A report out over the weekend indicates the entire Bush clan is supportive of a Jeb Bush 2016 campaign and will work on his behalf in the coming months.

Report from the New York Times:

When Jeb Bush decides whether to run for president, there will be no family meeting à la Mitt Romney, no gathering at Walker’s Point in Kennebunkport to go over the pros and cons. “I don’t think it’ll be like a big internal straw poll,” said his son, Jeb Bush Jr.

But if there were, the results of the poll are pretty much in. As Mr. Bush nears a decision to become the third member of his storied family to seek the presidency, the extended Bush clan and its attendant network, albeit with one prominent exception, are largely rallying behind the prospect and pulling the old machine out of the closet.

“No question,” Jeb Jr. said in an interview, “people are getting fired up about it — donors and people who have been around the political process for a while, people he’s known in Tallahassee when he was governor. The family, we’re geared up either way.” Most important, he added, his mother, Columba, the prospective candidate’s politics-averse wife, has given her assent. [Emphasis added]

The last line which I emphasized might be the most important hurdle for many politicians. Is their spouse supportive of the grueling nature of a presidential run? You might recall that Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels was rumored to be interested in launching a 2012 campaign but decided against doing so because his wife and family were not on board.

If Jeb’s wife is on board as is the rest of the family, the first hurdle may be already crossed. George H. W. and George W. are on board also so he’s already got two former President’s to stump for him.