Not surprising given that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is a sure-to-declare for the 2012 election. Reports are now stating that Romney has seriously been building his 2012 campaign staff.

Report from Campaigns & Elections:

Neil Newhouse, a partner and co-founder of Public Opinion Strategies, has reportedly signed on as Team Romney’s pollster. Newhouse was named “Pollster of the Year” by the American Association of Political Consultants in recognition of his work on Scott Brown’s improbably successful campaign against Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley for the Senate seat vacated by Teddy Kennedy. The New York Times has called his firm “the leading Republican polling company” in the nation.

On the Brown campaign, Newhouse conducted daily tracking polls to identify the issues that resonated most for Massachusetts voters. One of his counterintuitive findings was that voters cared more about national security issues than the healthcare reform debate, which dominated headlines as the January 2010 special election approached. With regard to how terrorism suspects should be tried, Newhouse found that Brown’s support for military tribunals was favored 65 to 35 percent over Coakley’s support for trials in civilian courts. (C&E’s April 2010 issue featured a fascinating post-mortem of the Brown campaign by Jeremy Jacobs.)

While Newhouse is generally considered a Republican pollster, he did work for Democrat-turned-Independent, Sen. Joe Lieberman in his 2006 campaign to retain his Connecticut Senate seat against Democrat Ned Lamont.

Romney’s campaign has also reportedly retained the services of Rich Beeson, a GOP operative and partner with the voter contact firm FLS Connect, to serve as its political director. Beeson served as the political director for the RNC in 2008 and has worked on federal-level campaigns since 1989.

The question is whether Romney will announce within 2 or 3 months or maybe 6 or 8 months. I’m betting that by April to May, we will have a few earlier announcers hitting the trail already, Romney included.


  1. Dear Romney Committee,
    I have attempted in vain to receive a call-back from somone connected with Mitt Romney’s campaign. As a registered Republican who ran for, and was elected to, the Republican City Committe in Malden, MA and who now resides in Plympton, MA I find it incongruous that when offering my support no one seems able to respond.
    Some years back I was the civilian counterpart to the MA State Police Commanding Officer of H-1 at the MA State House, specifically One Ashburton Place. When the State Police had a grevience with then Governor Romney it was me who served as his protective detail.
    When first we met the governor approached me, offered me his hand, and in a very kind, gentle manner said , “Hi, I’m Mitt Romney.” He is a gentleman of the highest order.
    As it would have been inappropriate at that time to ask for him to pose for a photo with me I did not do so. As a suporter of his who now lives in a rural area near Plymouth, MA it would be my privilege to support and advocate for the governor.
    My problem is that no one seems to care enough to contact me. My contact information is:
    Vincent W. Arnone
    The Woodlands
    165 County Road
    Apartment #105
    Plympton, MA 02367-1401
    [email protected]

    It would be my pleasure to speak on the governors behalf in the Plymouth/Plympton area and to attend any functions in this area to do so. It is also a fervent hope of mine to finally have a photo of us taken together as I have enourmous respect for the man.
    I shall eagerly await your reply.
    Vincent W. Arnone

  2. Saving America – please pass on to Mr. Romney we should bring back import tariffs to create American jobs and keeping our money inside America. With the money from the tariffs, it should be given directly back to the people as an annual check to compensate for the increased prices. This money should not go to the federal government.

