Tonight will be the one and only face-off between vice presidential candidates Mike Pence and Tim Kaine. This evening’s debate is taking place at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia. The moderator will be Elaine Quijano, a correspondent of CBS News.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016
Vice Presidential Debate from Longwood University

Aired On: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, Fox News, Fox Business, MSNBC, C-SPAN, PBS
Air Time: 9pm ET (8pm CT, 7pm MT, 6pm PT, basically live in whatever 9pm ET is equivalent to in your time zone)

VP Candidates: Republican Mike Pence and Democrat Tim Kaine
Moderator: Elaine Quijano, a correspondent of CBS News.

Live Stream:

Alternate Live Stream Links: Fox Business, C-SPAN, Twitter, CNN, NewsMax, CBS News

Format: The Vice Presidential debate will be divided into nine time segments of approximately 10 minutes each. The moderator will ask an opening question, after which each candidate will have two minutes to respond. The moderator will use the balance of the time in the segment for a deeper discussion of the topic.

CNN offers a VP debate preview:

How will Pence respond to Trump’s troubles?

On releasing tax returns, birtherism, debate prep and name-calling, Pence has chosen to go his own way during the campaign. He has also talked about his record in Indiana as a conservative governor. That daylight has left Trump in a somewhat awkward position and it’s allowed Pence to maintain a future in politics.

But breaking with your opponent in a studio interview is one thing, doing it on stage next to an opponent who wants to pummel your running mate is something else entirely.

Pence has to defend Trump, who is boasting about “brilliantly” using tax laws for his benefit, after a New York Times story outlining a more than $900 million loss and suggesting he may not have paid federal income taxes for 18 years beginning in 1995. Look for Kaine to possibly exploit the fact that Pence has been transparent in releasing his taxes, compared to Trump who hasn’t released them and is the nominee. And the Virginia senator will no doubt talk about Trump’s temperament as commander-in-chief.

Can they help close the likeability gap?

Clinton and Trump both have record high unfavorability ratings: the latest CNN/ORC poll puts Clinton’s at 54% and Trump’s at 59%. Both VP candidates may try to sand off some of the rough edges and make people more open to backing their ticket.

Pence has argued that Trump is a decent and good man worthy of comparisons to Ronald Reagan. He has talked about quiet moments of prayer and reflection with Trump. And Kaine has vouched for Clinton’s honesty and said that he can brag about Clinton in a way that Clinton can’t brag about herself.

But it is one thing to say good things about their running mates, and it’s another to show it. And this is where stories and anecdotes — something this campaign has been short on — can be helpful. Some of that was featured at the conventions this summer, with family members vouching for the candidates. For swing voters, who are sitting on the fence out of disgust with both candidates, humanizing and memorable portraits could be helpful.

I’m expecting a lot more substantive policy discussion during this debate than we witnessed during the debate last week between Trump and Clinton. Both Tim Kaine and Mike Pence are sort of boring guys with lengthy careers in politics. They’re also both quiet and rather non-confrontational. The audience size will be a fraction of what it was for the big show last week but the amount of reasoned discussion on the issues will be exponentially bigger.

If you want to learn about the issues surrounding this campaign on everything from Syria to health care, I’d encourage you to watch the VP debate in entirety. Since these candidates will meet just once, they will cover a vast range of topics including foreign policy and domestic policy.

As always, we’ll have the full debate video available after it airs.


  1. “Pence has to defend Trump, who is boasting
    about “brilliantly” using tax laws for his benefit, after a New York
    Times story outlining a more than $900 million loss and suggesting he
    may not have paid federal income taxes for 18 years beginning in 1995.”
    Nonsense. No “defense” is needed. He did nothing illegal.

    • He did what the NYT also did, under the law. He did what EVERY American does – abides by the law to pay as little as possible…except Hillary, who lies on her Foundations taxes…

    • Hillary used the same tactic too.SO does the NYT only they made a profit.
      Only she didn’t put $900 Million of her money on the line. She lost $6 Billion tax payers dollars.

