A new poll out shows that among millennials looking at the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election, the top spots currently belong to Paul Ryan and Hillary Clinton.

Report from the Chicago Sun-Times:

The survey, conducted by Fusion, shows that while Ryan and Clinton are the preferred candidates, Clinton has a significantly larger lead over her potential Democratic opponents than Ryan does on the GOP side.

The poll, conducted among 1,200 likely voters ages 18-34, showed the following:

  • Ryan is the candidate of choice for 16 percent of Republicans, followed by Jeb Bush (11 percent) and Rand Paul (9 percent)
  • Of those surveyed, 58 percent of Democrats want Clinton, followed by Joe Biden (13 percent) and Elizabeth Warren (9 percent).
  • Forty-seven percent say they’ll most likely vote Democratic, compared to 32 percent who are leaning toward Republicans. Twenty-one percent are undecided.

Additionally, millennials say debt and spending, the economy and terrorism are the most important issues.

I only spotlight this poll because catering to “young voters” has become all the rage since President Obama rode the millennial wave to victory in 2008 and 2012. In 2016, the question will be whether any of Barack Obama’s presidency is tarnishing the prospects of Hillary Clinton among the same group of voters.

On the flip side, it’s worth noting that Paul Ryan comes out on top, but only with 16 percent of the vote to Jeb Bush’s 11 percent. Also noteworthy is that Rand Paul, someone who has spent lots of time presenting himself to young voters, is sitting behind both Ryan and Bush at only 9 percent.


  1. 16% isn’t really “being on top.” It probably means the only names they know are Romney and Ryan, and they don’t want Romney. I’m amazed that Rand Paul is not WAY ahead with this age group. Maybe they see him as a flip-flopper.

    As for Dems, Hillary is the only one who is “running,” and my guess is that that support is very shallow. The fact that she only has 58% means 42% want “ABH.”

    • Having a twenty-three millennial in my immediate circle, I am more than surprised at Rand Paul’s percentage. That group is like an A&M bonfire stack waiting for someone to drop a lit match. Very liberal thinking in their views on social
      issues such as same-sex marriage, interracial marriage and marijuana
      legalization. Only 58% say they are “absolutely certain” that God exists. (last sentence from Pew Research). The candidate that ignites their beliefs and imagination will probably be the 2016 presidential winner.

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