When speaking to a group of students at her Massachusetts alma mater earlier this week, Hillary Clinton revealed the one major change she would revisit if given the opportunity to alter the race in 2016.

Report from Yahoo Finance:

Hillary Clinton spoke at her alma mater, Wellesley College, on Thursday in an event that was closed to the press, the Boston Globe reported.

Clinton, who graduated from the Wellesley in 1969, spoke about the 2016 campaign and public life, at one point taking questions from the audience.

The Globe cited a since-deleted tweet from Wellesley saying that when asked by a student what she’d change about her 2016 campaign, Clinton answered “I’d win.” [Emphasis added]

Yep, she’d win. That’s the only change she’d make to the 2016 race. Clearly the question was intended to elicit some retrospect on the campaign or electoral strategy, but the “I’d win” answer is a lot more pithy.

However, there are those “Hillary for Mayor” signs popping up around New York City so maybe there’s a new campaign on the horizon in Clintonland.

Mediaite reports on the Hillary for Mayor push in NYC:

With Hillary Clinton‘s most ardent supporters still stewing over her stunning defeat in the 2016 Presidential election, some are taking calls for her to jump into the New York City mayor’s race very seriously. At least one anonymous Clintonite has been posting “Hillary for Mayor” signs at various spots in the Big Apple.

Alright, so maybe it’s one ardent supporter, not necessarily a push, but the signs are making news.


  1. Is Hillary Clinton so clueless? The only thing that she would do different is win!!! Did she ever consider that people voted for a political neophyte over her because she is a phony, lying, back stabbing, untrustworthy, elitist MEGALOMANIAC POS.?

    I have read about people wanting her to run for mayor of NYC. But would her ego allow her to do such a thing. She was in the White House when her husband the GREAT FORNICATOR was president. She has been a US senator. And she was considered a shoo-in for president until her thieving ways caught up with her. A mayor, even mayor of NYC would be a step backwards. Her ego wouldn’t let her do it.?

    • Hillary was significantly more popular than her opponent, and gained several million more votes.

        • Yes? Everybody knows that. I’m not sure what you’re trying to say.

          I debunked your claim that people preferred Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. This is demonstrably not true, as evidenced by both favorability figures and actual votes. Trump was and is significantly less popular than Hillary.

          Please try to reply without using emojis and all caps. They signal to me that you are a minor.

          • Getting a large number of votes from heavily populated blue states only means she is popular in those states. In case you weren’t aware of it there is something called the ELECTORAL COLLEGE and using this system, your candidate was crushed.

            You can spin it any way you like, but the only thing Billary will be president of is the Leavenworth Glee Club.

            I am not a minor but I am sensing that you consider capital letters and Emojis as aggressive. Have I been a bad man??

            • As I already mentioned in my previous comment, everone is aware of the electoral college. I only corrected your claim that winning the electoral college vote means you have a mandate from the people. In this case, as you know, Hillary Clinton gained far more votes than Donald Trump.

              Calm down for a moment, snowflake, and just read this comment slowly and for comprehension. I’m not saying anything controversial or factually doubtful. You’re melting down over nothing.

      • Check it out but Trump won more than 81% of the US counties. So, in the heartland, especially, Trump was much more popular, right?

        • Yeah, Trump was much more popular in rural areas, as Republican candidates always are. So what?

  2. Since it’s inception the electoral vote process has presented major problems for voters. Without question, it stole the voting rights away from American citizens. The electoral process has been a problem since 1800 when the emergence of partisan political activity caused the failure of the original constitutional plan. It has been subjected to more major changes since that time. It is time to abolish this outmoded system and allow citizens to elect the president and vice president.

      • The electoral college did make Trump president. The voting population of the United States did not. America is already feeling the pain from votes places by the 304 persons who make Trump president. It is appalling that 304 people get to say Trump is president when the voting population said “no”. Hardly something to gloat about.

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