During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump first claimed he wanted to release his tax returns, and planned to do so before the vote last November. Then, shortly after making that vow, he reversed course and said he couldn’t release his returns because they were under routine audit. As the IRS and others have made clear, an audit does not prevent one from releasing returns publicly if one should so choose.

Since it’s Tax Day today, what about Trump’s 2016 returns that have been newly filed? Any chance we’ll be seeing those? Not any time soon, according to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer:

Despite protests across the country over the weekend demanding the release of President Donald Trump’s tax returns, the White House is still citing an ongoing audit to explain why the documents can’t be made public.

“It’s the same thing that was discussed during the campaign: The president is under audit,” White House Press Secretary Spicer said Monday when asked if Trump would release his 2016 returns. The IRS deadline for Americans to file is Tuesday.

Spicer didn’t comment on whether Trump would authorize the IRS to confirm that he’s under audit, and what years that audit pertains to.

It’s not just that his net worth and more than 500 partnerships make him a likely audit target under IRS policies designed to direct its enforcement efforts to the richest taxpayers. Under an obscure Internal Revenue Service rule, the tax returns of the president and vice president are automatically audited, every year, no exceptions. [Emphasis added]

That rule has been in place in one form or another since the Nixon administration, and it details the process for auditing presidential tax returns in minute detail — even down the color of folder they must be kept in.

And what about those protests over Trump’s tax returns? Whether they’re spontaneous gatherings or some kind of organized effort, recent polling shows that a majority of registered voters would still like to see Trump’s return, according to Time:

The majority of American voters still want President Donald Trump to release his tax returns — but less so than before he was elected.

A new Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll found 53% of voters say Trump should be forced to release his tax returns, and 51% say Trump’s taxes are either very or somewhat important to them. Additionally, 45% say Trump’s taxes are relevant to his job in the White House.

The Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll surveyed 2,353 registered voters over a two-day period in early April.

The numbers can be deceiving, however, since while most people would like to see Trump’s returns released, polling before the election found that most people don’t list it as a big concern considering all that is going on in the world. Trump often stated that, in his opinion, voters didn’t care about his tax returns, only reporters did. Back during the campaign, he was correct, according to what the voters considered important to them. Consider this report from September 21, 2016, in the Washington Post:

When people are asked to rank what concerns them most about Trump, his refusal to release his taxes is way, way down the list.

Before the election, there were many other things that were of concern to voters about Donald Trump which pushed concern over his tax returns way down the list. It has been tradition for Presidential candidates to release their returns, and it’s fairly obvious that Trump doesn’t want to release his returns because they will be picked apart and ridiculed in the media and elsewhere.

Some states are taking it upon themselves to force the release of his returns by passing various laws which would require presidential candidates to release their returns before their name can appear on the ballot. Report on this from the Huffington Post:

Democratic New York state Sen. Brad Hoylman introduced the first legislation to make Trump disclose his tax returns to get on the 2020 New York state ballot. His bill ? the Tax Returns Uniformly Made Public, or TRUMP ? would require all presidential and vice presidential candidates to release the past five years of their taxes 60 days prior to the election. If a candidate failed to meet this requirement, they would be excluded from the ballot.

“We thought, given the barriers in Washington, that states could take up the effort to require presidential and vice presidential candidates to release their taxes in order to qualify for the ballot,” Hoylman told The Huffington Post.

He added, “Ballot qualifications are a time-honored responsibility of states, and at the same time, the current president had broken with over four decades of political tradition.”

Lawmakers in another 25 states have introduced nearly identical legislation since Hoylman first released his bill in December. These include Democratic strongholds and states Trump won.

Trump Tax Return States

Whether any of these bills will become law or even hold up in court is another matter, but clearly the push to see Trump’s tax returns isn’t going away anytime soon, and may well be an issue running into the 2020 Presidential Election as well.


  1. How come no one, on either side, were concerned that Obama had all his personal records sealed?

      • Isn’t that the same thing?? The truth is that the information cannot be given even if requested thru FOIA. It must be VOLUNTARY. Re read your article. I hate word play. Lawyers and Democrats like to split hairs and are extremely word conscious when they try to manipulate.
        B. Clinton, “I did not have sexual relations with that girl”.
        Still my #1 example.

        • I think most people think “sexual relations” means intercourse. While Clinton was stupid to think that the media would let any sex scandal drop, he wasn’t actually lying.

