From what we know so far, President Obama’s State of the Union address tonight will contain a laundry list of progressive causes which will likely not get any traction in congress. There is certainly a 2016 angle involved here since the candidates, on both sides of the aisle, will be reacting to the President’s remarks.

Report from CNN:

Barack Obama is done campaigning for president himself — but he’s still working to make Republicans play defense on issues where they’ve yet to prove themselves.

His upcoming State of the Union speech on Tuesday night will lay out a litany of Democratic pipe dreams that have little chance of becoming law. But his proposals are popular with voters and, if he’s able to draw enough attention and his party picks up on them, could offer an early preview of 2016 election themes.

Top among those plans is one that would raise $320 billion over the next 10 years through a capital gains tax hike and new bank fees — and use that money to cover his $60 billion pitch for free two-year community college tuition and $175 billion in new tax benefits for the middle class.

It’s Obama’s opening offer in what he hopes will be a negotiation with Republican congressional leaders over a major tax overhaul — which Democrats also hope will free up money to fund some of their top priorities.

But conservatives are so likely to reject nearly all of Obama’s pitch that top adviser Dan Pfeiffer, who appeared on two morning news shows on Sunday, got questions about whether the White House is even serious.

First, CBS “Face the Nation” host Bob Schieffer: “I mean, is this for real? Do you really think there’s a chance that something like this could pass?”

And then NBC’s “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd: “If feels like a campaign because some of the things he’s proposing — nobody in Washington believes it can get through a Republican Congress.”

Sound off below before, during, and after the speech tonight.


  1. Whether you like him or not, you have to admit that Obama has performed amazingly since the election. Despite being taken to the woodshed, Obama has not gone to the corner to pout–he’s come out swinging–so Pubs have had to respond to Dem initiatives, instead of the other way around.

    This approach not only makes Obama look bold and active (which Americans love), but also, by proposing a strong agenda (much of which Americans love), he will be pushing Pubs back into the title of “Party of No.”

    I think Congress could blunt this by doing a Clinton trick, and run with the things that are popular–and co-opt them as “their” idea. And McConnell has done a good job of seeming to make the Senate more collegial. If he can find ways to work with Dems, the “Party of No” label won’t stick.

    • He had congress entirely from ’08 to ’10. Then half of Congress from ’10 to ’14. Now he’s got none of Congress because the people booted out his party.

      So how can you believe that the same people who voted Democrats out of congressional control are now going to suddenly love Obama’s proposals? They had years to love them and put more Democrats in congress to enact them. His base will love them, most of his voters from ’08 and ’12 might love them, but his time to pass any of it is long gone.

      As for the “party of No,” maybe you should blame the voters as the “voters of No.”

      Pretty easy to be bold when you know your proposals are nothing more than political rhetoric to fill a speech.

        • I asked Richard Peterson to stop spamming every single story with the same video and no discussion or comment on the topic at hand. He did not oblige or respond to my request so at this point, I’m just removing them.

          • I Googled him and couldn’t find anything that would make him a viable candidate. There’s nothing wrong with being delusional. Some of our more interesting posts have come from schizoids, but it gets tiring to see the same

            blather over and over.

      • Nate:

        I just don’t believe this was a case of “voted Democrats out.” (1) His original election had such hysterical hope that a lot of Dem
        senators were elected in places where they shouldn’t be. That made it
        a mathematical certainty that there would be a Dem loss, and (2)
        Americans like an active president, and he had to sit on his hands, and
        they had no message except, “please don’t vote us out.” (That’s really an invitation to do so.)

        I think that was underlined because Pubs had no plan, purpose, or agenda. The whole election was to eliminate the void, and the only voice since then to fill the void has been Obama’s.

        I believe his popularity tanked in the past year because he was, basically, under house arrest–by his own party. Yet, once he started acting–whether you like it or not–his popularity rose. People like an active president.

        Regarding the popularity of specific proposals, I read about a poll saying that, but would have to find it.

        But again, my main point is impact. And since November, most of the political talk has been a reaction to Obama. That’s impact. If Pubs want to grab the spotlight, they’re going to have to come up with something that will raise the curiosity and interest of the public. All we’ve heard so far is that they want to reject Obama’s pipeline approach, and reject Obamacare, and reject other Obama initiatives.

        They need to find a voice of their own.

