Earlier tonight Republican candidates were on the stage in Ames, Iowa for a debate sponsored by Fox News, The Washington Examiner and the Republican Party of Iowa. There were quite a few notable moments including a major dust-up between former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann among others.

You can also watch the entire video here.

Pawlenty and Bachmann attack each other’s records, credentials:

Former speaker of the House takes issues with Chris Wallace’s question:

Tim Pawlenty Will Cook You Dinner – Former Minnesota governor issues challenge to voters:

Rick Santorum: America Needs Leaders, Not Showmen:

Herman Cain on Sharia Law:

Gingrich Blasts Debt Super Committee:

Romney, Huntsman on Gay Marriage:

Mitt Romney on Extending Jobless Benefits:

Santorum, Paul Spar Over War on Terror:

You can watch the entire debate video here.


  1. I like that Ron Paul guy. He makes a lot of sense when he talks about how much money we’re wasting around the world on wars. Also, when he talked about how the Soviets had over 30,000 nuclear weapons and we stood them down but for some reason we’re fretting over a third world nation – that makes even more sense. I’m strongly considering him as my choice for 2012. I was thinking about going with Bachmann but after tonight’s debate I think Paul is the Republican who is most serious about cutting spending.

  2. I honestly don’t think any of these guys have a chance except for Ron Paul, but Ron Paul will never get the nomination. Sorry tea baggers, but your revolution is a farce and you will get Mitt Romney as your representative. But look on the bright side, the President has next to no power anyway so none of this really matters!

    • I respectfully disagree. Ron Paul is making waves and actually has a chance this time around. He is consistently polling as a top-tier candidate now. In the most recent Gallup poll, he placed third with 14% – only three points under Perry’s 17% and ten points away from Romney’s 24%. Paul also polled third place in the most recent Rasmussen poll conducted in Iowa, with 16% – five points away from Bachmann’s 21% and six points away from Romney’s 22%.

      He has a strong chance of becoming the nominee. All he needs is an influx of momentum, which can happen after the Ames, Iowa straw poll tomorrow if he can pull off a win or close win.

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