        • Ah, your mudder wears army boots.

          Actually, if you look at what I write, it’s almost exclusively from Breitbart, Newsmax, Washington Times, Washington Examiner, Fox, The Blaze, National Review, Townhall, Reason, Weekly Standard, RedState, HotAir, American Spectator, and Commentary.

          The fact that you don’t see that shows just how far off the rails you’ve gotten.

  2. It is absolutely essential that the American people see his tax returns. This is a simple, non-partisan issue. It should be mandatory. Especially in the case of Trump who is being deliberately obstructive on this matter. For quite obvious reasons. He is a blatant crook with no right to hold office for a myriad of reasons.

    Tax returns: NOW.

    • H. Clinton, “At this point, what differen does it make?”????
      It has never been a requirement to serve as the Commander? in Chief. Just like the electoral? college, you can’t change the rules just because you lost.
      ??????Tough love.

      • The important thing is that Trump said he WOULD release his tax returns–like every president in the past in the past 40 years, including Richard Nixon.

        It’s not about a legal requirement. It’s about a promise made and broken.

        • Well he never set a date. It after the election. So if he does so on his last day in presidency then he still keeps his promise. ? See.
          Richard Nixon. Really… You had a freaking Sec. Of State that had her own PRIVATE EMAIL SERVER that she BLEACH KIT wiped clean that ran for the highest office. Holy cow, Goth. Please, by Hillary (DNC) standards the man should be honored.

          • The FBI investigation found that she only deleted emails because of storage limitations and clutter. You’ve been misinformed by Breitbart again.

            As for private email, I bet you didn’t think it was a big deal when Republicans did it?

            • Is this yet another spin?
              So first it was yoga routines and wedding stuff, then emails from Bill Clinton. Now you say storage space. Lmbo. Ever here about an external hard drive?
              Ever hear about FOIA?
              MAYBE you should start watching the Comey state she wasn’t telling the truth. Google it.

            • Do you store every email you’ve ever sent and received on an external hard drive? You never delete anything?

              In any case, I’m sorry that reality conflicts with your narrative. But even triggered far right snowflakes like yourself need to at some point grow up and face the facts.

              I did look up Comey’s statement, as I have many times before. This is what he said:

              “I should add here that we found no evidence that any of the additional work-related e-mails were intentionally deleted in an effort to conceal them. Our assessment is that, like many e-mail users, Secretary Clinton periodically deleted e-mails or e-mails were purged from the system when devices were changed.”

              So, I was correct. You may apologize now, snowflake.

            • We are talking about a year long investigation that was opened twice. Had numerous congressional hearings and statements from Comey, Hillary, and even Obama. INCLUDING one Private meeting on the tarmac with DOJ and Bill.

              In any circumstances, if she was treated like any other military personnel, her behind would be in jail. But we have 2 forms of justice, the rich and powerful and everyone else.

              But you will continue to hold her to any standards?
              You see how the DNC manipulated the primaries. You seen? how Wiener had those emails on his computer. That is why they reopened it.

              Here is the first response from Comey.

              Here is the YouTube of the very good cross examination.

            • …and then she was cleared of all wrongdoing. Another manufactured “scandal” ending up a massive waste of time and money.

            • Nobody’s even willing to prosecute her, since anyone with any kind of legal knowledge understands no crime was committed. You can’t be guilty when there’s no crime.

            • If I chose to send and receive personal emails using my company provided email, they would have access to it. Yes. That is why I have a few emails. One for business, one for bills, one for fun (Facebook, here etc). This is normal.

            • But what about the personal emails you sent from your own private server? Does your company save those? If so, I know a lawyer who would love to help you.

            • Like I just wrote down, IF I chose to write personal emails using my WORK emails the company can see and keep them. Of course I don’t. Any person who deals with classified information knows company policy. It has been a drilled into us since internet safety courses came about. “Internet security, internet / Intranet hackers, viruses, etc etc…. We take yearly computer based training.

              It is extremely important in any company, but even more so in HILLARY CLINTON job. I just can’t understand why you don’t get that.

            • What about personal emails sent from your personal server at home? Does your company save all those somehow?

              Remember, this is a yes or no question. Therefore I only read the first word of your reply.

            • Good, so you agree with Comey that there’s nothing strange about purging old personal emails, such as Hillary did. Glad we could clear that up.

