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Latest Iowa Caucus Poll: Clinton +3, Cruz +4

The latest polling out of Iowa shows a tightening contest in both parties as the caucus draws closer. There is a discrepancy between what...

Republican Candidates Plotting Revolt over RNC Debate Rules

Following Wednesday's Republican debate, hosted by CNBC, several candidates launched into the Republican National Committee (RNC) over what they see as unfair and unfriendly...

Chris Christie: Blame Rand Paul if we get attacked

The chasm between Chris Christie and Rand Paul over the topic of foreign policy, dovetailed with personal liberty, just got a whole lot wider....

Fox News releases participation criteria for first GOP debate

As you may know, the first 2016 Republican presidential debate is taking place on August 6 from Cleveland, Ohio. Until now, the details for...

GOP candidates talk corn at Iowa Agriculture Summit

There isn't really any Iowa summit, forum, or gathering of citizens which goes unnoticed by presidential candidates during an election year. This weekend, it...

Rand Paul lobbies Kentucky GOP to hold a caucus in 2016

Rand Paul has been wrestling with a Kentucky law which states that a candidate's name cannot appear on a primary ballot for more than...

Romney, Bush to skip the Iowa Freedom Summit

The Mitt/Jeb news just keeps on rolling with word that both men will skip the Iowa Freedom Summit happening on Saturday. The event, sponsored...

Rand Paul presidential launch likely set for April 2015

Growing more and more inevitable by the day, it appears that Rand Paul's candidacy is all-but certain following a gathering this week with his...