This morning, scheduled to begin around 10am ET, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, will appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to offer their unique testimony over allegations Ford has made against Kavanaugh concerning attempted rape during their high school years. Today’s session will be unusual, however, in that the questions to Kavanaugh and Ford, who will appear separately, will not come from Senators, but rather from a sex crimes prosecutor hailing from Maricopa County in Arizona.


3:00pm ET – Questioning of Ford has concluded. Kavanaugh will take the seat coming up shortly.

1:10pm ET – Questioning resumes of Dr. Christine Balsey Ford. Brett Kavanaugh will give his testimony when the committee is finished questioning Ford.

12:45pm ET – The hearing is breaking for lunch. Testimony with Blasey Ford will continue around 1:10pm ET

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You can watch the testimony live on the embedded feed below or basically every cable news channel. The broadcast networks, such as CBS, NBC and ABC will also be airing the live testimony. C-SPAN will also provide full coverage without commentary.

Here is a live feed from C-SPAN which begins coverage around 9:45am ET:

As noted above, the person questioning Kavanaugh and Ford is Rachel Mitchell, head of the sex crimes unit at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. Some background on Mitchell from NPR:

The outside attorney who will be directing questions to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault, is a prosecutor from Arizona who has dedicated her career to prosecuting sex crimes — and pushed for best practices in investigations to protect and serve victims of assault.

Rachel Mitchell is head of the sex crimes unit at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and has decades of experience prosecuting criminal cases of sexual assault and abuse.

She’ll be asking questions during a hearing on Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will center on Ford’s allegation that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her while they were in high school.

Mitchell is a prosecutor, but in this situation, no criminal case has been opened — and the Senate is not a courtroom. Mitchell has been hired by the Senate Republicans who have staunchly defended Kavanaugh against allegations of wrongdoing.

This is an unusual move, but Republicans controlling the committee wish to avoid giving Democrats a platform to grandstand as well as avoid the bad optics of Ford being questioned by a group of all-male Republican Senators.

Both individuals, Ford and Kavanaugh, have released their prepared opening remarks which you can read at the links below:

Ford Opening Remarks
Kavanaugh Opening Remarks

The session kicks off at 10am ET (7am PT), and we’ll have ongoing coverage throughout the day.


  1. Attempted rape and sexual assault are not easily escapable crimes. Just ask Bill Cosby or the Catholic Church.

    Judge Kavanaugh now has four accusations of rape pending. Of course, this is just a trifle compared to the thirteen accusations of rape held by Donald Trump, his staunchest defender. The religious America Magazine also walked back its previous support for Kavanaugh on Thursday, called for his nomination to be withdrawn “in the best interests of the country.”

    And who knows what kind of bee got in Lindsay Graham’s bonnet to cause his shameful outburst. What we do know is that Kavanaugh’s first real job was in 1990 working with Ken Starr in his partisan crusade to investigate President Bill Clinton in the 1990’s. Kavanaugh spent those three years relentlessly discrediting the Clintons. During the Monica Lewinsky inquiry, Kavanaugh pressed Starr to ask Clinton sexually graphic questions about his relationship with the White House intern. Little wonder why he was in a tearful state while being questioned about his own sexual escapade. Conscience and memories are bothersome things.

    • The Ford allegation is from high school. He could have easily said that he remembered it as just being playful. Then, we would have all just moved on–realizing that the same event could be seen in different ways. OR, he could have said that he didn’t remember it, but it wasn’t something he would do. All the other allegations are old and at this point, unproven. All the sex talk is not disqualifying.

      It is troubling,however, that he called “Devil’s Triangle” a drinking game, when that definition didn’t appear anywhere until after his testimony. Back to at least 2008 (see Urban Dictionary), the term has referred to a ménage à trois, involving two males and a female. But let’s let that go, too.

      To me, the thing that disqualifies Kavanaugh is that he allowed himself to be drawn into the political fight–taking up arms. It is obvious that the Republican committee members would make charges that this was a “Democratic witch hunt.” Kavanaugh should have been allowed to say, “SOME people” or “SOME senators” have been unfair to him, allowing him to appear non-partisan. Instead, he identified himself as a political combatant, even to the point of saying that his work against Bill Clinton was the cause. Dumb. Really dumb.

      There was no question that he was a very young, extreme conservative. He should not have identified himself as an anti-Democrat. Most people will not consider him impartial now. And the Court will suffer for it.

      • It is time to acknowledge that here is no honor among thieves. Contemplating the potential damage of letting the Kavanaugh show continue, Trump and McConnell must decide how to throw Kavanaugh overboard quick, without too much splash, to avoid the damage of the public learning more of the truth.

  2. After Dr. Ford discussed her polygraph test one has to wonder if she is mentally ok. Her remarks were that of an infant.

    Times cover, if true, showed a broken woman. The Dems can’t be proud of what they did to her.

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