President Trump is putting the entire weight of the presidency behind the American Healthcare Act being pushed in the House by Speaker Paul Ryan. Fighting stiff opposition from conservative factions within the House and Senate, Trump seems bent on getting this particular bill passed, and passed quickly.

Report from CNBC:

Time for talk running out, President Donald Trump on Tuesday warned wavering House Republicans that their jobs were on the line in next year’s elections if they failed to back a GOP bill that would upend Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

The countdown quickened toward an expected vote Thursday on legislation undoing much of the law that has provided coverage to some 20 million Americans. Trump huddled behind closed doors with rank-and-file Republicans just hours after GOP leaders unveiled changes intended to pick up votes by doling out concessions to centrists and hardliners alike.

“If we fail to get it done, fail to (meet) the promises made by all of us, including the president, then it could have a very detrimental effect to Republicans in `18 who are running for re-election,” said Rep. Mike Conaway, R-Texas. “If it fails, then there will be a lot of people looking for work in 2018.”

Trump’s message to Republicans: “If you don’t pass the bill there could be political costs,” said Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C.

The truth is that there will be political costs no matter what bill gets passed or doesn’t pass. If nothing passes, the GOP risks looking like weak at best, and liars at worst, since they spent years running on a promise to repeal ObamaCare, including during the 2016 cycle. However, the argument from conservatives is that this particular bill doesn’t repeal all of ObamaCare, just certain parts, which is why they oppose it.

If they do manage to pass something, it will inevitably lead to more people uninsured than current numbers since it will no longer be a requirement to buy health insurance. President Trump seems fine with the outcome, so long as he can claim the mantle of “getting things done” in Washington, which I think is what is truly motivating him here. This is the first big test of his ability to steer his agenda through congress, so he has a lot riding on this and at this point, he’s all in.

As for the voters, the base of the GOP wants to do away with ObamaCare and will surely punish some members of Congress if they fail to meet that promise. On the other hand, if they do repeal it, will Democratic voters, and perhaps some moderates, punish the GOP worse than their base will?

This is what is called a “tough decision,” but that’s what these politicians are sent to Washington for, to make the tough decisions.


  1. The actual voters in members ‘ districts, who will lose coverage, are a much bigger threat than the old buffoon himself.

  2. Trump’s claim that Republicans could lose the House AND Senate in 2018 is ridiculous. First, it’s an “off-year election.” Democrats only take presidential election years seriously.

    Second, Republicans have so severely gerrymandered House districts they could elect “a ham sandwich” in most of their current seats.

    Third, every election year is different. 2016 should have been the Democrats’ year, but the argument that “we need a counterbalance to Hillary” doomed shoo-in Democrats, like Evan Bayh indiana, and Russ Feingold in Wisconsin. But upset Republicans won’t vote for a Democrat because their candidates are not a certain type of Republican.

    Yes, Trump is vindictive. And yes, it would not be out of character for him to attack members of his own party. But no way will Democrats have a chance of gaining a seat in either body, much less take control. Silly, stupid, dishonest argument.

  3. Goethe…I seldom disagree with your view but on this post I do.
    A Congressional Republican is bound by the party’s absolute oath which gives them wealth and power. Quite different from the government’s oath of office which makes them responsible for the country’s welfare. They seldom remember the second oath as they don’t find it rewarding. A good example is Trump’s cabinet which includes millionaires, amateurs, donors, and Hulk Hogan’s old boss. If Trump’s popularity sinks, as it is presently doing, by 2018 he could endanger the Republicans votes in all kinds of districts. Republicans members seem unable to step up and serve as checks and balances. They continue to sit on their hands even when their president is under FBI investigation for collusion with a hostile foreign government. There should be no mercy shown to anyone who sells out their country or appoints possible Russian sympathizers to their cabinet and as their advisors.
    Whatever makes you think Trump doesn’t threaten and verbally attack fellow members of the
    Republican Party? Trump will attack anyone for the slightest unfavorable word uttered against him. Remember his vulgar remarks about Heidi Cruz? Making Ted Cruz a poor excuse for a man to continue supporting Trump. Or the unforgivable descriptive phrases he used on Marco Rubio who still reluctantly supports him. No Republican, with the exception of John McCain and sometimes Lindsay Graham, is strong enough to refute Trump’s destructive antics.
    Fortunately for all of us, Trump is destroying himself.

    • You misunderstood. I was not saying Trump won’t attack. He loves to attack. When he’s alone, I’m sure he attacks his image in the mirror, before he recognizes it. But for the reasons above, if a Republican is not knocked off in the primary, he or she would easily beat the Democrat AND Trump. He’s really just threatening a primary battle.

      Dems are going to lose in 2018, 2020, and 2022, unless they can reverse the gerrymandering–through the courts or popular initiative.

      Here’s another thing: Americans love a strong, effective leader, even if he leads them against their own self-interest. So far, Americans think not enough is “happening.” Once Trump rams a crapload of stuff through Congress, his approval rating will be up near 70%.

      • You could be right…I could be wrong…but as Lyndon Johnson once said of an opponent, applies to Trump, “you know in your guts he’s nuts”.

  4. Looks like we got a first hand look at “The Art of The Deal” today! Common sense prevailed and our Loser-in-Chief took it in the shorts on Health Care.

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