Earlier tonight Republican candidates were on the stage in Ames, Iowa for a debate sponsored by Fox News, The Washington Examiner and the Republican Party of Iowa. There were quite a few notable moments including a major dust-up between former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann among others.

You can also watch the entire video here.

Pawlenty and Bachmann attack each other’s records, credentials:

Former speaker of the House takes issues with Chris Wallace’s question:

Tim Pawlenty Will Cook You Dinner – Former Minnesota governor issues challenge to voters:

Rick Santorum: America Needs Leaders, Not Showmen:

Herman Cain on Sharia Law:

Gingrich Blasts Debt Super Committee:

Romney, Huntsman on Gay Marriage:

Mitt Romney on Extending Jobless Benefits:

Santorum, Paul Spar Over War on Terror:

You can watch the entire debate video here.