The first schedule Republican debate set for May 2nd, 2011 has been postponed until September. The debate organizes have cited a lack of interest by potential participants as the reason for the postponement.


This debate has been reschedule for September 7th, 2011.

Report from Politico:

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation announced Tuesday that the Republican presidential debate it is cosponsoring with POLITICO and MSNBC will move up one week to September 7.

This will make the event at Reagan’s presidential library in Simi Valley, Calif., the first debate after Labor Day, when the primary campaign traditionally shifts into full swing.

In March, the foundation postponed this debate from May 2 to September 14 because of the slow start of the presidential campaign. The shift from Sept. 14 to Sept. 7 was made to accommodate campaign schedules.

“This new date works better for the campaigns, and positions the Reagan Library debate as the first stop post-Labor Day when campaigns are in full swing and voter interest is high,” John Heubusch, executive director for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, said in a statement.

The debate will be moderated by NBC’s Brian Williams and POLITICO Editor-in-Chief John F. Harris, as previously announced. A Telemundo reporter will also ask questions.

This means the first official debate is now scheduled to happen on May 5th, 2011 hosted by Fox News and the South Carolina Republican Party. However, the May 5th event is dubbed as a “forum” rather than a debate.

See the full schedule on our 2012 Debate Schedule page.

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