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Lindsey Graham Suspends 2016 Presidential Campaign

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has officially ended his presidential bid for the 2016 Republican nomination. Graham had been stuck in the low single digits,...

Full Video: Watch the 6pm CNN Republican debate

Wednesday ushered in the second Republican debate with the early round for candidates outside the top ten airing at 6pm ET with Bobby Jindal,...

C-SPAN ‘Voters First’ GOP Forum Tonight at 7pm ET

Airing tonight, with fourteen confirmed Republican candidates, is the "Voters First Forum" sponsored by C-SPAN and various other media outlets including the New Hampshire...

Lindsey Graham officially joins 2016 field

Senator Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina, has launched a presidential campaign with intent to seek the 2016 Republican nomination. Graham is barely a blip...

Lindsey Graham to announce presidential candidacy on June 1

Since there aren't enough Republican candidates hugging the fringe of polling numbers, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has signaled intentions to officially join the...

Must we? Lindsey Graham well-received in Iowa

Seriously? Is the GOP field lacking candidates? Does South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham expect to go far in the 2016 republican primary? I've continually...