    • 501(c)3’s pay no federal taxes under strict guidelines. I’m President of one at this time and I have been for 5 years in the past. 7 years spent on the Board over 15 years. It’s small. We work for free. I read 990’s carefully and I pay attention to misuse of spending. There is no evidence of that Clinton Foundation doing that as it is a public charity and rated by CharityWatch as a major charity watchdog. That foundation received an A rating. Nor is she responsible for the 2007 economic downturn that burdened the Nation with toxic mortgage securities. I spent my life and years in banking. Gramm-Leach-Bliley weakened federal oversight in the repeal of Glass-Steagall. I was astounded that this bill was even written. The GOP did that. Were they completely at fault? No. Bill Clinton wrote that bill into law. Gramm-Leach-Bliley was a furthering of Laffer’s supply-side economics. Though Keynes and Monetarist economic principles have proved fruitful in economic issues, supply-side economics has been a poor concept and it drove our Nation into the second largest downturn since 1900. I truly hope that Hillary has learned by the failure of Bill’s failure to veto that bill.

  2. Lets see if this moderator can keep her hands out of the cookie jar. I doubt it, but I will keep an open mind.

  3. pence needs to get agressive. he needs to address some of the things trump let slide in the last debate.

  4. tuition free college that’s what kaine wants. take our hard earned money and give it to losers who want to get theatre degrees. dam democrat assholes.

  5. what put is in the recession was the democratic high risk floating interest rate loan programs they passed in order to get people into houses they couldn’t afford.

  6. Kaine thinks people care about his tax returns? He was brilliant in paying as little as possible. EVERY AMERICAN DOES THAT!! We all use the law to pay as little as possible. That is smart, period.

    • HIllary and New York Times used the ‘same’ tax laws.. but they won’t bring that up.. LOL
      Bill & Hillary ‘created’ those tax

  7. Tax returns? LOL
    Only in America, can you be investigated by the FBI, delete ‘evidence’, smash blackberries, lie to congress about it and about Benghazi and STILL be a candidate for PRESIDENT.. What has happened to America?

    Please know.. Congress has no power anymore.. FBI is comprised also by the Clinton Foundations.. and further..

    I wish Pence would question Kaine about this:

    Tim Kaine Admits Hillary Plans to “Stick it to White People” Says “Whites Need to Submit”

    My good God.. Be careful what you vote for!

  8. NBC has clearly been against Trump from day one. This debate is a joke. Kaine consistently interupts Pence and the “moderator” doesn’t interupt Kaine, but somehow condems Pence for his rebuttals. What a joke and so one sided on the side of Clinton. So much for ubiased journalism. What a farce!!!!!

  9. Liberals always take the easy road and blame police. They never blame the blacks and never blame the media or the government that created the poverty in the black community

  10. This debate is total BS, just like the presidential debate. It’s very interesting how Pence gets much less time to talk. The media is so screwed up trying to trick people like this. Wake up people!!!!!! Wake Up!!!!!!!

    • Pence is still handling him well and with class. He is lowering himself to Kaine’s level. All Kaine has is personal attacks – no real plans. Wake up people.

    • I agree. So biased against Trump/Pence. Moderator never lets Pence rebut any comments . . . . tells Pence you have 30 seconds and Kaine rudely interrups and moderator lets Kaine go way over the 30 seconds. You can see the complete disgust with Trump/Pence campaign with Savannah Guthrie and Chuck Todd from day one. Again, you’re supposed to just report the news, not show bias. So much for great journalism–just reporting the news. I really don’t care who you like or don’t like, just provide the news of their respective campaigns.

  11. Hillary Clinton has PROMISED a 550% INCREASE in unvetted Syrian migrants (“refugees”) — and ISIS itself has promised to infiltrate amongst these “refugees”!! GET REAL! We are in the process of losing our country. Kaine is a joke: “Hillary Clinton is the one to beat terrorism”?? Ya know, I believe Kaine IS The Joker, albeit without makeup.

    • Where do you get the idea of “unvetted”? Homeland security already has an extensive vetting process for any refugee coming here. I think your listening to too much Rush, Hannity, Ingraham and Levin.

