforting thing!

  48. It is sad to see the direction this country is going. We have allowed the richest bank and major corporations owners the “Filthy Rich” to gain so much power, that they can control the majority of people with the media or information they give us and manipulate us to do or think the way they want us to. It’s obvious the debate was set-up to lean towards a couple of nominees. Just one thing obvious to me is how they left Ron Paul out of the Health Care discussion when he is clearly the most knowlegable in this category. But they have been leaving Ron Paul out of the Mainstream for a long time now. He clearly has the most knowledge on most if not all categories of discussion. His views have been the same for many years. The other nominees seem to be adopting some of the views Ron Paul has had for many many years, because they see how his views are the best. The only thing is some of the ideas they are adopting from Ron Paul, they didn’t support or have just a short while back. The Iran War debate, sure we can go bomb them, try to take out thier leaders, that may prevent casualties here in the future, but how many we will be hurting if it drains our already on the brink of disaster economy, war creates jobs, but we would have to create more money to pay the workers and hyper-inflation would be much more likely to happen. How much good will it do if it creates World War 3? What if other more powerful countries than Iran, see us as a threat, because of how we are trying to shape other countries into how or what we want them to be, and target us before they themselves are targets? We must be on the side of Peace. We have been at war for over 10 years now with countries that were barely even a threat in the first place and its ruining our economy and is Evil. You can say 9/11 was a big attack on us, but we have seen similar attacks here from our own Americans. Bombing for Peace is like having sex for Virginity. But I suppose all great nations fall because of the “Power” currency creates. What we need is a Resourced-Based economy, well have to see a great disaster with our currency system to start such a thing, although by then it may be too late. Just wiki The Venus Project to learn more on this. We as humans have to come together as one anyway, of course that would probaly mean more power for the people in charge, and most of the time a man with power becomes greedy and the poor start to seem meaningless.

  49. Nice that you make no mention of RON PAUL The debate winner in the New Hanpshire event.

    The People are hip to the game, Why you omit the Name of Ron Paul in EVERY NEWS REEL AND BROADCAST!

    I know why Because HE IS RIGHT- ON EVERYTHING

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