Since the news cycle is being dominated right now by the Pope’s visit to America this week, here’s an open thread for the various discussion topics. Today he’s meeting with the President and speaking to people gathered outside the White House in the South Lawn.

Report from Bloomberg:

When Pope Francis meets Barack Obama at the White House on Wednesday, the president will bask in his guest’s moral authority and iconic popularity. But the first pontiff from Latin America is likely to exploit those assets to pressure his host on U.S. global economic leadership.

On Francis’s first full day in the country, Obama and as many as 15,000 guests will welcome him on the South Lawn of the White House. For the president, it’s an opportunity to showcase the pope’s support for his initiatives on income inequality, immigration and climate change.

“These are issues that are going to define our future, and the pope I think is providing an incredible sense of motivation that they can and must be addressed,” Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes said in a conference call with reporters. “The pope’s voice could not be more timely and important.”

Contentious issues involving Church doctrine on the family — such as abortion rights and contraception coverage — will be swept under the carpet of the Oval Office. But the pope, who called for “a poor Church for the poor” on his election, is expected to elevate his concern for the downtrodden and the excluded for a global audience.

So here’s your open topic. Many issues at hand here as there always is when religion intersects politics.


  1. Since open thread:

    Ben Carson attacked for saying the truth — that no Arab should occupy the White House!

    He responded well as a gentlemen. Too bad he didn’t send these asinine politically correct creatures into permanent oblivion by stating the obvious — You didn’t built this nation! How many Arabs (Muslims and Jews) fought at Bunker Hill, how may died at the Alamo — NONE!

    While our christian fore-bearers sacrificed their lives in the hundreds of thousands to create this greatest nation in the world, you, johnny-come-latelys DID NOTHING to create this nation, but are benefiting from our stupid benevolence by us accepting your kind here — and you still have the gall to complain! Keep it up, for the more you push us, the closer the day when Real Americans would finally realize we have had enough of you unappreciative ilk — and start sending you all back to the Middle East deserts where you originated!

    Learn your lesson from what’s going to happen to the illegal Mexicans, which, if we get a True Patriot of a President, will all be sent back to their country of origin, Mexico, where they belong!

  2. When Joe Biden announces his run, we’ll have the biggest party in my house this year so far!

    Joe Biden is quickly climbing in the polls of registered Dems (even though he is not running yet) closing the gap on Hillary’s lead each day. So, he will RUN — and once announced, Joe will most likely surpass her, by becoming The Big News of The Day.

    The day Joe Biden runs will be the day all Real Americans can breathe easily again, for it will be the day that ends the political career of the 2nd most evil creature in America — Hillary Clinton.

    The Dems Establishment have finally seen their darling’s pre-anointed Queen Hillary going down, and down, and further down — so are now close to giving up on her, and will do their best to push in another Dem apparatchik as back up (being fearful of losing to an “independent” Bernie Sanders).

    Some conclusions:

    1) How brain-dead Democrats must be — to think Joe-the-Village-Idiot-Biden is any different than Hillary-the-Benghazi-Killer of Americans.

    2) Bernie Sanders will win the Dems nomination (putting the other two creatures to pasture).

    3) Joe Biden will say so many stupidities (as he always does) that he’ll become the punchline of all wannabe Dem-runners for years to come.

    4) Hillary’s megomaniacal run will result only in all her dirty laundry not just being exposed, but also investigated by the FBI — and her narcissistic dream to enter the White House will result in the real nightmare of being send to the Big House (in jail for life where this creature belongs).

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