            • When did I ever say that?
              She had done a horrible mistake that probably cost her the election, cost the American Citizens millions of dollars, and wasted alot of unnecessary time because she wanted TO CONTROL FOIA. You just are not allowed that privilege when you work for the government. Work emails are GOVERNMENT PROPERTY.
              How about you just stop? We had went over this a number of different ways and you are still defending a poor decision. One that has sent our military to jail. There is a double standard. Intent should not have played such a huge role.

            • Where are your 1000 screaming posts criticizing Republicans for doing the exact same thing?

              She didn’t commit a crime, as we now know. She used poor judgment, which she has acknowledged.

              Not nearly as poor judgment as Trump exercised when admitting to serial sexual assault, of course.

            • Are you serious? She was SECRETARY OF STATE.
              Responsible for all our EMBASSIES!!!!!
              Remember Benghazi?
              The Reset button in Russia?
              She traveled the most and had an unsecured server.
              Lives were literally in her hands.
              You have absolutely no idea how much it was a BAD idea.
              She knew. Stop defending her.
              Trump was a pig at that moment. Most men are when they are not in the company of ladies. That is why you see high end strip bars, and nasty blachlor parties. Heck, my sister had a male dancer in hers!. This is nothing new. Music now a days are all about sex. To think he violated your virgin ears is funny. I seriously doubt that a rich man would have to beg for anything..

            • Colin Powell was also Secretary of State when he did the same thing, but you don’t seem very upset about that. Hmm, I wonder why that is.

              It’s not my ears Trump offends when he assaults women. It’s the bodily autonomy of his victims.

              It’s no news to me that Republicans are more offended by hearing offensive words than learning about offensive actions, but please don’t project that character flaw onto those of us who are actually opposed to rape and assault.

            • So did Colin Powell, and all other Secretaries of State. Yawn.

              And no, just saying “Bill Clinton” is not an argument.

            • Yes she did. And she is notnin a predicament, since she has been cleared of all wrongdoing. This conspiracy theory is dead, snowflake. Give it up.

            • EXCERPT:

              Why did she do it?

              Clinton has chalked it all up to convenience, saying she preferred not to carry two phones — one with a personal email address and one with a work email.

              There’s some legitimacy to that: Government BlackBerrys could only include one address.

              But having her own personal server also gave Clinton — as well as her closest aides — much greater control over which emails were accessible under public records requests.

              Clinton acknowledged, both in March when her private email use was first reported and again in Iowa last month, that it “clearly wasn’t the best choice” to skip using a government email address.

            • Gallopping straight to the next random talking point when your previous one was easily destroyed. Yawn.

            • Ok so I went to the CNN article and copied the part I wanted you to read. It proves my point.
              Stop being obtuse.

            • …and on to the next one. Google Gish gallop if you want to understand why nobody takes you seriously.

            • Ok I did. Never heard of it before.
              I am not doing that. I try to combat each of your statements on their own merit. I try not to play games.
              Most everyone on here has recognized that. I have been a commenter for a very long time.

            • You’ve read too much far right conspiracy theorist garbage, and in every comment you just blurt it all out at once. You do not know how to engage in honest conversation. You only parrot what you’ve heard from other Trumpbots. You are pointless.

            • I read everything. All comments from the left and right. I even pointed it out to you. To say someone is pointless, is wrong. I hope you realize how biased you actually are. Open your mind, there is alot to learn even from your enemy.
              I am not yours. It is just a saying. Take your time and read this thread.
              Good luck

            • We spent the last couple days going back and forth. You did nothing to influence any self reflection. You just confirmed liberal biased.

            • Once again, you failed to provide anything worth reflecting over. You can’t just yell Bill Clinton amd expect to rattle my ideological foundations. You’re too shallow, uninformed and childish to influence anyone.

            • That isn’t true. Perhaps you can’t be made to reason with, but please don’t put everyone else in the short bus.

            • A youtube link is neither an argument nor a proper source. I’m not wasting my time with your useless link dumps. If you’ve seen a good argument on youtube, you should be able to just tell me what it is.

              Let me guess: “argle bargle fake news killary obongo marxism”

              Did I guess it?

            • I don’t need to watch a youtube video to see that you just mocked the disabled, like all deplorables including Trump himself loves to do.

              Grow up, kid.

            • You should have looked at Angelica’s YouTube, because it’s total BS.

