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Deval Patrick, Former Mass. Governor, Announces Presidential Campaign

With former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg still teetering on a decision to join the race, at least one late-entrant has decided to...

Primary Chaos: Complaints of Sexism and Late Entrants Threaten Dem Unity

If you jump back to the beginning of 2019, the Democratic primary field was being heralded as the "most diverse" and "most talented" in...

What if Hillary Clinton doesn’t run?

Call this a table-top political war game exercise. Everyone is assuming, myself included, that Hillary Clinton is, at minimum, running in 2016 and, perhaps...

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick says he’s “not running” in 2016

Some speculation had been brewing around Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and whether he might be preparing to launch a 2016 presidential campaign in the...