If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting for the first 2016 presidential debate since earlier this spring when it became evident that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would win their respective party’s nomination. That day, my friends, is now upon us. Trump and Clinton will be debating tonight at 9pm ET on every TV channel you can find. I’ve embedded a live stream below so you watch the debate right here as well.

Monday, September 26, 2016
First Presidential Debate from Hofstra University

Air Time: 9pm ET (8pm CT, 7pm MT, 6pm PT, basically live in whatever 9pm ET is equivalent to in your time zone)

Candidates: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
Moderator: Lester Holt of NBC News

Live Stream:

Alternate Live Stream Links: C-SPAN, Twitter, CNN, NewsMax, CBS News

Report on the debate rule making process from NBC News:

When Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton face off for their first debate on Monday, a strict set of rules are designed to govern the event. Besides the candidates themselves, however, virtually no one actually knows what the rules say.

It’s a curious tradition in general election debates: The candidates’ top strategists negotiate written rules and keep them a closely guarded secret.

Those rules range from the trivial, such as how the candidates enter the room, to potentially pivotal restrictions on whether the moderator should correct false statements by the candidates.

And while the Commission on Presidential Debates on Sunday morning announced some details about the basic timing of the debates, many potential other rules on big controversies are still unknown or undisclosed.

I really don’t know what to expect tonight. From most reports, it appears that Hillary Clinton has been doing mock debates for weeks now, gaming out every possible topic and how to battle with Trump and not get knocked off her message. This makes sense as Hillary is a planner, and is very strong at staying on message, especially on the debate stage.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has not participated in any mock debates if reports are to be believed. Trump is leaning toward his strategy that worked during the primary which is to build up his knowledge on the topics, and then go with his off-the-cuff instincts on how to handle attacks during the debate.

CNN offers a preview of what we might expect:

During the long Republican primary, there was no telling which Trump would show up to a debate.

Sometimes it was the combative and hostile Trump — quick to throw punches and go after his opponents with personal attacks. Other times, it was an uncharacteristically subdued Trump, content to disappear from the spotlight for long stretches of time and let his competitors command the stage and attack one another.

“We are preparing for different Trumps that might show up,” Clinton spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri told reporters last week. “He may be aggressive or he may lay back and that’s hard to game out.”

No one understands Clinton’s debating chops better than President Barack Obama, who faced off against her numerous times in the 2008 election.

Obama’s advice to Clinton for Monday? “Be yourself and explain what motivates you,” the President told ABC’s Robin Roberts last week. “I think there’s a reason why we haven’t had a woman president before, and so she’s having to break down some barriers. There’s a level of mistrust and a caricature of her that just doesn’t jibe with who I know.”

So far in this campaign, Clinton has struggled to do precisely that, and appearing unguarded and likeable — fairly or not — has been one of her biggest political challenges.

It’s going to be a remarkable evening in political and television broadcast history if the viewership holds up to expectations. Some analysts predict as many as 100 million viewers which would rival most Super Bowl broadcasts.

As always, we will have the full debate video posted after it airs in case you miss it.


    • Gary is a dumb-ass, let Jill debate.,,Gary can too. but why would anyone who knows the Libertarians agenda want to hear him,!!!!!….

      Talk about sucking the dick of the elitest class…

  1. This goes out to the Media. Why is Trump’s name first and not Hillary’s? I believe the Media is playing favorites. In the first place Clinton comes before Trump (alphabetically), Ladies before Trump, (he is not a gentleman in any way, shape, or form). Who decides who’s name is first and why??

        • No.. it was debunked.. just another Democratic antic.. they do that to ‘everyone’ that intimidates them.. They searched for the ALLEGED girl.. and she doesn’t exist and the address is vacant and had been for a long time..

        • I rely on facts, not propaganda. I heard a rumor that Ivana said she was raped, but that she recanted and that the accusation supposedly occurred during divorce banter. Considering that they both remain close friends, I tend to believe it never occurred. Hillary is a proven serial liar. I’ve been watching her lie since Bill was running for his first term and many others have watched it since he was the governor in Arkansas. Bill is a proven liar too. Trump will be a wonderful president and is the only candidate not bought and paid for who has the experience needed for the daunting task of repairing the damage Obama and Hillary have done. By now you have probably seen the debate which Trump won hands down. Hillary’s physical appearance was better than I have seen it for a long time, but a professional make-up job and a smile accompanied by canned comments means zero to me. She didn’t look presidential, just well rehearsed. She said many things trying to condemn Trump that only served to point out her own flaws. That in itself demonstrated her poor judgement.

