The Democratic Party of Iowa has scheduled a press conference for 5 pm ET on Tuesday to begin the release of Iowa Caucus results. A “majority” of the results will be released and then the rest of the vote will be released as the results are certified.

Report on the release of the results from Reuters:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Iowa Democratic Party has told presidential campaigns it will release more than half of Monday’s delayed caucus results at 5 p.m. ET (2200 GMT) on Tuesday.

“We have always said that we have a paper trail in this process,” Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price told campaigns on a briefing call. “We’ve always had to chase down results.”

Price said that the results would be released as they are finalized.




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The Democratic Party of Iowa has scheduled a press conference for 5 pm ET on Tuesday to begin the release of Iowa Caucus results....

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  1. By what right do these entities muck with our elections and then escape punishment as their screw-ups make our democracy into the laughing stock of the world?

  2. After what comes across as a deliberate screw up, release the results when they are 100% final. Not less than two-thirds in.

    • People see what they want to see. There’s no evidence of malfeasance, much less malevolence. Stuff happens–especially when you use a new system for the first time. The important thing is that there’s a paper trail.

      This is equivalent to November election night. Some people don’t think any election results should be released in the general election until ALL States have voted. There’s some validity to that view, but it is, after all, “news” if a State goes for a candidate, and if you try to outlaw reporting, you’ll just have leaks, which would not be official, so more likely to be leaked to purposely influence later voting.

      In this case, the “voting” has already occurred, so partial reporting won’t influence voters. But it also illustrates the system in Iowa. It’s the same as what you’ll get with “ranked choice voting.” It’s not about the initial voting–who you really want. It’s about, “if people don’t like your first choice, who can you live with?” Should we only get to elect “people we can live with”?

      Let’s look at what happened in just one precinct. Bernie had the most votes, but when Biden bit the dust, almost all of Joe’s supporters went to Klobucher. Most people wanted firebrand Bernie, yet they ended up with centrist Amy. That’s why progressives would love to have either Bernie or Warren drop out.

      • Seriously, the bugs should have been worked out a long time ago. People don’t give some a Break. Why give them a pass?

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