      • The prez jumped from 42% to almost 50% in six weeks by acting decisively after the election. But that’s not what I was talking about. I was talking about his policies, mentioned in the State of the Union:
        1) Minimum tax for multinational corporations
        2) Task force to monitor trade violations
        3) Corporate-college push for worker training
        4) Improves schools, with locals in control
        5) Beefed up border protection
        6) Tax relief for small business
        7) More off-shore drilling, but stop subsidies
        8) Make infrastructure projects easier
        9) Mortgage relief for “responsible” homeowners
        10) Crack down on fraud against investors
        11) Cost-saving reforms of Medicare, Social Sec.
        12) No tax increase for incomes under 1/4-million
        13) Ban insider trading by members of Congress
        14) Authority to streamline the executive branch
        15) Continued international pressure on Iran
        16) Legislation against cyber terrorism
        17) Tax credits for companies hiring veterans

        How unpopular do you think these policies will be?

  2. Joni Ernst — gotta love her!!!

    ‘Ernst gained attention for a campaign ad in which she
    spoke of her farm experience castrating pigs and vowed to use that
    attitude against big spenders in Washington, saying, “Let’s make them
    squeal.” She has advocated the abolition of the IRS and Environmental
    Protection Agency, backed a state law supporting personhood for fetuses
    and spoken of using her gun to defend herself against any government
    attempts to restrict her rights.’

    full article:

    p.s. send Obama back to Kenya where this scumbag belongs!

    • Joni Ernst is another wack job like Bachman taking money from the Koch bros. Why do you think Republicans cheered the Citizens United ruling allowing unchecked amounts of money into the electoral process? Because they represent the rich and big corporations. They’ve already tried to stripp Dodd-Frank of the regulations stopping Wall Street from it’s risk taking behavior putting us all at risk once again.

  3. Richard Petersen —

    re: your post

    I applaud your sincerity, and agree with some of it, but also find many glaring faults:

    You come across as a religious zealot (not an advocate of the goodness
    of man once man is freed from the yoke of even the slightest
    dictatorial government, but instead you believe in an ultimate dictator
    — God — as the only determining factor of our lives, thus removing
    ALL FREE WILL (our very essence of what makes us human — the will to
    fight to the death to be FREE). Mankind’s most worthy aspect is
    self-determination (what distinguishes us from all other animals), and
    when Man does good it must be because of that, and not from treat or
    threat by an Omnipotent Being.

    2) Should all unborn children and
    other innocents such as pets be protected from a death sentence — Yes!
    But not because God threatens us to do so, but because we choose to be
    good on our own merit.

    3) Your choice for the greatest US
    President being Abe Lincoln does not match with your professed religious
    beliefs of the sanctity of life. For Lincoln’s inflammatory
    lawyer-polished demagogy plunged our nation in the greatest tragedy the
    American people have ever experienced — The Civil War caused more
    American DEATHS than both world worlds fought against foreign enemies
    COMBINED! So Lincoln, under whose presidency more than 600,000
    Americans died, is your hero?!

    Why isn’t Ronald Reagan the
    justifiable Hero — under whose presidency no Americans died, but whose
    policies brought down the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the USSR and
    the East Block Commie Nations — thus FREEING over 1/2 Billion

    4) You are correct that the Federal Reserve Board MUST
    be shut down — for they print nothing but phoney money. e.i.
    Promissory Notes backed by NOTHING OF VALUE, not Real US Dollars backed
    by Gold or Silver as the ONLY legal tender allowed by the US
    Constitution to be issued ONLY by the US Treasury (an example of real
    money $1 US paper dollar = the following GUARANTEE by the US Government
    as printed on Real Paper Money: “THIS CERTIFICATE STATES THAT THERE HAS
    AMERICA….ONE SILVER DOLLAR….Payable to the Bearer on demand” —
    meaning if you didn’t care for that paper dollar, you went to a bank and
    they MUST give you a genuine US Silver Dollar Coin in exchange!

    is a Federal Reserve Note in contrast, that CLAIMS to be a US Dollar
    — lacks any features that guarantee the Bearer any actual worth —
    only imitates the Original US Dollar by counterfeiting the design, and
    allowing for nothing of REAL VALUE, just a Promissory Note to be trusted
    by the American people by the “promises” of politicians that allow its

    major mistake is wanting to “fix” the US dollar to market speculations
    of an ounce of gold vs a near worthless FLUCTUATING Federal Reserve Fiat
    Dollar (minute 6:20 and on in your video) — which is utter nonsense.

    The Original US States of America had marked the EXACT value of
    Silver and Gold by the edict that the US Treasury must coin $1 US
    Silver Dollars of the actual silver weight (ASW) of .7736 troy ounces,
    and $20 gold coins content of 0.9675 troy oz. To simplify let’s make $1
    =1 oz Silver and $20 = 1 oz gold.
    The common mistake made by people
    who do not understand that gold and silver are of a FINITE and FIXED
    Quantity — all mined and accumulated over the centuries gold can fit
    in a couple of Olympic size swimming pools, thus has UNCHANGEABLE
    intrinsic worth, unlike paper, that can be made from ever growing trees
    for ever. Therefore, Gold is an immutable standard — by which
    currencies are measured how true or fake their perceived value is. In
    simple words: $1300 per once of gold does not mean that gold is
    expensive — but that $1300 is near worthless paper that tries to pick
    up 1 once of Gold!

