Republican foreign policy debate tonight on CBS at 8pm ET

This evening from Spartanburg, South Carolina, eight GOP hopefuls will take the stage addressing foreign policy issues in a debate sponsored by CBS News, the National Journal and the South Carolina Republican Party. The debate is being held at Wofford College.

Air Time: Saturday, November 12 at 8pm ET / 5 pm PT on CBS

Note: East coast viewers will see the first 60 minutes on television, the last 30 minutes will continue airing right here at the live stream above. West coast viewers will get the full 90 minute debate on television according to CBS.

Participants: Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Perry, Romney, Santorum

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Wofford College and the South Carolina Republican Party are busy making preparations for their turn in the national spotlight on Saturday night.

Wofford will host the first network-broadcast GOP presidential debate starting at 8 p.m. on CBS.

“There’s probably not an office on this campus that hasn’t been touched in some way,” Wofford spokeswoman Laura Corbin said. “It’s a huge opportunity that you couldn’t pay for to get some recognition out there.”

S.C. GOP political director Alex Stroman said the state party is expecting all of the major Republican candidates to participate in the debate.

About 1,400 people will watch the event inside Benjamin Johnson Arena, and all tickets already have been assigned, save an allotment of about 100 tickets that are being given away via lottery to Wofford students and faculty.

About 200 members of the media, some representing outlets based in foreign countries, including Japan and Australia, are expected to receive credentials for the debate.

The college also will hold a debate-watching event in Leonard Auditorium in Main Building for those without tickets.

While the debate will be focused on national security and foreign policy issues, all types of questions are on the table, Stroman said.

Foreign policy has taken a back seat to the economy and jobs as would be expected given the current economic downturn we’re experiencing. Certainly some other questions will make their way into the conversation, however, the GOP candidates have yet to delve fully into foreign policy so this will be an interesting discussion.

147 comments to Republican foreign policy debate tonight on CBS at 8pm ET

  • MK

    Last night, Saturday, November 12, 2011, was the WORST REBUBLICIAN 2012 PRESIDENTAL DEBATE!

    SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barry

    Ron Paul has a simple solution for everything. Let the States regulate everything. Let the States regulate drugs, immigration, even war. Paul wants to dissolve the Federal Government. His policies border on the insane. His philosophy is “every person for themselves”. He is an isolationist. His policies would lead to anarchy in this nation. He wants this nation to stick their head in the sand. Paul is coward at heart.

  • Mark

    In an earlier post I mentioned this article. It was written by Alan Greenspan in 1966 before he joined the Nixon admin. It is the single most important thing that a person could ever read on money. PLEASE READ IT WITH AN OPEN DICTIONARY, THEN TELL OTHERS TO READ IT TOO! Had Mr. Greenspan stuck to his principles he would probably be a world hero.

    Barry, self government is not anarchy. The Constitution is not anarchy. It is the law of the land that presidents swear to uphold and defend with millions of citizens witnessing. Then their promise (oath) is conveniently forgotten. People don’t even have a clue about the importance of this document.

    We got along fine with the rest of the world until we started sticking our nose in their business. (Read about the Shah of Iran.} At one point in our history, one nation, (France) thought so highly of us that they presented the Statue of Liberty to us.

    In the 50′s and 60′s (when I was a kid) this nation was proud of having ridded the world of Hitler and had an optimism that does not exist today. People were happy, not depressed. Anybody that need a job had opportunities in all directions. Factories were everywhere. America was it. Now, as we decline, and as opportunities evaporate, we quibble over a rotting corpse.

    Again, as I said in an earlier post: We have drifted so far away from the Constitution that it sounds alien to us. A man comes along trying to get us back on track and he is scoffed, ridiculed and marginalized. What a shame.


  • Brian

    ?”Ron Paul has said very clearly, if our national security is threatened, he will petition the Congress, procure a declaration of war, and use overwhelming force to win that war”