  12. i’m sick of hearing he said, she said BS… time to talk jobs, deficit, federal debt, ZIRP, etc… stop this back and forth talking about what HRC and DJT said or didn’t say.

  13. How much money did Hillary get in donations to the Clinton foundation after 9/11? Then she kept the money and denied the families of the victims.

  14. Are we safer today? Really, I go on vacation alone. Years ago, I didn’t feel the need to let my family know where I was going or when. Now, I let everyone know where I’m going, what trains/planes I’m traveling on and where I’m staying. So God forbid, so bomber decides my destination is his/her target, my family will look for my name on an injured/deceased list. No longer feel safe even traveling in America. I’m ready for Donald Trump/Pence to make it safe for me to travel in AMERICA and not have to let everyone know my every move for fear that might be the place a bomb went off.

  15. Hillary knows how to build alliances and share information for an intelligence surge – she has experience. It’s called donate to the Clinton Foundation and she’ll send you email from her personal email server. Thanks for cutting him off when hammering her email server issue Ms. “Moderator”.

    • It’s a big coverup! It’s been a coverup since Vince Foster, Benghazi and the present coverup..
      If they PLACE Hillary in there.. there will never be another election in America!

  16. What really annoys me.. is they THINK the USA has a ‘right’ to be bombing Syria.. They are calling it a ‘civil war’ as they did in Libya which were LIES.. This is NOT a Civil war.. it’s another ‘illegal regime change’ LIKE Libya.. which is why Russia is helping Syria. The people of Syria had their LEGAL ELECTION and the people voted 85+% for Assad.. Obama thumbed his nose that their election..They WANT their One World Order.. they need Syria… now the USA is calling for war with Russia..
    THE TRUTH about SYRIA..
    It’s the USA and it’s allies that are BOMBING these people..


  17. It’s amazing! Kaine “knows” more about Trump’s positions than Trump himself! Kaine knows EVERYTHING, apparently. (sarcasm sarcasm) He misstates Trump’s positions and makes things up– Hillary Clinton, a couple years ago in a high level meeting, suggested that Julian Assange be assassinated– but Kaine would drop a cow patty if Mike Pence suggested that was her suggestion was serious (but from what I read today, she actually WAS serious). Hyperbole is absolutely lost on Tim Kaine.


  19. Hahaha.. Hillary got money for military.. LOL
    Tell us about Hillary and Haiti.. They got 10% of the charity and grant and SHE took the rest!

  20. When you have to fight: Mainstream LYING Media, politicians, propaganda & lies, your own party members, the U.N… then you KNOW you have the right guy
    Trump /Pence 2016
    Hillary in bracelets 2016

  21. the citizens of Syria, Iran and Russia are not American enemies. this is insane. US needs to get out of the ME. Bring the troops home. Stop warmongering. America is broke. We have nukes on Russia’s borders!!! We wouldn’t allow that to happen to us. Time for international diplomacy. Not more bombs, bullets and deaths.

  22. I am sooooooooooo Sick of everyone going back to Trump’s tax returns. Get over it, like Hilary’s emails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop, please stop!

    • Hillarys a CRIMINAL.. her emails are important.. because of the crimes she committed through them.. If you knew the corruption with the Clintons.. this isn’t the first time she’s destroyed ‘evidence’ and proof and murders of witnesses.. I know you’re sick, but it shows that she destroyed all proof to the point that Congress can’t do their job. It’s that CORRUPT…

  23. Hillary had no problem SELLING USA URANIUM to Russia and Uranium One for Clinton Foundation.. Bring THAT up Pence.. please!

  24. Here is the Democrat value proposition – “Vote for Hillary because Trump hasn’t released his tax returns”.

  25. did you hear that, cain just put down trump for making a profit and extolled the virtues of the clinton foundation. making a profit, employing thousands with real work that add real value and creates real wealth has become a bad thing in the world today. setting up a bogus charity foundation and operating a pay for play operation in the state dept. is suddenly a noble thing. Sweet Jesus this nation needs Donald Trump before it’s too late if it isn’t to late already.

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