The remaining Democratic candidates met tonight in Iowa for a debate hosted by CBS News at Drake University. The debate was hosted by John Dickerson and covered a range of topics including the terrorist attack in Paris, France. In fact, the debate started with a question on foreign policy discussing the Islamic State and the best use of the military in fighting terrorism moving forward.

Saturday, November 14, 2015
CBS News Democratic Debate

Moderator: John Dickerson
Candidates: Clinton, Sanders, O’Malley

Here is the entire video of the second Democratic debate:

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Report from the New York Times:

The fight against global terrorism took center stage Saturday night when Democrats gathered in Iowa to debate after the gruesome attacks in Paris that laid bare the kinds of threats the next American president will face.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, after a month in which he has lost some ground in the polls, quickly went on offense, criticizing Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2002 vote to authorize the invasion of Iraq, which he blamed for the rise of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

“I would argue that the disastrous invasion of Iraq, something that I strongly opposed, has unraveled the region completely,” Mr. Sanders said, suggesting that the war had led to the rise of the Islamic State and that Mrs. Clinton’s vote discredited her foreign policy expertise.

A month after the Democratic presidential candidates clashed on gun control and financial regulations in their first debate, which focused largely on domestic and economic issues, they faced a heavy dose of questions on foreign policy and national security from the outset.

Hours after the deadly attacks, CBS News, a co-host of the event, moved to refocus the debate to give candidates an opportunity to discuss how they would respond to such an international crisis.

The candidates all offered opening statements addressing the Paris attacks and outlining their approaches to combating global terrorism and defeating the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL. Mrs. Clinton said that the United States must summon all of its resources to blunt the group’s rise.

“It cannot be contained,” she said. “It must be defeated.”

Bernie Sanders did come out swinging more than he did in the first debate, especially on the topic of campaign finance and banking regulation. Martin O’Malley took a similar path, attacking Hillary Clinton for her deep ties with Wall Street. To her credit, Clinton managed to deflect any direct hits, noting that she was the Senator from New York during the 9/11 terrorist attacks so, naturally, she has ties to the banking center. Overall, I don’t think this debate will move the needle much since the themes were largely similar to the first Democratic debate. Furthermore, this debate aired on a Saturday night up against college football so the ratings will be lackluster compared to the first Democratic debate.

The Democrats meet again for the third debate on December 19.


  1. Dissecting this Dem tripe called a “debate”:

    1) Idiotic statement that the biggest threat to America is ISIS (for Israel and Europe perhaps, but not for USA) — when the reality is that the biggest threat to our free nation is an ever-growing Liberal Federal Government that is eliminating our rights as Free Citizens on daily basis, and sucking us dry economically by MISSPENDING the ever-growing taxes they steal from us!

    2) Hillary’s answer to ISIS is to militarize our Police (even more) and involve other nations, under our leadership, to start more wars for the benefit of Israel (thus, another war will distract the American People from her criminal activities as Secretary of State)! Like her cheating hubby Bill did when caught perjuring himself on the Monica impeachment — so, bombed Christians in Serbia to save Muslims in Kosovo…?! And, all were glued to their TVs watching our bombs drop on Belgrade, killing civilians for the first time by bombing an European Capital since Hitler did — and it worked, Clinton Wagged the Dog, so walked free….

    3) Burnie Sanders states that Climate Change causes Terrorism….WOW! So, if global warming is reversed, terrorists will stop terrorizing…?

    4) All agreed that the invasion of Iraq was a huge mistake — but, Hillary while voting for it, also agrees it was a mistake…priceless prevarication on her part. Hillary is indeed the master of deceit.

    5) Finally O’Malley scores points that while the USA is the greatest military power in the world — everywhere we’ve invaded we are losing: “Libya is a mess, Syria is a mess, Iraq is a mess, Afghanistan is a mess”…. So, Hillary tacks on to disregard this, since these are “long term investments” — LOL, Hillary is using Newspeak from George Orwell’s 1984…?!

    6) Hilarious that Hillary uses the terms that best describe her (for the Muslim jihadists, in respecting the views of one’s enemies): Nihilism, lust for power, total disregard for rights and freedom, or any other value we respect.

    7) O’Malley wants us to take 65,000 Muslim refugees — and Hillary agrees — on top of the millions of illegal mexicans here … because, Obama messed up in Syria…LOL!


    Now, at minute 29:30, that the “foreign affairs” love-fest between the ultra liberal John Dickerson and his favorite pet, Hillary, is over — where he threw nothing but soft-balls at her — let’s put REALITY into the REAL CAUSE why Muslims hate Americans and Europeans, thus becoming terrorists:

    The US support, and eventually Europe’s, of the Terrorist State of Israel, since the1980’s is why we are getting attacked. Prior to that, Americans were beloved — RADICAL Muslims attacked the Israeli Olympians in Munich 1972, but not American or European ones! Why not, because we did not support Israel so overtly, then. Afterwards, our CONSTANT support of a State that has turned Palestine into a Concentration Camp, IS THE GALVANIZING CAUSE Muslims are trying to kill us!

    Cut the terrorist State of Israel loose, let them fend for themselves — they are big boys — thus saving American and European lives. This is the ONLY REAL Solution!