    Thank you,
    Katherine Kehoe

  3. PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL, please . Good Evening . I’m a fifth generation Texan and a retired educator/attorney with Texas A&M University the Alma Mater of Rick Perry . I actually met Rick’s parents before meeting Rick . Rick’s father was a Haskell County Road Commissioner and Rick was the newly-elected Texas Commissioner of Agriculture . Rick’s parents were attending the annual continuing education conference for Texas County Judges and County Commissioners at College Station, Texas. Rick’s predecessors in office traditionally sponsored and hosted a “Taste of Texas” Reception as an evening function at these conferences. As the head of the Institute of County Government, the conference sponsor, Rick’s MOTHER APPROACHED ME and asked ME to call Rick and ask him to sponsor/host this annual reception. I wrote Rick asking him to sponsor the event as his MOTHER had suggested . Several days later I received a personal call from Mr. Perry, the Commissioner of Agriculture, and not the father . I will never forget how Rick screamed at me over the phone suggesting that these receptions were illegal and that he and his office would have no part at our conferences . I am a retired attorney and criminal prosecutor. I must say that in all of my experiences, I HAVE NEVER BEEN TREATED SO RUDELY and UNPROFESSIONALLY as than by Rick Perry . When he was “done” criticizing ME, I asked for permission to say something . I quietly and calmly told him that he needed to talk with his MOTHER about this . Mrs. Perry, Rick’s mother, had reminded me to invite Rick in furtherance of Rick’s political career since almost all of Texas 254 counties commissioners courts members attended . I had expected an apology from Rick and/or his MOTHER but Rick is ALWAYS RIGHT, or so he thinks !I never heard a word more . And I never asked him to be a part of our conferences again !
    When Rick became Governor he had a meeting in San Antonio, Texas, about 40 miles due South of Austin, our state capital’s seat. I believe Rick and an assistant were returning from San Antonio at a dangerous speed well over 100 mph. Fortunately, for the public’s safety, a Texas State Trooper was traveling on Hwy 35 North and observed the unmarked speeding vehicle . The State Trooper used his flashing lights and sirens and the vehicle pulled over to the road’s shoulder . The Trooper’s vehicle was equiped with a “camcorder” of some type . Perry got out of the vehicle and started screaming at the State Trooper saying “Do you know who I am and who we are?” Fortunately, again, all of this was captured on audio and visual tape . As I recall the Trooper apologized and a couple of weeks later the head of the Texas Department of Public Safety resigned.
    About a year ago Rick and Mrs. Perry were trying to make the case to tear down our state’s historic Governor’s Mansion across the street from our state capital . Sam Houston was one of the first Governors to occupy the mansion in 1859 . The Perrys- Rick and Anita (?) said it was outdated, unsafe and a reminder of the Civil War (as it looks like a Plantation House) projecting a “racist” picture to black Texans . At that time, the Perrys were vacationing (I believe in Italy) and the Governor’s Mansion was torched . About five Texas state Troopers were “on-duty” protecting the Mansion and first family but no one was there. As I recall the Perrys were living in a leased dwelling and the historic furniture was in storage off site as a new wing was being added . There are preservationists in the state who believe the burning was Arson . But the case was too hot to handle. Eventually the mansion was restored at great expense to Texans .
    Finally, Mr. Perry is a native of Haskell County in West Texas. “HIS” farm, at Paint Creek, actually belonged to his parents. It seems every high-ranking Texas politician has to have a RANCH or FARM .
    This past session of the Texas Legislature both houses approved a rural health care bill that would assist young physicians with their education if they agreed to spend a few year’s serving these rural folk whose nearest doctor could be 75-200 miles away . Texans were shocked when Governor Perry vetoed the Act as it would benefit the very area of the state from which he came .
    I ask that you look into my allegations (double checking my facts) for the benefit of Mr. Romney and his campaign . In a nutshell, Rick Perry is a “time-bomb” who could “go-off” at any time if he did not get his way and I believe he would enjoy nothing more than pushing that button that would destroy mankind . Many, many fundamental “christians” believe the end is near for Christ to come again and Rick could justify in his own mind that he played a big part. I’m reminded of the Emperor Nero playing his violin as Rome burned . And didn’t George W. Bush remark on numerous occasions that God spoke to him while he was President ?
    John Gilmartin
    Attorney at Law-Retired
    2800 E. Houston Avenue
    Crockett, Texas 75835-5103
    [email protected]

  4. Our healthcare system is not broken,its fit for the Kings who come here for treatment. It can become a job maker instead of a job killer. I’ve been in it for more than 50 years, in military,Religious and Municipal systems.
    We are running a 9-5 system in a 24/7 society. get the medical offices and clinics to run for 16 hours a day and cut the cost per patient visit. The overhead remains the same but see more people and put more para-medicals to work.
    Reduce the cost per visit and reduce healthcare costs.
    I would be happy to help..
    A retired Army and Medical executive

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