The next Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton takes place on Sunday, October 9th. This debate will be the “town hall” format where candidates will take questions directly from voters in the audience. In the spirit of this format, voters from around the country can participate as well by submitting their questions online.

ABC News and CNN have joined forces to allow for citizens to submit questions and then vote on questions which will be used during the upcoming presidential debate in St. Louis. It’s very easy to participate, all you have to do is visit and you can vote on existing questions or submit one of your own.

Report from The Atlantic:

Viewers unhappy with the questions asked at Monday night’s debate will have a shot to weigh in before Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton meet again on October 9: For the first time, the networks producing the town-hall style debate have agreed to accept questions voted on through the internet.

The Commission on Presidential Debates had already announced that the second of three debates would feature questions submitted online in addition to those asked by the traditional studio audience. But on Tuesday morning, the organizers confirmed they are embracing a format that a broad bipartisan cross-section of activist and civic groups known as the Open Debate Coalition have been pushing for years. Americans will be able to submit and then vote on questions online at, and ABC and CNN have agreed to consider the 30 most popular queries when they jointly plan the debate. [Emphasis added]

“This year’s presidential debate moderators will have a rich pool of voter-submitted questions they can draw on that carry greater weight because they are backed by votes from the American people,” Mike McCurry, a co-chairman of the Commission on Presidential Debates, said in a statement accompanying the announcement by the Open Debate Coalition.

The language is a little vague that the top 30 questions will be “considered,” not necessarily that there’s a guarantee they’ll get asked. I think it’s safe to assume that at least some of these questions will make it to the candidates.

As of writing, here are the top 5 questions with the most votes:

How will you ensure the 2nd amendment is protected? (link)
-Too much crime is blamed on the tool, not the person. How will you protect law abiding citizens to protect themselves.

What will you do to ensure greater transparency and accountability in government? (link)
-Too many Americans feel that government is not accountable to the people and we are forced to live within a rigged system. How can you change this?

Will You Support a Voter ID System that Insures that Only US Citizens Can Vote? (link)
-In this country, we need to show IDs to drive, make any financial transaction, get medical care, even attend your party conventions. Why is it controversial, or racist, to require IDs to vote?

What do you propose to do to those in government that are above the law? (link)
-It’s become far too common for those in power to skirt the law. Unfortunately there are those that have consistently done wrong and continue to move along without repercussion. This must stop.

Would you be willing to either repeal or repair/rework the Affordable Care Act? (link)
-I am a self-employed 61-year-old healthy individual and cannot afford the ACA policy the government has decided I should have.

If you like these questions, then go vote them up! If think you’ve got better questions, go submit them! There are literally thousands of questions already in the list so you might find your question has already been asked. Then it’s your job to share your question and get others to vote it up.

On a side note, the Vice Presidential debate is scheduled for next week on Tuesday, October 4th.

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  1. When is Hillary Clinton going to make public her books on the Clinton Foundation; showing who donated to it and how much they donated? Also; it would be nice to know how much money the Clinton Foundation has taken in and how much it has given and to whom money was given to.

      • Trump has known things that we are just learning about for some time now. He’s a strategist. He may be holding back his taxes as leverage to get Hillary to bring forth what she wants to hide. Like he said….. he does not want to let his enemy to know what his plans are. It might be a trap he is setting. You just never know. He did not become a billionaire thinking like the audience watching the action and trying to guess what;s coming next…

        • Any evidence for that claim?

          Clinton has released 40 years of tax returns. Trump has released none. Feel free to look into that and get back to me.

          • You certainly don’t believe the Clintons are lilly white do you? Well, of course Bill is after all he’s never done anything wrong, right?

            • So, no evidence then, huh? As expected. Typical conspiracy theorist. Better to create assumed belief than establish conviction based on facts and evidence. Good luck with that approach.

            • There is a ton of evidence but you’ve heard it all. So why bother. Who cares about Trumps taxes. Liberals, yes. The media, yes.

              Hillary (the Clintons) whose been in the mud her entire life is a fine one to talking about morality. She an expert at playing in the mud.

          • Where are the 30k emails? I could give a rats ass about either of their taxes. The emails are was more important with a possible threat to national security she smashed all the devices( with a goddamn hammer who does that?) with important information to hide whatever she was doing. We have things listed classified for a reason and it’s not just for the fun of it. It ceases to amaze me how people can care less about our country’s safety. The young people today can’t think past their nose and everything is all about them and as long as something isn’t hurting their feelings or invading their safe space then everything else is irrelevant it’s very sad.