              I spent the four minutes to check it.

              (1) Trump said THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of people-different-from-us in Jersey were celebrating the 9/11 attack. Truth is that a mere HANDFUL of people, standing on a roof, cheered. They were all taken into custody. Not sure if it took more than one vehicle. Then, the video claims that there was a coverup, because the anchor said he didn’t remember all the details of that report–14 YEARS EARLIER.

              (2) The video claims that Trump didn’t mock the disabled reporter–because he is so disabled that he couldn’t wave his arms the way Trump did. THEN, the video claims that the conservative NewsMax was in on the smear. Yeah, NewsMax. There are times when you’re in a hole, you should stop digging.

              I have never put much weight on the disability complaint. If the video had focused on that, it may have had an arguable point. But they shot down their own point (and credibility) by beginning with a long, draw-out fuzzball, claiming that it was somehow significant that a country of almost 320 million people had a handful of people who did something stupid.

              This kind of twisted crap just makes me very, very angry.

            • You mean to say that, like every other post Angelica has ever made, this one was absolutely pointless? Well, I am shocked.

            • I didn’t say that. Angela does make an honest argument, and often, she supports her claims. In fact, if this one had stuck to just the “disabled” argument, it was defensible. But they brought in the “thousands and thousands” claim and look like fools.

            • Just to make it clear, I tried replying to this comment but Goethe won’t let me. He’s deleting my replies because he knows he’s embarrassed himself.

            • We often delete threads at the point when they become senseless peeing contests.

              Try to post something of substance.

            • We often delete threads at the point when they become senseless peeing contests.

              Try to post something of substance

            • I did. You delete my replies because you’re backed into a corner and you want to save face by having the last word. Don’t be dishonest.

            • Nitpicking, nattering, and nonsense are not substance. My only discomfort is in being goaded into your silly, senseless argument.

              You are certainly the most rude person who currently comments on this site. You have no apparent interest in dialogue or respect.

            • You were the one who decided to post a reply ignoring all substance in my comment and instead focusing on picking at a word. Then you accused me of nitpicking when I pointed out your mistake. Courtesy goes both ways, snowflake. Be honest and you might not be treated like a lying know-nothing who deletes replies when you feel threatened.

              The comment you keep deleting has plenty of substance on the window of discourse and the concept of binary thinking. Of course, if you don’t allow me to post comments you can dismiss them as lacking substance, but an honest and mature person would let the comment through and let others decide.

              Your pride won’t allow anything like that, naturally.

            • Angelica: This video is worse than the one from last year, purporting to show Trump’s generosity –but actually showed the extensive actions required of the contractor to get Trump to pay him anything.

            • This is my second attempt to write back. ?
              Are you referring to the my park ice skating rink?
              I don’t remember.
              It is plausible that he was doing exactly what he had always done when he is speaking of others in a derogatory way. I think he can very well be a asshole. I just don’t believe that it had much to do with the man’s disability. Remember, he read his paper years before and seen the TV reporters speak of it. I can tell you exactly what I was doing that day. I remember everything like it was yesterday. It had such a huge impact. (Another one was BILL CLINTON impeachment. I had saved the paper. They actually had the transcripts of the trial in it!!!)
              I remember thinking about all those people. Of our volunteers heading to NYC to try and find survivers. I remember having to still do what was required, but being afraid of an attack at the nearby nuclear power plant. And I remember that news footage. I know that it wasn’t thousands celebrating the twin towers coming down, but I did see one too many. Now I guess you really didn’t care much or don’t want to remember that day. You are old enough to have experienced it. I guess President Trump did exaggerate the numbers, but they also lied. If you did the report, wrote the column, you should remember. This was life changing.

            • The idea that four or five people (out of over 300 million people)–in a local news report–celebrated a tragedy is not surprising (and, again, they were arrested and dragged away in your own video). I sat in front of my TV for days to watch the coverage of 9/11, and there was NO group celebration of any kind. Trump’s “thousands and thousands” was just another lie, used to push a twisted agenda.

              As for the video, as I said elsewhere, if they had stuck to their claim that Trump ridicules people with silly hand gestures as a normal course, the video would have made a strong point. They should have left the “thousands and thousands” lie out of it.

