Since Jeb Bush announced yesterday he’ll begin actively exploring a 2016 presidential campaign, and Hillary Clinton is most likely running as well, what would a Bush versus Clinton race look like this time around?

This report from MSNBC has some answers:

In their respective party primaries, Bush and Clinton would run on parallel tracks – close to the middle while taking flack from the flanks – and in a general election, they might neutralize each others’ biggest strengths and weaknesses, since they share so many.

The Bush and Clinton families have become close since either one occupied the White House. Bill Clinton has made a habit of visiting George H.W. Bush at his home in Maine every summer, while Jeb Bush literally presented Hillary Clinton with an award.

“Bill’s father wasn’t around,” Barbara Bush told CSPAN of the man who pushed her husband out of office. “I think he thinks of George a little bit like the father he didn’t have.” She added: “I love Bill Clinton.”

George W. Bush calls Bill Clinton his “brother from another mother” and Hillary Clinton his “sister-in-law,” while he and his predecessor clearly enjoyed each others’ presence at a joint appearance in September to launch a scholars program run jointly by their presidential libraries. [Emphasis added]

Jeb Bush chairs the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, which presented Hillary Clinton with an award in March. “Hillary and I come from different political parties, and we disagree about a few things, but we do agree on the wisdom of the American people — especially those in Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina,” Bush joked.

Basically once you spend a term or two in the White House, you’re in the elite club of the few people on earth who have had that privilege. As a result, with the Clintons occupying the Oval Office eight years, and the Bush family occupying the same post a combined total of twelve years, it’s no wonder the two political dynasties have become quite chummy over the decades. After all, every time they take a photo of all living Presidents, you’re probably going to run into someone you know if your last name is Bush or Clinton.


  1. Actually, since the vice president also has an office in the West Wing, GHW and Bar were “in” the White House for eight years with Reagan. So one could argue that the Bushes logged in 20 years.

    • I agree that “Hatfields vs. McCoys” is not a good analogy. More like the Yankees vs. Red Sox, in which it hardly matters which “side” wins.

      But it’d be nice if our Members of Congress could at least hold a civil discussion. It would be refreshing to have a second “Era of Good Feelings.”

      • “Hatfield and McCoy’s/ Yankees and Red Sox” both of these examples show animosity toward the other while the quotes given in the MSNBC article show nothing of the kind.

          • I’m suggesting the quotes given in the article concerning their relationship and feelings toward each other sound more like two families who have more in common than the blood in their eye, give no quarter Yankee/ Red Sox feud.

            • Bob: But, as usual, you’re missing the point. As a bit of satire, Nate compared the Clintons and Bushes to the family feud of the two hillbilly families.

              I thought that was flawed, since the McCoys and Hatfields hated each other, and the consequences were life-and-death. I suggested the Yankees/Redsox feud, since it is as ridiculous, but that comparison is also flawed.

              When I asked, “what would you suggest,” I was asking you to use your brain to come up with a more appropriate metaphor, not to restate the obvious.

              But now, I think I may have come up with a better one, myself:

              the competitors on the TV show, FAMILY FEUD. Yes, they compete, but they have no ill will. The results are inconsequential, and the money prize is sort of like the prize of getting to sit in the White House.

            • I just realized that Jeb is really John Ellis Bush. So when someone says “Jeb Bush” it’s like saying “JFK Kennedy” or “FDR Roosevelt.”

              What he has to do is push capitals–it’s JEB, not “Jeb.” Maybe even J.E.B. That may be distracting enough.

  2. Bushes vs. Clintons: Hatfields and McCoys for 2016?

    Nah…Pigs vs Snakes.

    Just entertaining the thought that these two creatures may actually run for president shows how screwed up is our nation!

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