With the ObamaCare repeal vote set for today, and the outcome almost entirely uncertain, reports indicate that President Trump is disappointed with the progress so far and has conceded to his inner circle that he wishes he would have started with tax reform as opposed to healthcare.

The New York Times reports:

Mr. Trump has told four people close to him that he regrets going along with Speaker Paul D. Ryan’s plan to push a health care overhaul before unveiling a tax cut proposal more politically palatable to Republicans.

He said ruefully this week that he should have done tax reform first when it became clear that the quick-hit health care victory he had hoped for was not going to materialize on Thursday, the seventh anniversary of the act’s passage, when the legislation was scheduled for a vote.

Two of his most influential advisers — Stephen K. Bannon, his chief strategist, and Gary D. Cohn, the National Economic Council director, who had a major role in pushing the bill — came to agree, and did not like the compromise that was emerging. So on Thursday night, Mr. Trump delivered an ultimatum.

He dispatched his budget adviser, Mick Mulvaney, to a conference of House Republicans and told them they had to vote on Friday. And if the bill fails, he said, Mr. Trump will move on. [Emphasis added]

The threat from the White House boils down to Congress either passing this repeal bill, or Trump will abandon the repeal push and leave the Affordable Care Act to stand or fall on its own. I’d be a fool to offer a guess as to how this vote will go down today, there are scenarios where I could see it passing and scenarios where it gets rejected.

First of all, does the House Freedom Caucus really want to be the ones to stop the ObamaCare repeal? They’ll argue that this isn’t the repeal they were looking for, etc… But perhaps they’re pushed into passing this with the understanding that the bill will change between the House and Senate conference.

On the other hand, it really seems like some member of Congress are willing to kill this bill as they see it more of an alteration to ObamaCare than an outright repeal of it. In that case, I can see some of them holding out and voting “no” with the hope that sometime in the future, perhaps if Republicans capture 60 seats in the Senate in 2018, they can revisit this topic with better results.

Here’s more on the Trump ultimatum, from Axios:

Budget Director Mick Mulvaney has just laid down a gauntlet to House Republicans on behalf of President Trump: pass this bill, or Obamacare remains in place.

Members of the conservative Freedom Caucus want more concessions but, according to Mulvaney, Trump will not negotiate further.

The president demanded a vote tomorrow [Friday], and now it appears he will get it. He is all but daring Republicans to vote no.

The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare as it’s known, was passed amid a similar flurry of House and Senate bickering, but back in 2010 it was between Democrats. The repeal of this legislation seems fraught with similar issues, only this time Republicans are the ones holding the bag and arguing over the details.


  1. Actually, tax reform is Ryan’s main goal. I think he pushed health-care to get it off his plate, and to add momentum. But how could someone really think they can disrupt the entire health-care system–17.8% of the economy (GDP)–without stepping on toes???? Ryan was being an amateur, too.

    The way I see it, the GOP could look effective, and Trump could look powerful, if the House passes anything–today. It has to go to the Senate, anyway, which will certainly not pass this bill. Then they can hash out an entirely different bill to offer both houses. Or not. But at least it won’t look like a failure. And they won’t look like rubes.

    • Failure, that is something those deluded enough to lean Democratic have to be familiar with. Let’s see the last administrations total of 8 years were an abject failure. Of course you have the biggest FAILURE of all and that is of course the lying, phony, back stabbing, elitist MEGALOMANIAC better known as Billary.?

      • Tell me, how does it feel to see Trump’s loudest, biggest promise to repeal the
        Affordable Care Act shot down by his own party? Giving an ultimatum to congressional Republicans Thursday underscores his lack of legislative and policy experience. Trump just had his first lesson in how real Washington politics work. Trump, in brief remarks after Ryan pulled the bill from consideration, did not take responsibility for its demise. He blamed Democrats for failing to vote for the measure when the bill was killed by Republicans.
        How many years of abject failures lie in wait for Trump? He is off to the worse start of any president in the last 100 years.

