UPDATE: This debate originally scheduled for May 2nd, 2011 has been postponed until September 14th, 2011.

We now officially have a date for the first Republican Primary debate from the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. Officials from the library and the GOP agreed on a date of Monday, May 2nd, 2011 to hold the debate.

Report from MyStateLine.com:

(Simi Valley, CA) — The first debate between 2012 Republican presidential hopefuls will be held May 2nd at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Simi Valley.

Library officials made the announcement this week after consulting with national Republican leaders to finalize a date.

The library earlier announced that, like in the 2008 presidential election cycle, it planned to host two GOP presidential debates leading up to the 2012 election.

The Reagan Presidential Foundation said it still plans to host a second debate on the eve of the Super Tuesday primaries in March 2012, but for now, no firm date has been set for that occasion.

Get a full list of the scheduled 2011/2012 debates on the 2011/2012 Primary Debate page.

Note there is also a Republican Primary debate scheduled on Thursday, May 5th 2011 as well. It will be a busy week. I’m betting a few GOP hopefuls will skip one or both of these very early debates.

UPDATE: This debate originally scheduled for May 2nd, 2011 has been postponed until September 14th, 2011.


  1. Great Can not wait. I was wondering if this date is a little early considering no one has actually declared their intent to run? When will there be an attendee list and where will it be published? Will Donald Trump be invited even if he does not declare until June? Thank you.

  2. Judi,

    The date is on par for the same time as the last election cycle. In 2008, the Democratic candidates debated on April 26th, 2007 and the Republican candidates debated on May 3rd, 2007.

    The May 2nd date is consistent but still, compared to years prior to 2008 is fairly early.

    I’d bet we don’t know exactly who will attend the May 2nd debate until weeks if not days ahead of time.

    For a real flashback, check out the first Republican debate of 2008, also from the Reagan Library: Video: 2008 Republican candidates debate in California hosted by MSNBC

    Hope you find the site useful.

  3. Who cares about Donald Trump….He supported the obama bailouts…he is corporate scum..

  4. “the obama bailouts?”
    you mean the ones that passed in nov. 2008, when Bush was president.
    do all republicans live on bizarro earth?

  5. @steve-dave they both bailed out the financial institutions, where have you been? bush = obama

    ron paul 2012

  6. I cannot wait to find out which Republican candidate will be crushed by the Democrats. The GOP does not have a front runner because they do not have any real plans to help the working poor. They only want to get the rich richer.

    Trump, Backman, Romney,Ginrich, Palin and Guliani are cowards. No one want to stand out and say I am running for President except these fellas on Thursday night. I will give them that at least these guys have guts.

  7. @JameyRay

    There’s a few mistakes with what you just said…

    1.Romney already announced that he was running for president, he was actually one of the first to do so.

    2.If you’ve been looking at the polls, majority of Americans trust the Republicans a bit more than Democrats with the economy, and jobs. Right now the Democrats are not doing the right things to turn things around. Spending does not help, raising taxes will not help. We’ve got to cut spending, and create a permanent tax, that gets rid of uncertainty, and that’s part of what the Republicans are running on.

    Then we need to become energy independent, so that we aren’t depending on oil from countries that don’t like us so much, or having to pay so much money because they don’t like us so much. Drilling on our own shores, in our own country, would not only create jobs, but makes us energy independent for hundreds of years. With all the money we’d be making and saving, because we’re not paying other countries for oil- we can perfect and make more practical the alternative sources of energy. Anyone who thinks we’re just going to jump into solar, or wind is in a fairytale… This is another thing Republicans are talking about.

    Then we have the boarder, which becomes dangerous each day, and its been discovered that the drug cartels, are working with Hezbollah, and Al Qaeda. They’ve found Islamic suicide bomber literature, and they’re finding IEDs, along with “OTMs” (other than Mexians) down there… This can cause a great problem, that could make 9/11 look like a daycare center.

    Only way Republicans can lose, is if they go out there like idiots- making social issues, and family values a big thing… I for one don’t give a crap about 2 guys wanting to marry, or a girl wanting an abortion- or if someone is smoking pot… I care about moving the country forward economically so we can be #1. Right now the Democrats are not taking the country in the right direction, and when you have a lot of independents who believe that- who make or break elections, no parties don’t matter anymore… Obama has a problem in 2012, if he doesn’t get on the ball.

  8. Seth…

    I lived in Massachusetts for a total of 2 years and most of the people there have a very positive opinion twards Mitt Romney despite such a liberal area. Romney is a very bold man and is known for not taking any crap from anyone who works for him. I am very dissapointed that he will not be at this debate. If he wants to be President he needs to get out his message now not later. He should be at this debate.

  9. I have voted republican most of my life but the stand we are taking on taxes is making me think of changing. I have always felt that the rich should not pay more tax just because they were willing to get an education or work hard and make their money but I have always felt that percentage wise they should pay the same. I a reminded of a recent interview by Kattie Curack with Warren Buffet. Buffet stated he had done a survey of his office staff, they were taxed at around 28% where he was taxed at around 13%. Even he felt this was not right but he paid what the government required. In my opinion any rational person even a politician should see this is wrong.

  10. @dale harvey

    He is not taxed at this rate, he is just rich enough to hire an accountant to find every loophole available. That’s why people want the tax code simplified. I don’t know any Republican who supports regressive taxation!

  11. No plans to help the working poor? Just want to get richer and richer?
    Most republican candidates sure. But the same is true of the Democrats. Deficit spending on liberal social programs, foreign wars, and maintaining an inflated government will help no one in the long run. Once you give away the shop, there’s nothing left to give.
    The only candidate who has an agenda that actually addresses the real problems with our system is RON PAUL. Can’t we think about the problems facing this country on a little more of a macroscopic level? The big problem is the Federal Reserve, a private bank that controls our monetary policy. RON PAUL wants to end the FED. No other candidate is brave or honest enough to point out the real issues. RON PAUL also wants to end income tax which is both unconcionable( an income tax means the govt. has certain rights to your labor. what better definition is there for slavery?) and unconstitutional. Furthermore, without such an enormous govt. as we have, there is no need for such an unjust tax.
    I want my country back. I want my liberty. Who can still say this is a free country and keep a straight face? I want to be able to be proud of being an American, and I wish more people valued their freedom. You see, it doesn’t matter if you vote Mitt Romney or Obama. Neither of them are going to address the real problems. WAKE UP! our liberties are being chipped away, our currency is being devalued, we are loosing our country. VOTE RON PAUL.

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