Might as well file this under the 2014 midterm elections because I’m betting there is a large political component to this resignation. Holder will stay on until a successor is named which means he’ll still be there for several months at least, likely into 2015.

Report from NPR:

Eric Holder Jr., the nation’s first black U.S. attorney general, is preparing to announce his resignation Thursday after a tumultuous tenure marked by civil rights advances, national security threats, reforms to the criminal justice system and five and a half years of fights with Republicans in Congress.

Two sources familiar with the decision tell NPR that Holder, 63, intends to leave the Justice Department as soon as his successor is confirmed, a process that could run through 2014 and even into next year. A former U.S. government official says Holder has been increasingly “adamant” about his desire to leave soon for fear he otherwise could be locked in to stay for much of the rest of President Obama’s second term.

Holder already is one of the longest serving members of the Obama cabinet and ranks as the fourth longest tenured AG in history. Hundreds of employees waited in lines, stacked three rows deep, for his return in early February 2009 to the Justice Department, where he previously worked as a young corruption prosecutor and as deputy attorney general — the second in command — during the Clinton administration.

As mentioned in the article, Holder’s tenure has not been without controversy, but that statement is fairly true for most Attorneys General who have served this long. Does this do anything for Democratic prospects coming up in November? Holder was controversial to many, but certainly not with the Democratic voting base.


  1. WHY!……..After not bending under all those charges of neglectful duty he decides out of the blue to resign? Without even give any indication that he was offered a job position somewhere that he coveted. No something more is happening here than is being told!

  2. Upon giving it some thought I remember an article I read recently that just might tie into this.

    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg who is the oldest member of the court was asked recently if she has any intentions of retiring. After all “she doesn’t want to wait until 2016 so that a Republican president can make the court even further right than it is.?” No she replied because she can’t see any Liberals out there that she would want President Obama nominating to replace her. Well if Eric Holder was available this would still have him where he was needed by the administration, Justice Ginsberg who’s health isn’t good could retire, and his confirmation could almost be assured while the Congress is still a Democrat majority.

    The article entitled: “Liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg Explains Why She Won’t Retire”


    • Interesting thought, but he’d have a tough confirmation. I think Hillary ought to consider a high court nomination. The court is a much better match for her personality.

  3. Described by “Politico” as President Obama’s “go to man on race issues” the Rev. Al Sharpton said today from his National Action Network “We are engaged in immediate conversation with the White House on deliberations over a successor whom we hope will continue in the general direction of Attorney General Holder.” ……What could go wrong with a race baiter being on a job search committee?

    From an article entitled: “Al Sharpton Says He Is Helping The White House Pick Next Attorney General”


    • I thnk it’s possible that Obama may want to do something about race relations in his last two years, and it would be a lot easier to make the case if the new atty gen is white. You know, sort of like Nixon going to China. . . .

      • If the presidents intentions was to repair race relations he shouldn’t have mentioned Ferguson Missouri in his United Nations speech two days ago.

        • A short response is better, if it makes the point. In your first comment, you wondered why he didn’t resign under pressure, and I said that is the appearance he was trying to avoid. No need to go on about it.

          In your second, you said maybe Holder was resigning to be named to the high court. That confirmation hearing would be a nightmare. Bim-batta-boom.

          As for the third, I didn’t say “repair race relations,” I said “do something about.” It would be a lot easier for a white attorney general to push civil rights than for a Black. Obama did give a speech, saying mistrust of the police is corroding America–not that police are corroding America.


          Of course, sometimes the simple answer is the right one (occam’s razor). Holder held the office for the fourth longest time in the history of the USofA. Most don’t last more than one presidential term, and he was overdue.

  4. OR it could be the truth about “Fast and Furious” is finally hitting the fan for Attorney General Holder and the Administration.

    The Judicial Watch Press release of 25th September 2014 entitled : “Federal Courts Denies DOJ Motion For Delay, Orders Release Of Fast And Furious Documents List To Judicial Watch By October 22nd”


  5. After 26 years of government service in Washington, DC, serving under Presidents Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W Bush, and Barack Obama (all by nomination) maybe he is simply tired and worn down by an unappreciative crowd called Congress. Reading the snarky tweets of Congressmen Issa, Cruz, Cornyn, Vitter, governor Jindall, etc makes one wonder what has happened to common civility. Lindsay Graham, the one Republican to stand out as a scholar and decent being, tweeted “I appreciate AG Holder’s service to our country even though we had strong disagreements at times. I wish him well in future endeavors.” I believe Graham remembers it was Attorney General Holder who turned thumbs down on proposed prosecution of war crimes against Cheney and Bush.

    • I find it odd that the word “civility” always comes up when it is in regard to the left but the left never finds it in their vocabulary when speaking of Mr. Bush or Mr. Cheney.

      Any time a civil servant retires he finds his career accomplishments being hashed over. Mr. Holder s career as Attorney General can best be described as an extreme contempt of law based solely for political purposes. During his regime at DOJ he refused to defend the “Defense of Marriage Act”, refused to prosecute “New Black Panther” members for voter intimidation, sold guns to Mexican drug lords (Fast and Furious), suppressed voter identification laws in North Carolina, Wisconsin and other states, wanted to put the principal man behind the 9/11 attacks Khalid Sheikh Mohammed on trial in federal court in N.Y.C. instead of military trial in Gitmo, and seized phone records of 20 Associated Press and Fox News reporters just to name what immediately comes to my mind.

      The ONLY “APPRECIATIVE CROWD” that are sorry to see him go is the President who he was the number 1 hit man for and the DNC.