    The rest of dissecting this “debate” will follow later.

    • Further on the Muslim terrorists and the Paris massacre:


      Our US liberals in their zeal to destroy the US Constitution, and the 2nd Amendment in particular, have managed to create unconstitutional GUN FREE ZONES — our schools — in reality, creating a WELCOME SIGN to all sickos and terrorists to come and kill OUR Children, Students and Teachers by making it ILLEGAL for ALL Law-Abiding US Citizens in ANY Center of Learning to be armed in order to defend themselves from such attacks! This liberal sickness to remove constitutional rights, in order to negate the 2nd Amendment, has defacto turned ALL OUR SCHOOLS into a potential KILLING ZONE (Libs want dead students, to push for their pernicious gun bans — they care naught for human life, only for their dead socialist dogma)!

      AND, the whole of Socialist Europe is A GUN FREE ZONE — meaning that all European Subjects are disarmed, so, none can defend themselves against criminals or terrorists (exactly what the US Liberals want to do to US Citizens — turn us into powerless disarmed victims like all Europeans)!


      On stopping ISIS and other Muslim Radicals from attacking us in USA — it’s simple, stop any Muslim from coming to our nation! And, send all Muslims back to where they came from!

      Our nation was not build by Muslims — so why are we allowing them to stay here and reap the benefits our forefathers fought hard to create, when Muslims have done nothing to create this great nation?!?

      Oh…political correctness.

  2. Did anybody really watch the Dem debate? I like using the written transcript, because you can get it all in minutes. But you have to watch out. They rely on transcriptionists, and apparently don’t have an editor.

    At the beginning of the debate, they played some snippets of campaign speeches. In order to do that, they must have told a film editor to cut “these words” from each speech. So they had that in advance. Yet, they relied on the transcriptionist to watch the debate and write what they THOUGHT they heard. So let’s look at just the campaign snippets:

    1) The very first quote was Sanders, but they attributed it to O’Malley.
    2) The third one is O’Malley, but they attributed to Sanders. And they said most of it was “unintelligible” (which it wasn’t), ending with “hardware,” but what he said was “hard work.”
    3) They had Hillary saying “I’m running for (UNINTEL)”–but she wasn’t saying what she was running “for,” she said she was
    “running to help working families get a raise.”
    4) They quoted the last debate, but wrote “damn unit (?)” instead of “damn emails.” AND–they attributed it to O’Malley! How is that even possible?
    5) Then they had Hillary say, “WE are dead wrong for 21st century America.” Obviously, she really said “they.”

    There were only six quotes, and they screwed up FIVE of them. And this is the official CBS transcript.

    Now, if you were a Democrat, you might say the media is sabotaging these campaigns, but I think it just proves that there isn’t bias. These are just lazy and inept people, only looking for controversy and sensationalism.

    • Another example is of media idiocy is the Wall Street Journal article that said that Sanders had flip-flopped about Hillary’s “damn emails.” In their interview, they asked if he meant the investigation should be stopped. He said, “no, that would be silly.” WSJ took that response to mean that he thinks there’s a real issue in the emails. (Oh, Pull-eeze!)

      In the second “debate,” Sanders said, “that’s all media stuff. I was sick and tired of Hillary Clinton’s emails. I am STILL sick and tired of Hillary Clinton’s emails.”

      Bernie Sanders is a socialist. He is NOT a flip-flopper.

  3. This was not a debate, but a love-fest between Hillary and liberal biased MSM — explains why she is not in jail yet, but is running around free instead!

    Utter shame, disgrace and further verification that such vile creatures, as Hillary Clinton, who are guilty of many, many crimes, get a total UMBRELLA PROTECTION from the Main Stream Media and the liberally politicized Justice Department .

    USA is SICK, and it won’t get better until Hillary is placed behind bars — that’s the litmus test which shows we are finally beginning to reclaim our Free Republic!

  4. @surfisher:disqus
    Do you really think cutting ties with Israel is the best idea right now? I am 99% sure it is to late for that, Israel is the only other nation that is willing to fight these terrorist. I mean sure we could cut all ties with Israel, but then is there anything to keep ISIS from bulldozing all these nations who refuse to defend themselves, without the support of the US. Besides if we cut Israel off now, what is to keep them from becoming just like Al’Quida and target US citizens because we betrayed them. Realistically it is just a poor decision considering they are our only ally in the middle east. As for many of your other thoughts (Especially on Hillary and our rights given by The Constitution and amendments). I think you have thought this over quite well, but it just is not realistic to give up one of the only advantages we have in the middle east. I am neither for the Democratic party or the GOP I think both are morally corrupt and if I had to choose a president it would be Ron Paul, but I guess i will have to settle for his son Rand Paul. Because at heart he is a Libertarian just like me, he demands that the government gives us back our freedoms. As the Declaration of Independence states, “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” I for one believe in this whole heartedly and I believe our government is corrupt and should be abolished and reestablished upon our founding principles. Ben Carson may also be a possibility, but I do not believe he has what it takes to truly release America from its corruptive government. If people continue letting our government trash The Constitution (the document which is supposed to protect us from a corrupt government) then we will also become a socialist if not communist state (which I am sure Bernie and Hillary would love to see).

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