            • Absolutely, I agree with you.
              Rather or not the “thousands and thousands” was an exaggeration or a lie.. is based on your “idea of a lie’. I do remember some footage from overseas of people praising the terrorist..
              I believe that they were trying to set the scene so to speak.
              It is always good hearing from you.
              With any luck I hope we see some kind of unity or at least acceptance or change. I have been following Bernie Sanders lately a bit more.

            • I hope for the sake of our country that isn’t true. I seen that Ted Cruz brought together a way to fund the wall. Using El Chapo money. Seems almost fitting.
              Then we can work on some major reform bills and trade agreements. I do believe that most companies will jump at the chance to come to the USA if we can keep the taxes affordable.
              Jobs, safety, and hope. That is what every American wants. We should come together.
              I miss the 80’s felt alot of love back then.

            • If you hold men in such high regard, how come you expect all men to assault women and brag about it to their friends?

            • I don’t expect that. It all depends on the individual?.
              I no longer have rose colored glasses on. I know that men can be pigs behind closed doors and be gentleman in public.
              Do I like it? No. I don’t even like swearing or name calling all that much. But I can only be respectful and responsible for myself and my kids while they are under my roof. Then I just hope they honor themselves and each other. Each of my kids had a talking too at one point or another. But I heard them swear outside once. Never in front of me or Dad. ? Now we have grandchildren. And one of them had a little attitude problem. Not any more. He hugs and is loving now. Respectful and kind. I give that much so I expect it.
              Did I always get it? No. I worked along side of mostly men all my life. It is an environment that dictates behavior. Not easy to say the least.
              Woman must respect themselves or no man will respect them. It is extremely difficult for woman still.

            • So you’re saying you hold your kids to higher standards than you do the President, and that’s why you supported a toddler for President. Makes perfect sense to me.

              The majority of us prefer a responsible adult in the White House.

            • For the record, I think it was stupid of Republicans in the house to massively cut funding for embassy security prior to the Benghazi attack, and even more stupid to continue cutting security following the attack. The Republican House surely have blood on their hands for gambling with embassy security.

              Blaming Hillary Clinton for Republican security cuts takes the cake, though.

            • The desire of the State Department to maintain a low profile in Benghazi has been cited as the reason why the State Department circumvented their own Overseas Security Policy Board (OSPB) standards for diplomatic security.[66]:74–75 In the aftermath, Clinton sought to take responsibility for the security lapses at Benghazi and expressed personal regret.[67] In her January 2013 testimony before Congress, Secretary Clinton claimed security decisions at the Benghazi compound had been made by others, stating, “The specific security requests pertaining to Benghazi … were handled by the security professionals in the [State] Department. I didn’t see those requests, I didn’t approve them, I didn’t deny them.”[68]


            • You’re letting your party off the hook for cutting embassy security, thus inviting attacks. No surprise there.

            • Nope. Republicans had the house and decided to cut embassy security. I’m sorry that the facts trigger you, snowflake.

            • Prove that Republicans had House majority in 2011? Is your google broken?

              You may also use google to find out that Chaffetz admitted and defended the Republican decision to cut embassy security, even after the Benghazi attack.

            • Someone is lying to you
              I am trying to get you to understand and research. It is the only way you will understand.

            • Looks like I hit a nerve there, snowflake. You genuinely didn’t know that Republicans defunded embassy security? What do you think “small government” means? Well, this is what it means. Defund everything and blame others when inevitable disaster strikes.

            • You did no such thing.
              I’m not annoyed. I really think you can still be educated I haven’t given up on you yet. Now do you know how to copy url addresses?
              I can teach you.

      • A) Presidential transparency and basic democratic responsibility to the people.

        B) For someone in charge of economic concerns, it is mandatory.

        C) He promised he would.

        D) To dispel problems regarding past tax evasion, litigation, conflicts of interest and Russian ties.

        E) To show he has nothing to hide and to illustrate his openness/honesty. A decent human being would. Trump isn’t in that category, of course, given his obnoxious nature and misogyny/racism.

        • Not mandatory. It maybe on your wish list… But isn’t against the law. ?
          Did you apply for citizenship yet? I would be honored if you did. Cost less than a grand. ??????
          You will have to take a lesson on how our government? works

  3. I don’t think there’s anything too incriminating in Trump’s tax returns. If they were released, we’d find out that he’s been paying almost no taxes, and that he’s not nearly as rich as he claims. I think that’s enough of a public embarrassment for Tiny Hands to beat, even though his superfans will just yell “fake news” and get another swastika tattoo.