    5) You ask for low 8% credit charges — when
    the Roman Empire was in financial trouble and needed to pay their army
    to protect them, the wealthy Jews gave the Emperor the needed loan at 3%
    interest. Afterward, the Romans were so enraged by this usury that they
    burned the Jewish quarters — the max interest being 2%!
    Being a religious man, shouldn’t you recognize the sin of usury…and ask for 1%…which will be nearly non-usury…?

    6) On prisoners — pretty good. Abolish all Private Prisons, make violent repeaters to never see daylight — spot on!

    Abolish the IRS — spot on! 10% flat tax — why should anyone be
    compelled by the Gov to part with ANY of their hard earned monies under
    duress?! Make contributions voluntary instead — if we work for a
    leaving, so should the Gov, and anything we give them extra will be a

    8) On Obamacare — abolish it, but your substitute plan is not much better.

    Wrong on illegal aliens — they’ve broken to law by invading our
    nation illegally, so ALL must be deported. There is no need for more
    immigrants, or nation is getting overpopulated as it is. Allow annual
    work visas for migrant workers — and nothing else.

    10) From minute 15 you go off on a One World Government movement…? Unclear, since you make little sense till minute 16.

    11) Home Mortgages — correct (covers usury in point #5).

    On your: Military force only to overwhelmingly remove the threat in 1
    year — nonsense, nothing short of nukes can eliminate an enemy.
    History is abundant in this lesson. The Brits could never conquer
    Afghanistan in the 19th century, nor did we with all our superior
    military might in the 20th and 21st century. Unless you are willing to
    Salt the Earth (nukes today) as the Romans did to Carthage!

    13) Bounty on terrorist — it works much better than drones. So you got that one right.

    “Our military will be given the best and the latest even more” —
    since we already spend more than the top 11 nations in the world
    combined on the Pentagon, where will this extra money come from? Utter
    nonsense since we no longer have a Super Power to defend against —
    just a bunch of flee-beaten, turban-wearing No-Mechanized Army,
    No-Airforce, No-Navy crazy Muslims, that can never launch a naval
    assault on our beaches as we did in Normandy!
    The solution to our
    economic woes is to cut the Pentagon spending by 90% (while keeping all
    our nukes, just in case) — and stop all these Muslims from coming here
    by simply rejecting their entry into USA — you come from an Arab
    nation with an Arab passport, SORRY, gotta go back, we don’t won’t you

    15) You state that both the GOP and Dems are evil (not far from the truth) and THEN ask for MONEY for your…?

    Gee, I thought you were altruistic….

  4. The State of the Union Address is over with the Republicans offering
    5 rebuttals. First, Joni Ernst, selected by Reince Priebus, to give the rebuttal to President Obama’s address. Joni Ernst is a Lt Colonel in the Iowa Army National Guard and served in 2003, as a
    company commander, in Kuwait and Iraq, leading 150 Iowa Army National Guardsmen
    during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Joni Ernst continues to serve as a Lt. Colonelin the Iowa Army National Guard. Joni Ernst took this oath: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State (Commonwealth, District, Territory) of___ against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and
    allegiance to the same; that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the Governor of the State (Commonwealth, District, Territory) of ___, that I make this obligation freely,
    without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion, etc”.

    A lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve, rather than on active duty, by drilling one full weekend a month, earns $1,126 a month. In addition to their regular pay, once a lieutenant colonel retires from the Army, she may be eligible for a military pension determined in part by rank, time in the
    service and when she retired.

    Ernst became famous for a 30-second ad picked up on UTube (March 24, 2014) The ad began with Ernst saying, “I can castrate pigs so I am the perfect conservative for Iowa to send to the Senate.”
    She added, “I grew up castrating hogs on an Iowa farm. So when I get to Washington, I’ll know how to cut pork. Washington’s full of big spenders. Let’s make ’em squeal.”

    In her very folksy rebuttal, Ernst told of her poor existence and wearing bread bags on her shoes, forgetting to tell that her parents, the Ernst’s, were benefiting financially through Farm Subsidies. The Ernst’s family farm in Red Oak, Iowa received over $460,000 in farm subsidies between 1995 and 2006. Family members received conservation payments, commodity subsidies, and
    agricultural aid. [The District Sentinel, 1/12/15] .

    Second rebuttal..Senator Ted Cruz. A rehash of things still stuck in his craw having nothing to do with things discussed in the State of the Union Address.

