The analysis and speculation has run rampant concerning who the Democrats can find in 2020 to successfully counteract Donald Trump. Traditional politicians all failed in 2016, including in the primary and the general election. Democrats are seriously looking outside the typical avenues for a candidate and one recent name floating around is that of Oprah Winfrey. During the 2008 campaign, Oprah dipped her toe deeper into politics by actually campaigning with Barack Obama and holding a handful of rallies. Obama probably didn’t even need the help at the time, but it was a way for Oprah to get a taste of the campaign trail.

Newsweek reports on the idea of Oprah as the 2020 Democratic nominee:

In the NY Post column, Podhoretz praised Winfrey’s debut on CBS news program 60 Minutes last Sunday, in which she presided over a politically-charged debate between Michigan voters, both Democrats and Republicans.

“Listening, asking, speaking without judgment, trying to find common ground—it was a superb performance by Oprah, and I use the word “performance” advisedly,” wrote Podhoretz.

The columnist continued that should Winfrey opt to run in 2020, she would be a viable candidate to challenge President Donald Trump.

“America is discarding old approaches in politics. Democrats will have to do the same to match the mood to the moment,” Podhoretz reasoned.

“And that’s where Oprah Winfrey comes in. She is the mirror image of Trump, but more so. Of course, she’s female and he’s male; she’s America’s generous aunt and he’s America’s crazy uncle.” [Emphasis added]

America’s lovable Aunt versus America’s crazy Uncle? That sounds like a Presidential race made for television! I mean, how can you beat 2016 in terms of drama and entertainment aside from having two TV personalities battle it out for over a year?

What’s more, Oprah herself even promoted the article on her twitter feed:

The game changed when Donald Trump won the Republican nomination. Everyone beyond everyone said it wouldn’t happen, and then it did. This has opened the door to numerous non-politicians to explore the possibility of running for office. The other big names floating around for 2020 are that of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.

Imagine the Democratic primary debate stage where Oprah Winfrey is standing next to Bernie Sanders while the two argue over how best to defeat Donald Trump. That is the primary we all deserve after witnessing 2016.

Following Donald Trump’s victory last November, Oprah tweeted out this photo with a message after seeing the President-Elect sitting down with President Obama:

Oprah explained at the time:

“I couldn’t breathe after the election,” she said. But seeing Trump and Obama together at the White House gave her a renewed sense of optimism. “I was expecting tension, awkwardness, and strain. So when I saw them sitting together, I actually took a picture of the screen that said ‘President-elect Trump honored to meet Obama.’ And President Obama was being so gracious, and I heard Donald Trump say, ‘He’s a good man.’ I heard Donald Trump say, ‘I’m going to be seeking his counsel.’ I literally went [deep breath], I can breathe now,” Winfrey said.

Since that time, her feelings have changed on President Trump, but she hasn’t been a stranger to politics. She could self-fund her campaign easily if needed, as could the other billionaires on the list of possible 2020 Democratic candidates.


  1. Could your sweet aunt get China to “shut off the money” and stop “NK businesses in China?” Or would she give NK billions because they would promise not to make little bombs that go boom.

  2. If we got Oprah would it stop the constant crying (Waaa) from the liberal left? Nate? Would they feel all warm and fuzzy?

    Since the Republicans are obviously bought and paid for by the insurance companies would a better health care bill be approved by aunt Oprah? Or are the Democrats also bought and paid for by the insurance companies?

  3. I don’t know if the American taxpayer can handle an Oprah presidency. With her weight in constant flux constantly buying her new clothes is going to put a dramatic economic drain on the economy.??

    This problem could be glossed over if she were to choose the right running mate. I would recommend the one and only Ellen Degenerate. Think of it the loony left can get all their wishes at once. For president they could claim not only the first woman but also the first black woman to hold that post. As her right hand man or woman or thing they could claim the first whatever she is in Ellen Degenerate. This would be a political coup of monumental proportion.?

    The unlikely duo may never accomplish anything if substance, but think of significance. I guess that is why Donald J Trump wants to Make America Great Again. The Democrats already screwed up things with his predecessor, the COMMUNITY ORGANIZER aka as the first black president. We all know how great that was. Once again all show over substance.?

    • Lol. Great post. I can see Ellen giving everyone an iPhone.

      Oprah could pretend someone didn’t act quickly enough and cry racism. Oh wait Obama already, Stupidly, did that.

      The media would love them. Everything they did couldn’t be criticized.

  4. To the above two posts writers “is your wife and children aware of your male chauvinist posts”?

    When you make derogatory statements about others, the centered people in the room know exactly who you’re really talking about… yourself.

    When you imply that men will always be brutes and women can only shrug, you are engaged in what President George W. Bush once called the soft bigotry of low expectations.

    Our intimate lives, where we are the most vulnerable and the least rational, are the hardest to reconcile with politics. The belief that men and women can and should be equal partners is only a few generations old but it is here to stay.

    To marginalize the character of two women you have never met or interacted with is reckless, defamatory, and cheap talk.

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