Finish that sentence, because that’s what everyone seems to be doing right now. Republican Senators are promising “holy hell” if that happens, while Democratic organizations are threatening a march of civil unrest in 48 states if Trump were to remove Robert Mueller as Special Counsel. There is too much at stake, so it seems very unlikely that the President would attempt such a move, but a lot of people seem to think it’s possible, so they’re preemptively firing warning shots.

Trump’s new golfing buddy, Lindsey Graham, says there will be serious consequences if Trump were to fire Mueller, according to Fox News:

There “will be holy hell to pay” if Mueller is dismissed, Senator Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told Fox News on Monday, unconcerned about rumblings of the ongoing threat Mueller poses to the president. He said there is zero evidence from the White House that Mueller’s investigation will be stopped or curtailed.

Asked to elaborate, Graham continued: “I’ve heard nothing from the White House to suggest that the president’s going to try to replace Mr. Mueller. Zero evidence from anybody I’ve talked to. It would be wrong to do so unless there were cause.”

Graham is just one of many within the GOP who are worried that Trump might make a move to either replace Mueller, or end the investigation entirely. According to other reports, the new indictments of Manafort and his business associate have turned Trump even more angry at the entire ordeal.

On the other side of the aisle, the progressive group has begun a rallying call for organizers to assemble in the streets in every contiguous state if Mueller is removed, according to Newsweek:

Americans are planning to protest across the United States Monday if President Donald Trump moves to fire Russia investigation special counsel Robert Mueller in the wake of his probe’s first arrest.

“Nobody Is Above the Law” rallies have been organized in multiple cities in 48 states by the group, a progressive political action group, set to begin if and when Mueller is fired.

The group argues that it “would be a constitutional crisis for our country” if Mueller is dismissed, in an announcement about the rallies on its website.

In response to all this, the White House says it has “no plans” to fire Robert Mueller, according to Business Insider:

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders declined on Monday to unequivocally rule out the possibility of President Donald Trump firing special counsel Robert Mueller, though she said Trump had no plans to do so.

“There’s no intention or plan to make any changes in regards to special counsel,” Sanders said at the White House press briefing.

As the story notes, there’s a difference between having “no plans” to fire Mueller, and simply stating that Mueller will not be fired. I can imagine this as a subtle jab at Mueller since he serves currently at the pleasure of the Justice Department and technically he could be fired or replaced at any time. Right now it appears unlikely, due to the Manafort indictment and the potential firestorm.

However, if the investigation veered into the finances of the Trump organization, for example, that might change nature of the game. Paul Manafort was indicted for things that happened before the campaign, and had nothing to do with any possible Russian collusion, yet Mueller pierced into his finances since the evidence trail led there. It’s entirely possible that Mueller could look over Trump’s finances for the past 30 years if he wanted to, in fact he probably already has. At that point, the “Trump fires Mueller” watch will begin.


    • We’ve seen this before. Ken Starr took six years to find something, anything against Bill Clinton. But Bill let him go, and became a very popular president/ex-president.

      The other example is Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre, and all that happened from it. Still want Trump to fire Mueller???

  1. It would be monumentally stupid to fire Mueller. He is a Republican. He was made Director of the FBI in 2001 by George W. Bush. He was director for 12 years. This is not a yokel, and he’s not a hack.

    The amazing thing is that he has worked so fast. Remember that it took Starr six years to come up with a blue dress, when he was hired to look into a real estate deal.

    There is no apparent evidence against Trump or his close circle. Trump should be cheering that Mueller is nailing scum like Manafort, so that the people around Trump can walk away clean from this.

    From the looks of things, this may well be wrapped up ahead of the 2018 election. Trump should be ecstatic with the speed–if he’s innocent.

  2. I would like to see a new investigation of the Clintons and their involvement with Russia. After that you will be able to shut down the Mueller investigation.

        • Exactly what charges would you suggest against Hilary Clinton that she has not already faced and been legally released from? Hillary is old news so let’s talk about the pending legal charges that have been made against members of the Trump administration and their possible outcome. We could talk about the possibility of Trump resigning as evidence continues to engulf his crowd and himself. This is the news as of today and very intriguing. Much more exciting than the Clintons ever were.

          • What charges? Face it the Clintons greased the palms of anybody and everybody to escape their just punishment. Billary was so thorough that she even screwed the Democratic party by having the DNC fix the Democratic primary in her favor.?

            President Trump in the other hand is head and shoulders above the PANTSUIT PACHYDERM. Does he have warts, sure he does. But the country is 10 times better off with him then with the MEGLOMANIAC known as Billary.?

            • Easy to tell that you use the uncertified Urban dictionary. Does Trump grease palms? We know he greases his own and it has got him in a boatload of trouble with Robert Mueller.

              Tell me if you know many, or any, women who do not wear pants for street and dress wear? Since 1960 and Yves Saint Laurent, pants and pant suits are all women’s favorite attire.

              By the way, can you actually name ten things Trump has done to make your life easier or improve the world? Please tell me.

            • The biggest and most prominent thing that President Trump has done for not only me but the American public as a whole is to destroy the aspirations of one Hillary Rodham Clinton.?

