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What Tax Returns Reveal About the 2020 Democratic Field

We reported on Monday about Bernie Sanders' decision to release tax returns from the past 10 years. The returns showed that Sanders has amassed...
Bernie Sanders 2020 tax returns

Bernie Sanders Confirms Millionaire Status With Tax Returns

Bernie is taking flak for being a millionaire while simultaneously attacking millionaires with much of his rhetoric over the past decade or so. Well,...
Trump tax return California 2020

California Tries Again to Force Release of Trump’s Tax Returns in 2020

Donald Trump chose to buck the precedent during the 2016 presidential campaign by opting not to release his personal tax returns. After making various...

Dems Target Trump’s Tax Returns in Midterm Elections

If you recall back to the 2016 Presidential campaign, Donald Trump, as a candidate, was the first in modern times to decline the release...