      • Bob…put your sword away. We are all entitled to an opinion. I don’t believe using the words civility and snarky have any regards to the left or any of the other meaningless terms used to describe politicial thinking. Do give me credir for offering some praise to a democrat, Eric Holder, and to a Republican, Lindsay Graham.

        • Tess: There was no sword drawn I was merely pointing out the facts of Mr. Holders resume. As for Sen. Graham I don’t hold him in very high esteem. His credibility was exhausted when he decided to join the “establishment” wing of the republican party. It doesn’t surprise me that he praises Democrats while vilifying Tea Party conservatives.

          • Yeah, I was more surprised by Tess’ calling warmonger Graham a “scholar” and “decent being.”

            It’s tradition to find some kind of praise for a fallen opponent. Cruz et al are just being sleazeballs.

    • Tess — what a wonderful spin you make for Eric Holder.

      Do all democrats, like you, put on blinders, for he is one of you?

      Eric Holder is the first sitting cabinet officer in our nation’s history to be found in civil and criminal contempt of Congress — and instead of exposing this Criminal in Office, you try and make it seem like there is nothing wrong when a Democrat breaks the law!

      Kudos for THE SPIN attempt (what Dems do best) — too bad it fails factually.

  6. Why did Eric Holder resign?

    As Obama’s puppet, Eric Holder is getting the expected short end of the stick, so is making a run for it!

    Guilty as charged by overwhelming facts, here are just a few of Eric Holder’s crimes that should guarantee him a long prison sentence (if there is any Justice left in America):

    1) Eric Holder is the first sitting cabinet officer in our nation’s history to be found in civil and criminal contempt of Congress (Officials lied on the ‘Fast and Furious’ investigation, and Eric Holder’s DOJ refused to answer subpoenas!) — now that this investigation is about to be reopened, Eric Holder is trying to get away from it. What was ‘Fast and Furious’: under Obama’s directives having the Department Of Justice (DOJ) under Eric Holder, responsible for arming drug cartels in Mexico with the semi-automatic weapons Obama wants to ban, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of national Mexican civilians, and contributing to the deaths of at least two US federal agents — all done under the guise that it’s private citizens owning such weapons that are to be “blamed” (in order for Obama to have a such legal weapons banned in his pursuit to disarm ALL law-abiding American citizens, and demolishing the US Constitution by annulling the 2nd Amendment firstly, then the rest of it, by creating a false flag calamity ran by his Own Government patsies)!

    2) Look no further than the weaponized Internal Revenue Service used to intimidate and shut down the free political speech of those that oppose Obama’s rule — and lying about it in Congress (all OK’ed by US Attorney General — Eric Holder)!

    3) Then there is the the electronic and digital spying by NSA in an unlawful net, capturing and storing the private communications of Americans — and lying about it before Congress (all OK’ed by US Attorney General — Eric Holder)!

    4) Under Eric Holder’s dictates the BATF made Sting Operations (in order to confiscate guns per Obama’s desires) on the “developmentally” challenged American Citizens (what a broad term, that could encompass irrational Eric Holder and megalomaniac Obama, too, and anyone that sneezes in the wrong direction that is not allowed by this Criminal Government)!

    5) And worst of all — Eric Holder’s “Operation Choke Point” — if nothing else gets him in jail for life, along side his boss Obama, this should, using The Power of Office to EXTORT legal US businesses!!! US Banks are told Not to do Business with legitimate US Gun and Ammo manufacturers, and other such “undesirables” — or else (by the DOJ and FDIC)! Patently Criminal behavior that is punishable by incarceration (if you are a citizen you’d be in jail for such Extortion — will the same apply when the Government does it, will the actual culprits (Eric Holder & Co) be incarcerated, or is justice only for the lowly, not the “high-and-mighty”)?!

    quote: “DOJ and FDIC send enforcement teams to intimidate banks to end their relationship with such industries — their legitimate clients report that without warning their accounts were closed, and the banks will no longer have them.”

    This is truly an Extortion Racket that is criminal in its very concept — to be run under Obama’s regime under Eric Holder’s DOJ control, makes him the Sacrificial Goat. No wonder poor Eric resigned, he got’s to run, and run fast out of the USA — or the Law will eventually catch up with him (while Obama washes his hands). Let’s hope the FBI keeps an eye on Eric Holder, and doesn’t let him escape the USA and seek sanctuary in his Beloved Fuehrer’s homeland — Kenya!

    See the full text below:


  7. June 2012 The House of Representatives VOTED to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in Contempt. Their request for charges (which would be criminal) was sent to the office of the US Attorney in Washington, DC. The request has been on his desk for over two years without action or comment.

    • LOL — how slick is your obfuscation.

      Waiting on the culprit to sign his own guilt…when he WAS the only one to do so, since he WAS THE ATTORNEY GENERAL DURING THAT TIME….

      Eric Holder is a Criminal by this INACTION of his alone, and now add up his other criminal activities stated above — and you’ll get a fugitive of justice now!

  8. The US Attorney for the District of Columbia (Washington) is Ronald Machen, he serves by appointment and was confirmed by the Senate.

    • Thanks for pointing this out. Another ‘brother’, Ronald Machen, that goose-steps in accord with Eric and Obama’s illegal dictates.

      Ronald Machen showed this paper to his immediate boss, Eric Holder, and was told: “Just put it in a drawer, and forget about it”!

      Thanks again, for implicating Ronald Machen in this judicial travesty. Hopefully, he’ll get jailed, too.

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