Michele Bachmann, a Tea Party leader and popular representative in conservative circles appears to be considering a run for the White House in 2012.

Report from Yahoo News:

Michele Bachmann has become one of the Republicans’ loudest voices. As such, Michele Bachmann will be one of many Republicans under speculation for a 2012 Presidential run. But if she wasn’t on that list before, she got on in Wednesday, when the Minnesota Representative didn’t rule out a run to Greta Van Susteren. She also said that speculation would be premature, yet it won’t stop others from doing it over the next year. But if Bachmann does throw her hat in for 2012, it will likely be a spectacle of some kind.

Since Bachmann is giving a series of speeches in Iowa — where one of the first caucuses is held — it has further fueled suspicion. However, she told Van Susteren that her main goal right now is to “repeal President Obama” in 2012, no matter who’s opposing him.

These kind of proclamations have made Bachmann into a controversial figure, as she is loved by many Republicans, and regularly trashed by Democrats. In fact, she may be the most divisive Republican other than Sarah Palin — and now both of them are under intense scrutiny for their 2012 plans.

If Bachmann does run, then it could decrease the chances of Palin running. Palin is the most visible female Republican, so if she had to run against another woman, it could split her base and that of the tea party. That might make Democrats more eager to see them run, depending on the tea party’s power in two years.

Although the presidential election isn’t for 22 months, the competition has already begun. Now that the 112th Congress has been sworn in, the shadow of 2012 is already hanging over it. For Republicans, they got some momentum back in the last election, and now they look to keep going toward President Obama’s defeat.

Here is Bachmann discussing this matter with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News:

Bachmann has solid credentials with conservatives, she could certainly give most of any of the other candidates a tough time in the early primaries. I have not heard her name tossed about in terms of a top-of-the-ticket possibility in 2012 so this would shake things up even more.


  1. Michelle Bachman is certainly an able and very potential candidate for the Presidental candidancy in the Republican party! We certainly need to see women running again this time because the “men” I am sorry to say have not done a very good job yet. These women are stronger and more open and forceful in their approach to all issues and that is what the “men” are failing to do. They appear to be more like “women” of the last generation, sort of like wimps. My concern for the race rests on issues like the “growing base of potential voters” which are being neglected, i.e., the Hispanics! There are a real lot of voters out there who are just not political savvy I am sorry to say. They look at “the person on a hollywood basis”, abilities to speak well, younger and more energetic, and certainly open more to someone “outside” of the white or black race. I would suggest someone outside of the “good old boy” network of the past because that will bring certain loss. Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich types will not make it happen. They all remember these folks as part of the past problems. Even Huckabee is in that crowd. Palin is great but she was so trashed by “all news and t.v. show programs” I don’t think the “uneducated” voters would pull the switch for her. For that I am sorry because she is an excellent
    choice for the job. Michelle Bachman however, can pull it off I think if she is careful. But, I would like to see her on a V.P. ticket and a man in the front position for this upcoming election. An Hispanic or Latin American background would help us terribly much. Daniels has a right idea, Condi Rice for V.P. on his ticket. He is thinking much more correctly than the other “oldies”! They are in for defeat and they don’t seem to get it. As much as I like Ron Paul and his views he just can’t do it because of the “uneducated voters out there”! That is it period! You have to use other things to capture the folks votes these days. That is what Obama did but he lied to all! Folks want “change” but they want to hear it from “not the oldies” but the younger persons who run but this time they will be more careful because of the absolute disaster we have had with Obama! Background is important; military background, family person, stable in all areas of life, business background for economic issues, healthy posture and look and full of energy. This is it man and if you don’t put all of this together Mr. Failure will possibly get back in for the “final blow” taking us down to abject failure as a Nation!

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