If you can classify one previously scheduled trip to Iowa in May as “considering a run,” then perhaps you could call it that. Former Vice President Al Gore will be heading to the Hawkeye State as part of a climate change conference, however, given Iowa’s prominence in presidential elections, some people are calling it less than coincidental.

Report from the Weekly Standard:

As reporters and members of Congress begin to dig into the Clinton email scandal, former Democratic presidential candidate has announced an upcoming visit to Iowa. He’ll be in the important caucus state from May 5-7, as part of a training sessions for the Climate Reality Project, of which he’s chairman.

“During the training, you’ll hear from The Climate Reality Project Chairman and founder, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, as well as world-class scientists, strategists, communicators, and technical specialists about the science of climate change and the direct cost impacts are having on communities around the world. Most importantly, you’ll learn about the solutions that are available today. You will also learn a twenty-first-century skillset in storytelling, public speaking, social media networking, and media engagement from successful grassroots organizers who will share best practices for positive impact,” reads a description of the program.

“The Climate Reality Leadership Corps training will bring together scientists, non-profits, civil servants, and policy-makers to craft strategies and action plans towards a sustainable future for the U.S., the North American continent, and around the world.”

While Gore has not expressed presidential ambitions in some time, some Republicans cannot help but wonder about the timing of the trip. Especially as the Clinton email scandal begins to grow.

“When it comes to politicians visiting Iowa, I don’t believe in coincidences,” one experienced Republican hand says.

“Al Gore, like Hillary Clinton has spent most of his life in politics. Running for office is something that’s in his blood, and he probably thinks that the waters for a potential bid are getting a little, shall we say, warmer.”

Aside from Elizabeth Warren challenging Hillary to left, Al Gore could be an even better viable candidate from the perspective of many progressive Democrats. He came within one court decision of winning the 2000 Presidential Election and he remains popular in Democratic circles. What better time than now when there is an open field and Hillary has yet to make any announcement official?

As the article mentions, Gore is a politician at heart, and what politician can resist a call to run for higher office if he feels the door is being cracked open?