With barely any Democratic opposition to speak of, the 2016 Republican candidates are busy fighting among themselves over key issues. As a result, it appears the Republican National Committee is somewhat goading Hillary to come out and engage the press on any given topic of the day. So far she’s been pretty quiet in 2015, tweeting only a handful of times, the latest on the topic of vaccines.

Report from the Weekly Standard:

The Republican National Committee is looking for Hillary Clinton. Which is why, according to a memo they’ve sent to the press, they’re asking, “Where’s Hillary?”

“We’ve noticed it. You’ve noticed it: Hillary Clinton is hiding,” reads the memo from Sean Spicer, communications director. “Potential Republican presidential candidates are out in public, speaking to voters, and sharing their ideas. But Hillary Clinton is nowhere to be found.”

Content from the RNC memo:

Well, we do know she tweeted.

Hillary’s only public appearances in 2015 have been in Canada. And in the previous year, almost every public appearance she made came with huge speaking fees—a quarter million dollars or more and, of course, a private jet.

As some of you have experienced first hand, when reporters are actually permitted to cover Mrs. Clinton, they are mistreated and even followed into the bathroom.

Why would a would-be presidential candidate behave this way? Because she’s made a strategic decision that the only way to ensure she is the Democratic nominee is to make everyone think she’s inevitable. The last time she had to face voters and actually compete for the nomination, she lost to a newcomer. She doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice.

As her poll numbers show, when Hillary is campaigning, she’s much less popular. What’s the only way not to seem like she’s campaigning? Go into hiding.

I think this is fairly telling that Hillary’s strategy of staying low is likely working, at least in the minds of her political opponents. I imagine a scenario where her strategists believe the only way she can avoid Hillary-fatigue with the public is to seemingly disappear until necessary. She’s got over two decades in the public eye since entering the White House with her husband in 1992. I suspect the RNC knows this which is why they’d like her to be front and center everyday, putting out statements on items in the news and giving Republican candidates a target to politically snipe at.

The latest news now is that her campaign announcement may not happen until July of this year which gives the RNC almost 6 months of intraparty fighting to referee.


  1. Hillary’s problem is that she has no PR voice in her head. She says things that can be used against her. For instance, at the Benghazi hearing, the specific questions that went on and on, were–were the attackers just demonstrators who got overly riled, or did they use the video protest as a pretext and cover for a preplanned attack? It’s something we can never know, without a confession, so she was right to answer, “what does it matter?” HOWEVER, that sound bite was then used as if she had said that the attack doesn’t matter, that the lives don’t matter, that extremism doesn’t matter, that America doesn’t matter–which is silly and hypocritical, but she gave them the words to twist. Obviously, what she should have said, and which would have meant the same, is “gentlemen, I’m afraid we’ll never know”

    Likewise, to a lesser degree, of course, she did it again last week, by tweeting a snarky comment that suggested that vaccine opponents were not just wrong, but were stupid. And so, every liberal soccer mom who has heard claims and is worried for her child, and every conservative pundit, who thinks Americans should make every decision for themselves (right or wrong), were abused.

    So keeping her quiet is good for Hillary, but bad for the Democratic Party. If the GOP were smart, they’d act as if she didn’t exist. Let her come out later in the year, and say her stupid things at a time when people will actually be listening–and when it will be harder for another Dem to jump into the race.

  2. The RNC should be taking some of their own members to the woodshed before they degrade Hillary Clinton. To speak like you know something but furnish no examples of proof is one of those “mortal sins” the Righteous Right complain about. The writer (written like the Dick Norris column) neglected to state that this happened at the Clinton Global Initiative Conference, a non-political charity organization. It was at the Sheraton Hotel so the hotel furnished part of the security
    personnel. It was (and still is) a blatant lie to say Hillary Clinton, or her staff, followed anyone to the bathroom. Reporters were not there to cover Mrs. Clinton, they were there to cover a charity event. The person accused (not verified) was Craig Minassian, Chief Communications Officier for Global Initiative.

    “Sean Spicer, communications director: “Potential Republican presidential candidates are out in public, speaking to voters, and sharing their ideas. But Hillary Clinton is nowhere to be found.” Potential republican presidential candidates are too busy fighting each other for anyone else to get in the fray right now.

    “every speaking engagement she made came with huge speaking fees—a quarter million
    dollars or more and, of course, a private jet”. Another gross untruth. Her fees range from 25,000.00 to 200,000.00 plus what amenities they agree to pay.

    Rand Paul uses NOPAC Talent, a celebrity booking company and speakers bureau helping corporations in contacting Rand Paul’s agent for speaking engagements, endorsement deals,
    appearances, autograph signings and Meet & Greets. He is listed as 10,000.00
    to 100,000.00 plus whatever amenities he can get.. Very pricey for a relative newcomer.

    Rudolph Giuliani, former mayor of New York City, fees are up to $270,000 per speech. In 2013, he earned $9.2 million speaking, or about $700,000 per month.

    Former President George W. Bush generates as much as $110,000 per speech. Bush has reeled in at least $15 million from speeches since he left office

    There are many, many more on this list collecting lucrative money from speaking tours, from All Political Parties. So, why tie just one to the whipping post?

  3. Hillary may hide, but won’t get away.

    She belongs in jail — and not as presidential candidate!

    May God have mercy on her vile soul.

    • What are your credentials for seeking mercy for Hillary Clinton? Someone else has her back.
      “Though your sins be as scarlet,
      they may become white as snow . . .”
      Isaiah 1:18 55:7

      • Sounds like Claudius in Hamlet:
        “What if this cursed hand
        Were thicker than itself with brother’s blood,
        Is there not rain enough in the sweet heavens
        To wash it white as snow?”

        • It always appeared that Shakespeare was open to plagiarism. And I must say that he took the Lord’s words and made them more palatable.

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