    The only reason I would suspect he’s hiding something huge, is because he’s being so weirdly defensive about it. First he made up the bizarre story about the audit, which makes me think he was expecting to lose the election and thus never having to fulfill his promise. Now that he “won” he’s just straight up refusing to release them, and begging with his Twitter followers to let him off the hook.

    Of course, the deplorables are happy to be duped over and over.

    • Basket of deplorables? Just a tad on the discrimination side aren’t you.

      Like Hillary. Only she called millions of hard working Americans deplorables. Foolish.

      • If you align yourself with a racist, misogynist, unconstitutional imbecile like Trump, then, yes, you have confirmed yourself as deplorable. Because racism, misogyny and denigration of the 1st amendment are deplorable. Bragging about sexual assault is deplorable. Saying most Mexicans are rapists/criminals is deplorable. Align yourself with a “man” like that and you tarred with the same brush.

        If you wish to stop being referred to as deplorable, then stop doing deplorable actions. Simple.

      • She called Nazis deplorable. If you disagree that Nazis are deplorable, you might be a Nazi.

        You also need to google discrimination. It doesn’t mean what you think it means.

        • That shows how lousy Hillary’s luck was. Her “deplorables” speech was intended to start a conversation about HOW MANY of Trump’s supporters are “deplorable.” It could have been very successful, just as the 2004 campaign got to be “how much” of a hero Kerry really was, instead of Bush’s lack of service.

          Trouble is, that was the same weakened she crashed with pneumonia–so, instead, the discussion was about “how sick” she was–leaving her doubly down.

          • It’s got nothing to do with luck. Lying is the main (arguably only) Republican campaigning strategy, and all (no exceptions) Republican voters are too dumb to question the narrative.

            It doesn’t matter what Democrats do or say – Republicans will always make up a conspiracy theory claiming they’re serial killers, the Devil, terrorists, communists, etc.

            In reality, ALL Republicans are deplorable. It’s time for centre-right Democrats like Clinton and Obama to stop trying to pander to the so-called moderate Republicans. There are no moderate Republicans. They are ALL neo-Nazi trash.

        • Not true.
          Here is that part of the transcript…
          “I know there are only 60 days left to make our case — and don’t get complacent, don’t see the latest outrageous, offensive, inappropriate comment and think, well, he’s done this time. We are living in a volatile political environment. You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up. He has given voice to their websites that used to only have 11,000 people — now 11 million. He tweets and retweets their offensive hateful mean-spirited rhetoric. Now, some of those folks — they are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America.”

          “But the other basket — and I know this because I see friends from all over America here — I see friends from Florida and Georgia and South Carolina and Texas — as well as, you know, New York and California — but that other basket of people are people who feel that the government has let them down, the economy has let them down, nobody cares about them, nobody worries about what happens to their lives and their futures, and they’re just desperate for change. It doesn’t really even matter where it comes from. They don’t buy everything he says, but he seems to hold out some hope that their lives will be different. They won’t wake up and see their jobs disappear, lose a kid to heroin, feel like they’re in a dead-end. Those are people we have to understand and empathize with as well.”


          • Right. You don’t agree that racists, sexists, homophobes and xenophobes are deplorable. Instead you choose to side with them. That’s what makes you deplorable. What else is new?

            • Do you believe in Female Genitalia Mutilation?
              Do you believe in Marriage at the age of 12?
              Do you believe it is okay to rape kids girl and boys?

              This is not a Muslim but a culture war.

              Not all Muslims believe in the ideology I stated up above.

              Somehow you and the DNC in your fight against injustice forgot to stand up for our Western Culture. Which I think is pretty great.

            • It’s not an insult, snowflake.

              You’ve displayed your racism in the assumption that my inclination to help refugees must mean I am in favor of genital mutilation and child rape. That logic only makes sense if you believe that having brown skin makes you a rapist.

              Why is it that all Nazis are so bad at hiding their Nazism? And why do you all insist on hiding it? Have some intellectual honesty and be open about what you believe.

            • No, no I didn’t.
              Our conversation was about Hillary Clinton talk about basket of deplorables.
              I have no idea if you work with refugees or not. It certainly wouldn’t be for Catholic Charities org.