        • Trump only worked for the ACHA because he said he would. Now, he can forget it. He has no attention span for things that don’t affect him, personally.

          What he really wants is tax policies that will benefit him and his billionaire buddies. He won’t give up on those, and there’s no one in Congress to stand in his way.

          Laugh while you can.

          • If Republicans can’t undo a law that for seven years they all agreed should go, what are your reasons to bet on them successfully tackling the next big thing on their to-do list: tax reform. Will the Senate turn a blind eye and do as Trump urges and cuts taxes for his billionaire buddies while raising taxes on lower income citizens? If so, they will gradually lose their voter base before the next election in two years.

            I am not laughing. It actually grieves me that one man can do so much, so quickly, to destroy the future welfare of the United States.

            • Remember that the American people hate hearing about the same thing over and over. This may have been a way to shut up discussion about a health-care bill. Now, it can be worked on behind closed doors, in a smoke-filled room, somewhere.

              By hopping from one thing to another, and never boring the American public, I predict that Trump’s favorability rating will be over 60% by summer.

            • The American people really do hate hearing the same old song repeatedly and that is probably the reason Trump’s approval ratings are at their lowest ebb at 37% (Quinnipiac poll). The same poll said a majority of 60 percent feel the president is not honest. I am not a believer in the accuracy of any poll but this one seems to be on to something.
              More trouble is headed Trump’s way as the very underpinnings of his support, Republicans, white voters, especially men and those without a college degree, are starting to have doubts. If Trump can get his draconian cuts to domestic funding passed, as soon as the financial repurcussions take effect on their pocketbook he will lose thousands of his faithful. I doubt that Trump will last his full term of office.

            • I am shocked. Here I just thought you were simply a misguided soul that was a victim of vile liberal brain washing. Alas I fear I was wrong, you are also an elitist snob. Trump’s support comes from white voters, especially men and those without a COLLEGE DEGREE!!! ?

              I think I heard the same line about a million times prior to the election. All of those spouting this line were elitist POS, are you??

              By the way, I am a Trump supporter, but horrors I have a COLLEGE degree, I guess I don’t fit into your stereotype.?

              Trump will win and he will fail. That is pretty much a given for all of us, regardless of who we are. But there is one thing for sure and that is you will be saying the president of the USA is Donald J Trump, for four most likely eight years to come.?

            • If you have a college degree, as you say, it is obvious you have it tucked away in a hidden corner of your mind. I take it you are a user of internet slang when you use the acronym POS. Not to mention those childish little “stick ons”.

              Trump came from wealth and is an Ivy League graduate who spent most of his life in Manhattan, being chauffeured around in limousines. He brags to a world of strangers about his massive personal wealth, while being surrounded by servants that take care of his every need. That is elitism in it’s finest form.

              You are right when you say Trump’s support “comes from white voters, especially men and those without a college degree”. Trump’s select few does not include women, blacks, mexicans, muslims or anyone not white and straight. Which means he is a traitor to the constitution of the United States.

            • I am glad that you like the acronym as well as the emoji. I see that you are easily amused.?

              It seems that you are envious of President Trump. You do realize that ENVY is one of the seven deadly sins. Speaking for myself, if someone works hard and accumulates great wealth, good luck to him.?

              While it is true that the majority of President Trump’s supporters are white, they are not alone. His supporters include clear headed women, gays, blacks, Mexicans, Muslims and many others. I know it is is inconvenient for the whacky left to admit this, but it is true.?

            • You are a true Trumpster convert—throwing out unsubstantiated theories to pretend you know something bigly.
              Obviously, you must be reading the Donald Trump bible to use the term “seven deadly sins”. This term is not to be found in the bible.
              Your phrase “if someone works hard and accumulates great wealth” can’t be applied to Trump either. Trump inherited wealth from his father. He accumulated millions of dollars by going bankrupt four times. The bankruptcy kept him from having to repay the huge debts he accumulated while building his projects. I guess Trump wasn’t familiar with the 8th commandment either. He will need your good luck wishes.

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