  2. Where is Jill Stein and Gary Johnson? The CPD says they are apolitical, but they are playing politics with their choice of candidates by setting criteria to only allow the two major parties.

  3. fucking annoying Trump….he interupts her every time and when she interupts him,he gets pissed. Fucking cunt has no proper answers to her questions….This jackass….lol if this moron will be president of the USA,very very sad times will be coming lol. Cant really believe this jackass actually makes a big chance of being president…..Wow. Think it says something about the stupidity ruling the States now….

  4. He is doing really well… actually I was not going to but might vote for him.
    I moved overseas due to lack of jobs and poor economy, might even be able to move back!

      • He’s not a politician.. that’s a good thing.. but I think he’ll have good ADVISORS to help him. He’s been endorsed by some really good people.. that still care about saving America.. The best thing I can say about Trump.. he wants to keep the USA ‘a country’ and not go ‘global’ like Hillary.. I hope they bring THAT up..

        • Then maybe he and his daughter Ivanka should bring their manufacturing jobs (for shoes, suits, furniture, ties, etc), back to the US then to set an example, and prove his point. They won’t, so that makes him a hypocrite AND a liar!

          • Guess you need to learn how a BUSINESS works, not just hippie feel-good stuff.

            REALITY. If a business cannot make money working in a country due to that nation’s oppressive anti-business laws and taxes (HIGHEST in the world), they go to another country where they can survive.

            Her thighness’s ideas would drive away the business that could afford to and ruin the ones that couldn’t. Same as those rich she LOVES to hate (even though she got a hundred MILLION dollars to her name by being a do-nothing politician, no corruption there….). They would just find a country that would be happy to take them in.

            Trump has repeatedly lamented the business environment that exists in America and would love to move things back to the country if they would make it profitable to do so (business is in business to make money, hint hint).

            • First off please don’t be smug and patronizing when you don’t know me from Adam. My husband and I run our own very successful business, thank you very much, and have NEVER had to file bankruptcy, unlike Mr Trump. If you actually read my comments you would know that he’s a hypocrite because he wants to tax (very highly I might add), companies who ARE thriving outside our borders, and wants to FORCE THEM to stay here, but has no qualms about keeping HIS and Ivanka’s business overseas. I only hope he imposes those high taxes on himself and his daughter, but seeing as he doesn’t pay “his fair share” anyway, I suppose it won’t matter either way in the long run!

      • Yep, no ideas after he just spent over an hour going over his plans. He should have ripped her apart when she brought up cybersecurity with her private server. He could have tore her apart when she brought up helping Americans across the world (unless they’re running guns for her in Benghazi), but he didn’t.

        Her thighness is toast! = ]

        TRUMP 2016!!!

        <0.00.0> ^0.0^ >0.00.0>

  5. Hilary is a complete joke… she has to slander instead of give facts. Hilary is corrupt DID empower ISIS and is a complete and utter nut cake.

      • They were primarily the former Bathist military in Iraq–who were thrown out of their jobs by Bush. But, of course, Trump hate’s Bush, too, so it wouldn’t work to blame it on “his” party.

        • And that has what to do with running for office? You’re being kinda snarky. I guess everyone is only entitled to YOUR opinion?

      • Hillary does not support us!! She supports what ever she can put in her pocket!!!
        Hillary supports country’s that want to take your rights away Tare Weston! She supports country’s that want to stone women.

  6. What is happening to EU nations allowing massive Muslim Immigrants into their country

    Hilary may be composed but she is “Groomed” for this crap. ALL media is very left wing. They are for Globalization and allowing more and more Muslim and other Immigrants into our country when we can’t even take care of our own.

    • I didn’t say it was good, but it’s a fact. We vote for someone with whom we are “comfortable.” We don’t seem to like people who are “too smart.” It’s been that way since the first campaign I remember–Ike v Stevenson.

  7. I Hate Hillary so fucking much, but OMG Trump is a fucking idiot..dude this is fucked up. THIS COUNTRY SUCKS…….Anyone who voted for either of them in the primaries need to get the fuck out of the country
    Im not kidding

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