CNN will be airing a “town hall” event live from Drake University in Iowa coming up on Monday, January 25. This event was not previously scheduled anywhere and appears to have taken shape in the past 48 to 72 hours. While not an official debate, since the candidates will appear separately answering questions from voters, this forum will be broadcast live in primetime on CNN and on local broadcast channels in Iowa.

Report from CNN:

The Democratic presidential hopefuls will face voters in a CNN town hall on Monday in Des Moines — one week before the highly anticipated Iowa caucuses.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will field questions from Iowa Democrats in this prime-time event hosted by the Iowa Democratic Party and Drake University.

“We are honored to partner with CNN on their town hall with our three fantastic Democratic candidates,” said Dr. Andy McGuire, chair of the Iowa Democratic Party. “With this event airing just one week before the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses, it’s an incredible opportunity for Iowans to see our candidates detail their plans to move our country forward and their vision for Iowa and the nation.”

The town hall, which will be moderated by CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, will air from 9 p.m.-11 p.m. ET, the network announced. A CNN spokesperson added that it will make the town hall available to its Iowa affiliates to air live.

There is some speculation that this event was added to the schedule due to Hillary Clinton’s lagging poll numbers in Iowa. She’s currently leading by just 4 points on average as of the time this was written.

The format of the “town hall” will be much more controlled than a debate where candidates have the opportunity to interact with each other. At this event, the candidates will each get separate time fielding questions from the moderator and from Iowa voters. The candidates will not appear on stage together.

The only Democratic debate which was held in Iowa up to this point was back in November.


  1. Andrea McGuire, newly appointed DNC chair in Iowa (surprise) and former co-chair of Clinton campaign in 2008, will be selecting the questions for this event. Her license plate is HRC2016. She should be removed from having anything to do with this event. It’s bad enough that CNN, owned by Time-Warner (contributed $400,000 to HRC’s campaign) is hosting this “forum”.

    • Hitlery Clinton: “Let them eat cake…in Benghazi”.

      p.s. excuse misspellings — spell-check not working….

      • so agreed with you all.. she is so corrupt, the woman in the DNC there in IOWA has her license plate with her name, several people have taken pictures of her car, and she was promised $$ by hitlery.. oh well, at least the one moderator, might have some fairness, but the election is rigged; many pundits are saying that if Bernie Sanders wins those states, IA, NH and now SC as he is surging big time, just like in many other states, “they ” the establishment, will make sure there is a terrorist attack so people are scared and vote for her because of her “experience with foreign affairs.” the sad thing is that most of the world are fearing the worst, she being coronated by the establishment that will mean war, she ha said it, we will go to war immediately with Iran, not because of a threat but because she promise all the weapon makers, and contractors, here in the USA big contracts.. so that is more money for her foundation and for the contractors.. what state of affairs, so corrupt.. so disgusting. she wont be sending chel$ea or chel’s husband to war, it will be our brothers, sisters, our sons, daughters.. no more clinton dynasty. she also is about to be called by the prosecution, it is just that the obama administration is covering up for her, withholding all the emails, showing she knew about Benghazi, about Libya, and she compromised our security. now many countries hacked the information because the smart attorney who was Sec of State, who has so much foreign experience, forgot one little detail. please, do they think we are stupid? no more oligarchy or clinton dynasty.

        • My poem dedicated to Snake Woman:

          Oh, Hillary, oh, Hitlery, so full of evil and deceit,
          that even Satan will have a fit.

          Keep shaving your little mustache,
          or you’ll be confused for someone else.

          You are the burning light,
          for liberal scum and American haters alike.

          Too bad you are not in Salem as of centuries ago,
          where you’d burn with an even brighter glow.

        • Liar, Liar, pants on Fire. Why must you resort to Lying? Is it because you can’t recognize the truth any more?

    • according to the Bernie Reddit page, A.M. is NOT hosting — per the CNN page — “The town hall, which will be moderated by CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, will air from 9 p.m.-11 p.m. ET, the network announced”

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