There has been swirling speculation whether first-term newly elected Florida Senator Marco Rubio may launch a 2012 Presidential bid. Nods from major conservative power brokers such as Rush Limbaugh have all-but endorsed a Rubio run should it occur.

Today Senator Rubio stated for certain that he has never had intention to run un 2012 and instead is determined to focus on his duties in the Senate.

Report from USA Today:

Sen. Marco Rubio, a darling of the Tea Party movement, insists he is not running for president in 2012.

But would he consider the No. 2 slot on the Republican ticket? That’s not something he’s shying away from.

In what is billed as his first national TV interview since his November 2010 election, Rubio told ABC News that it’s “flattering” that his name comes up when talk turns to presidential contenders, but he’s focused on being the best senator he can be for Florida.

“I’m not running for president in 2012,” Rubio said. “How I can be a full-time U.S. senator if my eye’s already on something else?”

Rubio says, “Even speculating about it (a White House bid) is problematic.” The interview will air in parts tonight on ABC’s Nightline and tomorrow on Good Morning America.

Rubio, who garnered national attention when his Senate candidacy and Tea Party support helped push then-governor Charlie Crist out of the Republican Party, didn’t rule out being considered for the GOP vice presidential slot.

Important to note that Rubio would not rule out a Vice Presidential slot should he be asked.