            • Mark one up for you. Trump did destroy the good name of Clinton with distortions and lies but in the process he has placed himself in a situation of possible impeachment.

            • For example: in June 2016, The Republican led House Select Committee on Benghazi found no evidence of culpability or wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton, then the secretary of state. Do you have any other situation in mind?

            • We all know this was an ineffective committee,hamstrung by a corrupt administration with hopes of replacing it with another.

            • The 60+ million American citizen voters that realize the elite politicians of our great country are no longer working for them.

            • They are the loyal opposition to The Bucket of Progressive International Secular Socialists that want to control this country.

            • Looks like your bucket has a hole in it. What you, and many others, do not understand is that Democratic Socialism is not a party. The term was made up by the Republican opposition to an ideology that actually exists inside the Democratic Party’s platform. The primary purpose was to strengthen the party by improving upon issues the nation faces today such as healthcare, college tuition, and a strengthened social safety net. It is not socialism but a strong democratic belief in “fair play” that would put limitations on how much more money a CEO can make compared to their employees, and granting employees more rights and higher minimum wage.

              From the Republican viewpoint, it appears OK that Trump has proposed a huge tax cut for himself and the businesses he and his family own. He would have saved $31 million, in the one year for which we have his tax return, under his present plan. To help accomplish this gift to himself, Trump wants to take away college scholarships for the poor and gut funding for cancer research among other things.

              Trump’s whole tax reform thing is a major heist of the poor being robbed to benefit the rich. Trump, his cabinet members and his donors being the prime beneficiaries. I do not know your financial status but have reason to believe that you are not included in the richest 1 percent in the United States who now own more wealth than the combined wealth of the bottom’s total 90 percent. So be ready to pay more and get less.

            • You have definitely fallen for the Democrat Ideology of “Fair Play”,Which has a comforting sound,but is an affront to human nature’s more intelligent side of self preservation and individual responsibility.

            • I will try to fairly answer your nebulous post.

              Fair play means just and honorable treatment, action, or conduct. It has no party affiliation. Either you do or you don’t play fair—whether Republican or Democrat—there is no “Mister In Between”.

              We all have an instinct for self-preservation to protect ourselves from harm or death. Individual responsibility is simply the choices we make in our life for good or bad. I don’t believe party affiliation controls these actions. It simply depends on whether the individual is a staunch believer, a middle of the road believer, or just an up for grabs believer.

            • I don’t think I could be more explicit in my sentiments about “Fair Play.” I search for the staunch believer of individual equal rights.The middle-of the-road cannot make a decision and of course recent history has been controlled by the grabbers to detrimental effect.

            • The US Constitution’s Bill of Rights reads “Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances …”.

              These rights also cover your “middle-of the-road people and the grabbers”. I, too, am a staunch believer of individual equal rights as dictated by the Constitution.

              I may disagree with what you say but I do agree that you have the right to say it.

  3. He won’t. Unless he wants to lose his job real fast. I would rather he continues his trend of abject failure until we can get someone actually capable and suited to the job back in power.

    • Do you mean somebody as brilliant as the COMMUNITY ORGANIZER? If that is what you have in mind I truly feel sorry that you are still stuck in the land of the delusional.?

      • Give Mano a break. Trump has made name calling and bullying a national epidemic and you have certainly caught the bug. Hiding behind a computer screen, doesn’t make it a less hateful act.

        • It is apparent that Mano has an opinion and I have a polar opposite opinion. Is that wrong? Oh and I need to know when you were appointed to protect poor defenseless Mano from a brute like me??

          • It is apparent that English is the second language of Mano. Just as it is apparent that you are not versed in speech and common courtesy of the English language. I do not question your right to disagree with Mano, or me, or anyone else just the bullish and untruthful course you take to do so. Glad you are able to term yourself as a brute which is a good first step.

            • While I may not be an English teacher, I was fortunate to attend up through the 8th grade in Toronto, Canada. The majority of the time was spent in Catholic school. Since this was several decades ago the teachers, many of whom were nuns would punish you severly if you screwed off. Also you were taught the queen’s English.?

              When my parents decided to move to the US, I was in ninth grade. I was appalled that many of the kids in my school spoke barely understandable English. You are right in that I have always been very direct in my approach. Neither you or anyone else will ever be uncertain where I stand on a subject. None of this PC crap. I guess you probably figured that out by now, since my handle is Straight Shooter.?

              As far as Mano goes, what can I tell you. Every post on any of the DISQUS channels can be agreed with or disagreed with. That is pretty much what everyone expects to happen, Mano shouldn’t expect any differently. And since when did you become Mano’s Guardian Angel??

            • The Queen’s English is simply one’s focus on intonation and one’s delivery, not definitions. I am familiar with the teaching expectations of nuns and fathers in Catholic schools and your present written conduct would be worthy of a few ruler slaps to the palm. If you were appalled that your fellow students spoke barely understandable English, then why did you pick up this unspeakable habit to use in your posts?

              I am not Mano’s guardian angel although he does have one, whether you or he believes it. As Pope Francis explained, our guardian angel is “A friend who we don’t see but we hear.”

              In Texas the words “straight shooter” are very overworked. They are used to name gun ranges, horses, trucking companies, taxicabs, bars, by shady politicians and anything offbeat.

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