          • you care about tax and we care about lives if you truth Hilary soon you will regret man she is saying sweet thing but she is not going one theme

  2. A question I would love to see asked is about NATIONAL SECURITY. Secretary Clinton how can you calm anybody about security when you did such a horrible job of security on your home server?

    • They may feel that “her damned emails” have been driven into the ground. Almost all the questions asked of Hillary at the “Commander in Chief Forum” were about the emails, including a couple from the audience. That forum should have focused entirely on foreign policy.

    • She was cleared of any wrongdoing. But, I guess, people just can’t let go of their conspiracy theory nonsense.

        • No, it is not. That is a terribly biased analogy which is begging the question fallacy. A closer analogy would be someone being ACCUSED of murder and being acquitted and exonerated for it. The facts of the matter is that she was cleared of wrongdoing. So, nothing to continue moaning about whatsoever, except for those who blindly believe in some form of conspiracy theory without reasonable evidence of any kind.

          • You are right, there is no evidence. All the people that could provide such evidence have been found DEAD UNDER MYSTERIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES!!!?

            • Yeah, the old “there is no evidence because BIG X removed it” argument. Alex Jones would be proud of you. Your conspiracy theories can be dismissed in that case. No evidence, therefore no requirement to entertain such nonsense.

            • Yet you keep on replying to my posts? I think you know that the CLINTON CRIME FAMILY are as corrupt as can be and you are half heartedly defending them, to make yourself feel better.

              Admit it, you know that they are shadier than a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE!!!?

            • Like I said, without reasonable evidence of these extraordinary claims, they can be summarily dismissed. Same as any nonsensical religious claim. No evidence therefore dismissed until evidence can be presented.

            • Read a paper. The tales of the CLINTON CRIME FAMILY are so numerous that every link of their misdeeds would crash the server.

      • For the mentally challenged. Questions. Mr. Or Mrs. potential president: How would you improve the economy? How would you provide good paying, not temporary, jobs? How would you protect us from international, and domestic, threats?

        • I’ll provide Donald Trump’s answers.

          1. I would make better trade deals, some of the best trade deals in history. And we will do many other things with many countries, it’s going to be great. Trust me.

          2. We will bring back all the jobs from China, from Mexico, from all over the world, believe me.

          3. We will defeat ISIS, we will defeat them so fast, they won’t know what hit them. You’re gonna be so safe, you’ll be sick of safety. Believe me.

          What’s the point of asking Trump any questions at all? You could ask a spambot and get the same answers.

          • At least he has a plan. HC would say we’ll continue with the same policies. In other words she’ll just talk and talk.

            The economy will naturally tutn around. Ala Reagan. He had a plan. But with no plan, H C, it’ll take much longer.

            Those that are hurting will continue to hurt.

  3. I want the mediators to ask about the issues: military issues, crime, jobs, and education. These are important, not what they called each other etc.

  4. We want third party candidates included in these debates. Without corporate control and the phony scripting. Hello!

  5. Simple question – do you understand what a net operating loss is? Do you know that Apple, Cisco had over a $1Billion net operating loss?

    • I think people understand that the “income tax” only taxes income–if you have income. Trump’s real problem is the perception that the loss he deducted was actually paid by banks and investors (who then forgave loans), and suppliers (who were not paid).

  6. You can debate all you want. The race is over. Trump is DONE and you heard it here first. Hillary will have over 300 electoral votes. That’s just the TRUTH. Hate on it all you want and go on and live in your alternate Trump universe (like he does) where racism, sexism and xenophobia live… but nothing is going to get him to 270. You should start accepting this now, it will be easier on you come election night.

  7. I support Donald Trump and i wish everyone support him
    Obama suppose to be a good president but he turn to be worse one
    for we African
    we no longer truth those politician who said sweet thing
    Obama and his allies came to Africa and kill Qaddafi
    Obama and his allies created different type of Islamic terrorist in Libya
    so they can stole the oil and gold stock in Libya
    Obama and his allies make Boko Haram stronger
    So if Hilary going to continue what Obama started the whole word will be against USA soon
    i suppose Donald trump because he tells the truth and he cares about his own country business.

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