To use the term “low key” would be an understatement. There’s no explanation other than a desire to avoid a big press gathering and avoid media attention to her inevitable campaign launch. Launching on a weekend, over social media no less, is about as low key as you can get nowadays. In a way, it may be just what Hillary Clinton needs to continue her quiet campaigning given the weak Democratic opposition she has, so far, faced.

Report from the UK Guardian:

Hillary Clinton is planning to officially launch her US presidential campaign on Sunday while en route to Iowa, a source familiar with the campaign has confirmed to the Guardian.

The former secretary of state is scheduled to declare her second run for president on Twitter at noon eastern time on Sunday, the source told the Guardian, followed by a video and email announcement, then a series of conference calls mapping out a blitzkrieg tour beginning in Iowa and looking ahead to more early primary states.

Clinton’s Sunday schedule is booked beginning with takeoff from New York to Iowa, where speculation has centered for weeks that Clinton was focusing attention for an April campaign launch. Her scheduled calls are with advisers in other key battleground states.

Clinton’s spokesman, Nick Merrill, did not respond to multiple requests for comment on the contours of Clinton’s campaign kickoff schedule. Another source close to the Clinton campaign confirmed Clinton would be in Iowa in the coming days.

Clinton will be the first Democratic presidential candidate to declare for the 2016 presidential election, and is widely considered the frontrunner within the party.

Marco Rubio is set to announce on Monday, April 13, with a big speech from Miami. It’s clear that Clinton does not want a big fanfare made about her announcement which will be instantly overshadowed by Rubio on Monday.

Following her social media announcement, she’s heading to Iowa where she’ll be holding small events with voters. This is the opposite of 2007-2008, when she held large rallies which drew criticism of her delivery being forced and scripted. These smaller gatherings will also be free from prying media.

Quite an interesting campaign season so far.


    • Like a rubber. The first thing I said when Twitter first showed up was, “Seriously? Only twits will twitter.” My daughters just rolled their eyes.

      • No matter what you say to your daughters, they’ll roll their eyes. Then, when they’re with their friends, they’ll steal your line. . .

        • I love making them do that; especially now that they’re at least nominally grown up..

  1. Bill Clinton was the first leader to bomb an European Capitol — Belgrade, Yugoslavia — since Hitler did in WW2. Clinton did it to deflect from the Monica scandal, killing Slavic Europeans by bombing them on their most Holy Day — Orthodox Easter Sunday!

    Now his wife — Hitlery Clinton — will announce another perfidy, that she’ll be running for US President…on Orthodox Easter Sunday!

    Clinton would not bomb Muslims during their religious holidays… but did kill Orthodox Christians on theirs!

    And the wife he cheated on — Hitlery Clinton — will do the same, disrespect Orthodox Easter Sunday, by dropping a bomb on America this time…that another Clinton ugliness wants to be in the White House, again!

    • I figured no one would comment on this page, so I thought I’d throw in a pun on “twitter.” One who tweets might also be called a “twit.”

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