No surprise there given their status as potential front runners in the race. Perhaps more so for Hillary Clinton but for Christie, who has frequently topped Clinton in the polls, this does signal his 2016 ambitions may not have been entirely derailed due to “bridge gate.”

Report from Pew Research:

Hillary Clinton and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie have received more media coverage than other potential presidential candidates, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of top U.S. newspapers. A search of 15 of the top papers in LexisNexis found that from Jan. 1-Sept. 27, 2014, Christie and Clinton were each the subject of 82 campaign stories linking them to a possible White House run. In 2013, Clinton also topped our list, with 66 stories.

Amid recent speculation that Mitt Romney was considering a possible third run at the executive office, the former Massachusetts governor comes in third with 74 campaign stories. Following Romney is Texas Senator Ted Cruz (68), Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (67) and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (53).

Overall, more stories have talked about potential GOP candidates (202) than Democratic ones (115).

In other words, the media would like to see Hillary Clinton versus Chris Christie in 2016. The question is whether we the people will follow suit.


  1. Naw. The media only care about the horse race, not issues. Also, they can only report on things that happen. Hillary is the only Democrat who has consistently worked for headlines.

    As for Christie, did they include Bridgegate in the stories about him? Doesn’t really matter. As they say, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” While that was going on, the story was “apparent presidential candidate Christie did or said this or that.” Sorta sucked the air out of the room. Hillary sucks, too. 😉

    Anyway, there IS no other Dem to report on, except Biden, but he’s not out there the way she is.

    The surprising thing is that Cruz and Paul haven’t seemed to capture any imagination, with all the running around and speeching they’ve been doing.

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