There has always been a contingent in the Democratic base who is not on board with the Clintons. They’re the people who are currently trying to draft Elizabeth Warren into the 2016 race or hoping for, at minimum, a primary fight where Hillary must defend her “inevitability” for the nomination. With the recent flap over her State Department emails, it appears some Democratic hopefuls see the door opening a little further for the chance at a serious primary challenge.

Report from the CSMonitor:

Former Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) of Maryland isn’t running for the Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D), who is retiring at the end of her term.

“I am hopeful and confident that very capable public servants with a desire to serve in the Senate will step up as candidates for this important office,” the former governor said Tuesday, in a statement. “I will not be one of them.”

Mr. O’Malley, it appears, is keeping his eyes on the prize: the presidency. O’Malley has been quietly preparing for months to run for president, despite the appearance that Hillary Rodham Clinton has the Democratic nomination all but locked up, without even having announced.

Now, the inevitability argument may be fraying a bit. Mrs. Clinton has faced damaging headlines about foreign government donations to the Clinton family foundation, in apparent violation of ethics rules set up during her tenure as secretary of State. On Monday night, The New York Times reported that Clinton used a personal e-mail account to conduct government business while at the State Department, in possible violation of federal rules on the e-mails of government officials.

Which brings us back to O’Malley. If he proceeds with a run for the Democratic nomination, he has his work cut out. He is largely unknown outside of Maryland and doesn’t have any of the cachet or cool of a Barack Obama, circa 2007. And he was succeeded by a Republican, now-Gov. Larry Hogan, who beat O’Malley’s lieutenant governor, Anthony Brown, in an upset.

I can envision this scenario as candidates like O’Malley just waiting for the damn to break and provide them reasons to promote themselves and argue against Hillary. After all, some of them are surely fearful that if they do get on the wrong side in this primary contest, they’d be left out of a future Clinton administration. If just enough of the armor begins to fold, it may entice more of them, Joe Biden included, to begin launching a real challenge. In fact, even Al Gore is visiting Iowa soon.

O’Malley is flawed in his own right but he is a new face on the national scene. He’d have an uphill battle but his recent moves signal that the time may be reaching a peak when other Democrats are seeing the opening they need.


  1. Has Hillary Opened The Door ………..?”

    Possibly but I doubt any serious challenge will come from people like Gov. O’Malley or Vice President Biden. In addition Sen. Warren and Webb don’t seem to have the fire in their belly for a run.These are small potato’s and if a challenge does come it will be from someone like Al Gore who is still well respected among todays DNC members and can raise money easily.

    No, I have to agree with the article below. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a thing to worry about. “People outside of the political class” or not political junkies just don’t care besides it being simply to early in the 2016 election cycle. The Clintons believe that they can get away with anything because politics today is based around “Apathy and partisanship” and they feel “it is easier to ask to be forgiven than ask for permission” and they are probably right after weathering all the scandals they have had. Beginning in the 1970’s Mrs. Clinton was fired from the Watergate investigation because of lying and unethical behavior. Sound familiar?

    Is it right and what does it say about the future of the country? No it isn’t right and if the Clintons see President Obama getting away with ignoring the Constitution and ruling through ramshackle means what kind of legacy does that leave to how they should run the country once elected? To them Whitewater, Vince Forster, Monica Lewinsky, personal “E” mails, foreign donations to their foundation and even Benghazi are small potato’s to be dismissed with a wave of the hand. Why? Because they can be given sympathy due to the fact of being attacked by republicans and what they can accomplish in return for this blind self serving loyalty. And unfortunately they are forgiven by to many people.But that is the lack of standards or relative morals the Clintons and my generation has bequeathed the nation. At times I’m glad my wife and I don’t have any children who will have to face the repercussions of the 60’s generation.
    The “Hot Air” article entitled; “Will Voters Care Hillary Tried To Hide Her E Mails?”

    • Actually, that’s an interesting prospect. Gore is only 67. That’s the new 57. If Hillary trips (as I expect), and no one catches fire, there might well be a draft-Al movement. The timing is actually right, since most independents and almost half Republicans now fear climate change.

      In the senate vote, even Cruz, Rubio, and Rand voted FOR the “climate change” amendment to XL. In a year, Gore might be seen as ahead of his time.

      Of course, he would still have the problem, as he jokes, that he’s so boring that his Secret Service code name was “Al Gore.”

      • I don’t think Gore is going to want the pay cut. He’s enjoying being the world’s foremost jet-setting climate alarmist.

        • Yeah, it would be a long-shot, but I thank Bob for giving us an option I wouldn’t have thought of.

  2. I’ll predict this is the beginning of the end of Hitlery Clinton — 2016 is a long time away, and newcomers may hold a surprise. But, what’s most probable is that Warren “bows” to “public” pressure and makes a run — and this will spell the end of the Killer-Bitch-of-Benghazi’s desire to lord it over US!

  3. Does it matter to Democrats?
    It doesn’t seem to.

    “Is Hillary electable? Admittedly the Republicans have a lot of problems with their candidates who are members of the slave and serf class”……Doug Grant Democratic Chairman Grafton Co. New Hampshire

    “This story doesn’t alter my opinion of Hillary but it does alarm me that she is a lightning rod for any type of criticism of invented scandals by the opposition.”…….Martin Peterson Democratic Chairmen Crawford Co. Iowa

    “Voters don’t give a shit. They don’t even give a fart. Find me one persuadable voter who agrees with HRC on the issues but will vote against her because she has a non-archival complaint E mail system and I’ll kiss your ass in Macy’s window and say it smells like roses.”……….Paul Begala Clinton ally and Democratic Strategist

    From the “politico’ article entitled: “Who Knows? She Could Implode Totally”

  4. We’ve talked about the possibility of drafting Gore. Another option would be Kerry. He has Hillary’s credentials as Sec of State and Senator–and senator for a much longer time. Also, as Surfisher often points out, he has a job.

    The problem is that Kerry is even more wooden and a worse campaigner than Gore. Also, Gore did “win” (the popular vote), while Kerry lost even after Bush’s image had become tarnished.

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