First, there has been a string of high profile interviews which were full of gaffes, testy exchanges, and an element of annoyance on the part of Hillary Clinton. Next, there were revelations that her book only sold 60,000 copies the first week. The publisher already printed a million hard cover copies indicating they were expecting a much higher number.

Report on Hillary’s missteps via the Weekly Standard:

By just about every account, her book is uninteresting and unreflective, a carefully contrived piece of positioning. Yet instead of owning that, she insisted at an event that she was “done with being really careful about what to say.” And that was before uttering inanities about how “the American political system is the most difficult, even brutal, in the world .” (She might look at Egypt, for instance. Or Venezuela. Or China. Or Greece. Or Russia. Or any country where instability and chaos is the norm and the children of former presidents aren’t given $600,000 sinecures from independent_”independent”?_media conglomerates.)

Then there was her Romney-esque statement about being “dead broke” after leaving the White House and her being so out of touch as to suggest that she and her husband “struggled” to “piece together the resources for mortgages, for houses, for Chelsea’s education.” “You know,” she said, looking for sympathy, “it was not easy.” It’s hard to think of a more let-them-eat-cake moment from any Democratic politician in the last 40 years. But what made the line even worse is that it was made in defense of taking exorbitant speaking fees from companies such as Goldman Sachs. You half expected her to explain, hedge funds are people, my friends!

And then there was her encounter with Terry Gross, in which Clinton couldn’t handle the tough questions … from NPR.

The author concludes asking whether Hillary Clinton is “imploding” with mistakes in interviews set against a backdrop of a rapidly deteriorating foreign policy situation in the Middle East and elsewhere.

My feeling is that a set of interviews, at this point in the 2016 cycle, does not an implosion make. Perhaps if this happened in June of 2015 instead of 2014, this would be signs of trouble. As it is, I think the book tour was a good test run for a presidential campaign. Long hours, lots of travel, numerous questions and ways to field test answers to pressing issues.


  1. The interviews brought back the Obama quote from the 2008 debate: Hillary, “you’re likeable enough.” But she’s not.

    Obama is great in a one-on-one situation. People wanted to have a beer with Bush. Bill Clinton felt your pain–and you believed it. Poppy Bush was a “kinder, gentler” leader. And Reagan had a fatherly tone that made us think things would be all right (actually, Bill Clinton had that, too–don’t worry, be happy).

    Most people respect Hillary, but I’m not sure she’s “likeable enough” to win a contested election.

      • Nate: Stupid, eh? Priebus strikes again.

        The idea is that you’d have to be “nuts” to want another Clinton in the White House, but of course, Bill Clinton is the strongest voice Dems have, and polls consistently show that most people look back longingly to the Clinton years.

        At one stop, Hillary went up to the silly mascot, welcomed him, gave him one of her books for the trouble, to which, the squirrel hammed and even posed for publicity shots with Hillary.

        Even if you “get” the “nuts” pun, squirrels are seen as irrational, irrelevant, silly, and ineffectual. Is Priebus saying the GOP wants to eat our nuts?

  2. Die Hüdin may not be a nut but she is definitely squirrely. And she tries to be as slick as her husband and as W.H. Slick.

    It is amazing that she has to leave a message for Slick with one of his aids while two of hers are being killed and the CIA annex is in deep dodo and the Bitch goes home and “monitors” from home. Don’t think Petraeus was involved in conversation that night while two of his were being killed. Slick and DOD decide they should sleep on it and decide the next morning. Again more Democrats ideology and politics instead of immediate actions to salvage a covert op and american lives.

    Side note – the arms eventually did get to Syrian rebels – how did that play a part in now what is the mess starring ISIS in now what is the beginning of a Caliphate across Syria and Iraq. Is it all related??

  3. Let’s put an end to this nonsense — Hillary is getting old, decrepit and just plain ugly.
    Plus, she carries way too much political garbage/baggage, to be allowed to run (thus, having zero chance of winning).

    Now the Dems have a chance to make a dynasty — ala Papa Bush & Son; and do one better!

    Dems were happy that they broke the barrier and elected a Black president. Why should they settle for just electing a woman — when they can have a Black woman president!

    Michelle Obama is it — Go Michelle, your hubby can declare Martial Law anytime he wants (with his pen and phone), and make it impossible for anyone else to win an election, thereby.

    Michelle Obama for President till 2024 — and then, their spawn each gets another 8 years of Rule…unless they negate the Constitution now, WHICH IS THEIR GOAL, and declare themselves US Kings for life.

    Who’s with me? — Michelle Obama for president!!!

  4. A few nasties like her are controlling all Americans!

    Americans are finally waking up to this ugly fact.

    This awakening is unstoppable — it’s just a matter of time — how long it will take is questionable. What’s undisputed is that it WILL happen, and when it does, All GUILTY Liberal Socialist Scum and Neocons will get flushed into obscurity… or jail where most belong!

    That’s apodictic.

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