    Third Rand Paul. I expected so much more from him. He released his written rebuttal before President Obama spoke. This gave him time, while, sitting in a hallowed hall, with the President of the United States speaking, to troll the internet and write numerous critiques.

    • Senator Joni Ernst elegantly castrates Obama and his anti-American policies — a must watch 9 minute video!

      Must be hell for you, Tess Liehard, to see the beginning of the end of your pernicious liberal dogma. Liberals like you have tried hard to destroy our nation, but the American people have finally awoken, and are realizing that your liberal ilk is a bane that must be eradicated in order to save our republic from scum like Obama and Hillary!

      • Surfisher….No matter how I respond, you are off on some unconnected, abusive, pathologial tangent. Actually, it was the nature of Joni Ernst’s rebuttal (I read it long before your post) that urged me to research her background and include the facts in my post. Her rebuttal was a soft monotone giving the basis Republican’s to do list. I assume you used the word castration figuratively, as removing power from a person. Joni Ernst didn’t accomplish that task either.

        I do not attempt to insult you as a person, threaten eradication, or accuse you of destroying our nation. The great beauty of this country is that we are a free people. Free to think what is best for us individually and collectively. Therefore, I do hope you were sincere when you said “Bye..bye..forever.

        • Tess Liehard — you’ve claimed here many times to be on a women’s committee that lauds all women’s achievements.

          But do you applaud Joni Ernst’s accomplishments as a woman? No, instead you put her down by spinning a lie that she never went overseas during wartime (the fact is that she spent 14 months in Kuwait in 2003-2004 as a company commander during Operation Iraqi Freedom).

          Instead you lie that she’s always been “A lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve, rather than on active duty, by
          drilling one full weekend a month, earns $1,126 a month” (thus, portraying her as some sort of a leech).

          Since you are so proud of women that do well, why fail to state that Joni Ernst came from poverty to become valedictorian of her class at Stanton High School, earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Iowa State University, and a Master of Public Administration degree from Columbus College — why aren’t you proud of this lady’s accomplishments?

          Let’s take a stab at your nasty attitude towards her — Joni being a conservative is the only reason your liberal socialist mindlessness makes you hate her (for you’ve been brainwashed to hate all that’s good). And that’s the reason you post tripe trying to negate facts — since that’s all your liberal ilk can do, spin, lie, and spin again.

          On the other hand — you admire Hillary Clinton and praise her nonstop, whose record is full of cheating, lies and even guilty of American Deaths under her watch — from Whitewater to Benghazi. Why do you admire Hillary and not Joni Ernst?
          The apodictic conclusion is that Hillary is a liberal and Joni is a patriot.

          Thus, your claim that you are for all women falls apart.

          No wonder you’ve been termed as Tess Liehard here — since you lie, and you Lie Hard.

          • Surfisher…First Joni Ernst. You wrote :” you put her down by spinning a lie that she never went overseas during wartime”. Go back and read my post. It reads: Joni Ernst is a Lt Colonel in the Iowa Army National Guard and served in 2003, as a company commander, in Kuwait and Iraq, leading 150 Iowa Army National Guardsmen during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

            You wrote: “you lie that she’s always been”A lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve, rather than on active duty, by drilling one full weekend a month, earns $1,126 a month” My statement is absolutely true. That is a lot of taxpayer’s money for two days work. Especially, when you are also on the taxpayer’s dole as a Senator for $174000.00 plus administrative and clerical assistance allowance, $3,791,151.00 per year. As a soldier, Joni Ernst took an oath of allegiance(to obey) the Commander of the United States Army, which happens to be President Barrack Obama. If she openly breaks her oath to her country then she is no longer a trustworthy person. This would be true, man or woman..

            It is commendable that Joni Ernst finished college. However, her
            poverty story is questionable. Reread my post. Having sent three children through three universities I know with certainty that you cannot pay for college, as she claimed, working the “biscuit line” at Hardee’s. And a busload of children, all wearing bread bags over their shoes is a stretch of the

            Now for Hillary. Within the last month I posted that Hillary has Conservative written all over her. I do staunchly defend her when she is called a murderer and a cheater because those are wild, unproven accusations. Whitewater has been hashed over and over to no avail and no charges. And, if you want to bring up Benghazi….don’t just rant…display your proof. When accusing someone of lying…present facts to prove your point.

      • Just asking since you say liberals are trying to destroy the country. Who brought us the Great Depression and Great Recession? Which President invaded the wrong country costing thousands if American lives? Anyone find 1 Weapon of Mass Destruction yet? Which party was responsible for the giant embarassment known ad Watergate? Just a few questions to ponder.

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