2016 Presidential Election App

To make our site and information even more accessible, we have put some time and effort into creating a 2016 Presidential Election mobile app which covers all the debates, news, and primary information at the palm of your hand. There are several premium features included in the election 2016 app which can make it a replacement for visiting the website. We will continue to make the app more useful for the 2016 Presidential Election and we’re eager to get feedback on requested features.

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Currently available for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.

-Push notifications of debate times and debate videos
-Links to Debate Live Streams & Full Videos
-Latest 2016 Presidential Debate News
-2016 Primary Schedule
-2016 Delegate Count
-2016 Debate Schedules (Dem & GOP)
-2016 General Election Debate Schedule
-Debate Ticketing Information

The first 2016 Election app dedicated to debates, primaries, and all the useful information you can’t find organized anywhere else! More features to come! Please contact us with suggestions or problems you encounter, we want to make this app useful!

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