As if candidates doing opposition research on their opponents isn’t bad enough, it appears that several top Democratic strategists are now anonymously engaged in a war of information hoping to cement a coveted spot in the Hillary 2016 campaign. With so few possible Democratic candidates, the titles for campaign aides and top advisers will be limited in 2016 for consultants and strategists who lean left of center.

The Washington Post reports:

Welcome the Campaign Operative Hillary Clinton Sweepstakes. It goes like this: Clinton is basically the only viable Democratic presidential candidate right now. The problem is: There are lots and lots of operative who want to work for the winner. Usually, these operatives would be able to work for Clinton or Barack Obama or John Edwards (or Chris Dodd or Joe Biden, etc.), believing they had a good chance of winning.

This year, it’s just Hillary Clinton. Add to that the fact that she’s seen as the favorite to win in the general election, too, and stakes are even higher for ambitious would-be White House aides and campaign consultants. (For proof, look no further than all the folks who have “former Obama aide” on their business cards.) Hence, there is a campaign to join the Clinton campaign, and someone — anonymously — just dropped some opposition research on their opponents.

This is all assuming Hillary Clinton does indeed launch a campaign. I’m more than certain that she will since she has no reason not to with the field wide open on the Democratic side. Campaign aides and political strategists want to be on the winning team so this naturally has created a scenario which could probably serve well as a reality TV series. I’m thinking The Apprentice meets American Ninja Warrior. I’d set a season pass right now.