              My point was simply this. Not all Trump supporters who are weary of introducing a different type of culture into the USA should automatically be seen a deplorable.
              Many countries throw gay men out the rooftops. They shouldn’t be here.
              We like our drag Queens.

        • You sound triggered?. You just said we are “neo-nazi trash”.
          I’m thinking that either you are going off the deep end without a life jacket. Some sort of mania?
          Maybe you ought to just turn off politics, regroup? Maybe do some volunteer? work?
          I don’t know?. But it seems like you just are so quick to label people. (Bad)
          People can have a wide?variety of opinions and vote for Trump. I guess you missed that.

            • So you call me a Nazi, A young child, neo-nazi, and deplorable.

              Who is acting like a child?
              When you can’t win an argument you resort to insults.
              My grandson has a better come back then you. ? Because he was taught right. Your parents failed you. And so did the DNC.

            • I won the argument and accurately described your ideology and personal maturity. Deal with it, snowflake.

            • Nope.

              And I’m not gonna waste more time with your word salads now. I’m sure the other snowflakes will enjoy your link dumps and endless emojis, but personally I don’t get anything out of your copy-pastes from gatewaypundit.

            • I send links from CNN, Wikipedia, and other news sites typically far left or centered Because I deal with people like yourself. You choose not to read it. It is by choice you do not back up your words, nor do you seek out truth behind your opinions.
              You are doing your self no service. I hope one day you treat others like you would like to be treated.

          • By the way, I already do daily volunteer work with refugee children, whichbis necessary because of all the wars you guys started. Somebody has to be the responsible adult, ya know?

            • Gosh my head hurts.
              Do you honestly believe that?
              I highly doubt it. Most Syrians were happy with President Trump bombing the Assad’s aircrafts. ?
              But whatever, let’s talk about war. ?

              This? is a list.
              Now you think REPUBLICANS are the war mongers and Democrats are peace loving? ???
              Do you want to know how they voted?
              So how do your heros actually measure up?

            • I wasn’t referring to refugees due to what happened last week. Those refugees haven’t arrived yet. If you were older, you’d know that Republicans have started other wars in the past, for example the ones in Afghanistan and Iraq (which Trump supported). These wars turned millions of people into refugees, and volunteer workers such as myself have been cleaning up your mess for years.

              I’ll let you know how my heroes measure up as soon as you let me know who my heroes are. I didn’t know I had any heroes.

            • Okay… Wow that is alot to reply to…
              Since you brought up last week.
              2 events happened only one was truly touched on here
              Syria: Tomahawk missile stike against the Syrian Airforce base. They gave an advance notice to the Russia. (the ones that made sure all chemical weapons were out of Assad’s? hands, lol).

              Then a few days later…. The MOAB was dropped in Afghanistan caves. ISIS /ISIL / Daesh (bad guys) have taken them over since Alcada went away. We had Intel and most neighboring towns already have been evacuated. They are jerks and like to rape boys and girls, behead infidels (like you) and pretty much destroy anything? that gets in their way. In fact that is why people run away from their homeland, because it is too dangerous to stay.

              So you thought that Trump saying once to that the war in Iraq was ok that had any real meaning?
              No, no it did not. He had actually no vote on the matter. Do you know who did? HILLARY CLINTON

              And Obama….. Well here you go.

              He did a wonderful job of displacing millions of people. And no one said a darn thing. We seen Christians being burned alive and heads chopped off… And Congress FINALLY said what it was GENOCIDE.

              Now, you think what you want, but exactly how big is Syria compared to the USA?

            • I only “brought up” the events last week in order to clarify that those were irrelevant to the discussion. Your response is to ramble on about the irrelevancy.

              I didn’t read your comment. You’ll have to stay on topic, or be ignored.

            • Again, you have absolutely no idea what you want.
              You want to call out ignorant names and feel justified doing it. Well guess what….. You are an overage BULLY.
              You don’t want to discuss or debate. Fine . Do you think it is easy for me to read your dribble, your insults, your fake stories? No. But I do it hoping that I can challenge you to grow. You might actually learn that the other side is good and decent people. That in the end, we all want our country to succeed.

            • ??????????????
              Stick and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me. ??????????
              Guess that means I won!!!

            • Cliché? Lol.
              It is a grade school rhyme that would be said after someone would call them names.
              Since you resorted to name calling and being childish, I thought I would return the favor. Lol. Without the name calling, cause I like to be respectful. ??

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