Former Senator Jim Webb (D-VA), and potential 2016 adversary to Hillary Clinton, has gone on the record voicing his concern over the nuclear deal being brokered with Iran by the Obama administration. Webb, speaking in an interview with CNN, noted he would like Congress to “scrub” the deal entirely.

Report from the Washington Free Beacon:

Former senator and likely Democratic potential presidential candidate Jim Webb said he was concerned that President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran will will allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon and enhance its stature in the Middle East.

“We know our interpretation of the outline of the agreement. Iran has given its interpretation, which is another reason why we need to scrub this whole idea,” Webb said.

Webb called for the full consent of Congress to any deal reached with Iran.

Webb said the Iran agreement approval as if it were a treaty. As senator he made similar statements with both Presidents Bush and Obama.

Webb’s support of Congressional oversight was not his only point. He followed up by rebuking the details of the framework, saying he believed it could embolden Iran’s standing in the region.

“The end result of this could well be our acquiescence in allowing Iran to develop a nuclear weapon. We don’t want that,” Webb said.

The Iranian deal is drawing fire on both sides of the aisle, but it’s especially interesting to watch the potential 2016 Democratic candidates draw differences on their policies with the current administration. Webb differes from Hillary Clinton, who has expressed support for the deal, yet remains skeptical Iran will hold of their end of the bargain. Martin O’Malley also expressed support for the deal as well.


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