2020 Primary Delegate Count

As the primaries progress, the Democratic nomination will be decided by which candidate totals up the largest number of pledged state delegates from each caucus or primary election, then totaled with the number of unpledged delegates.

Unpledged delegates, commonly known as “Superdelegates,” are then added to the pledged delegate totals. The complete delegate counts are listed below and updated frequently after each primary or caucus date.

For a list of how many delegates are at stake in each state, see the 2020 Primary Schedule.

Note: Delegate count will be updated within 24 hours following primary contests. It takes time for the vote totals to be certified and for accurate numbers to be released.

Democratic Delegate Count

3,979 pledged, 771 unpledged (4,750 total)

The rules for the 2020 Democratic Nomination have changed to allow a candidate to win the nomination in the first ballot with 1,990 pledged delegates. If a candidate fails to secure the nomination on the first round, then the nomination can be won on a subsequent ballot with 2,376 delegates including pledged delegates and unpledged (Superdelegates) delegates.


State-by-State Delegate Totals

2/3Iowa (c)1412590100
2/11New Hampshire (p)09090600
2/22Nevada (c)924030000
2/29South Carolina (p)3915000020
3/3Alabama (p)448001000
3/3Arkansas (p)219001000
3/3California (p)1722251107000
3/3Colorado (p)2129809000
3/3Maine (p)139200000
3/3Massachusetts (p)49302500000
3/3Minnesota (p)41291000000
3/3North Carolina (p)6837203000
3/3Oklahoma (p)2113102000
3/3Tennessee (p)3622105000
3/3Texas (p)114995011000
3/3Utah (p)716000000
3/3Vermont (p)511000000
3/3Virginia (p)6731100000
3/3American Samoa (c)00004002
3/10Idaho (p)119000000
3/10Michigan (p)7352000000
3/10Mississippi (p)342000000
3/10Missouri (p)4424000000
3/10North Dakota (c)68000000
3/10Washington (p)4643000000
3/10Dems Abroad49000000
3/14Northern Marianas (c)24000000
3/17Arizona (p)3929000000
3/17Florida (p)16257000000
3/17Illinois (p)9558000000
4/7Wisconsin (p)5628000000
4/10Alaska (p)87000000
4/17Wyoming (c)104000000
4/28Ohio (p)11521000000
5/2Kansas (p)2910000000
5/12Nebraska (p)290000000
5/19Oregon (p)4615000000
5/22Hawaii (p)168000000
6/2District of Columbia (p)190000000
6/2Indiana (p)790000000
6/2Maryland (p)960000000
6/2Montana (p)181000000
6/2New Mexico (p)302000000
6/2Pennsylvania (p)14724000000
6/2Rhode Island (p)200000000
6/2South Dakota (p)133000000
6/6Virgin Islands (c)70000000

* Candidate has dropped out of the race but retains any pledged delegates

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