If you asked me, and nobody does, I’d instinctively say probably not. Vegas has a reputation as “sin city,” which isn’t going to sit well with a good portion of the socially conservative Republican base. On the other hand, Vegas has Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino owner who does sit well with Republican fundraisers looking to rake in the cash for 2016.

Report from PageSix:

Las Vegas has a big advantage over the other five cities hoping to host the Republican National Convention in 2016: Sheldon Adelson.

Adelson — the owner of the Las Vegas Sands (which operates resorts and casinos all over the world, including the Venetian and the Palazzo in Vegas) — has a net worth of $40 billion, and he donated $100 million in 2012 to the campaigns of Newt Gingrich and then Mitt Romney.

“Sheldon is adamant that the GOP must go to Vegas,” said one source. Some GOPers fear that if Adelson doesn’t get his way, he’ll give a couple hundred million dollars to the Democrats just for spite.

The other five cities in contention are Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver and Kansas City.

Since we last visited this topic a few days ago, it appears Columbus, Ohio was booted off the list with the RNC citing transportation issues. That still leaves two Ohio cities, though neither of which contain a billionaire Republican donor that I’m aware of.

We’ll see what transpires but inevitably, money talks. I’d think, given 2008 and 2012, that Ohio would be a prime spot for Republicans to regain votes for 2016 but maybe that won’t matter when the checks get written.


  1. They should just hold the convention at the Sands. Then they wouldn’t have to leave the building to kiss his butt.

    • “What’s omitted from this article is that Hitlery Clinton picked up the shoe and started banging it while screaming: “I will bury you, Capitalist American Pigs….””…………

      • My guess is that she threw the shoe to mimic the Iraqi who threw the shoe at Bush years ago. In the Arab world, that’s a great insult. For instance, putting your feet up is considered an insult, since it is showing the sole of your shoe at someone (I suppose it means “I want to step on you”).

        Anyway, considering the audience, Hillary should have said something about an overflow of “solid waste.”

      • Surfisher: Yeah. Can you imagine how nuts those megalomaniacs would get if they were told they could no longer buy elections? Heck, even I could afford $250.

        Of course, with everything else, “he who has the gold makes the rules.” But it’s fun to dream that ordinary people could actually have some influence.

        As it is, as Will Rogers once said, “We have the BEST Congress money can buy!”

          • Surf: It’s a pity that young people are not familiar with Will Rogers, HL Mencken, Samuel Clemens, and other satirists. Those guys really offered a lot of wisdom and freethinking.

            As far as that goes, it’s sad that today’s kids will never know the joy of watching the anarchy of the Marx Brothers and WC Fields. Can’t get more “libertarian” then them!

            But I did find this list of great satirists:

            10. Aristophanes
            9. Plato
            8. Juvenal
            7. Chaucer
            6. Erasmus
            5. Swift
            4. Voltaire
            3. Bierce
            2. Orwell
            1. Stone & Parker (creators of South Park)


  2. More good news (off topic): Kathleen Sebelius, whom Rand Paul called to resign for her incompetence (and her complicity) in bringing on the UNCONSTITUTIONAL economic disaster that is Obamacare — will follow Rand Paul’s call and is resigning!

    Another Liberal Scumbag down the drain…!

    What an utter embarrassment to Barrack Hussein Obama!

    His chosen, Sebelius, failed to deliver the 7,000,000 YOUNG Bodies needed to prop up Obamacare, instead (even with several more months of extending the “dead line”) only 7.5 million Americans have bought into it — and the majority of these are the old and decrepit. MSM touts it as a “success” — when the reality is that WAY LESS than 1 million are the Young Blood — when 7 million Youngsters were needed to make this Ponze Scheme work. Total Obama DISASTER, that MSM is WILLFULLY IGNORING!

    No wonder Kathleen Sebelius is scurrying to go underground by resigning — such liberal scumbags are distancing themselves from Obama ALREADY, so they can escape the stigma of such an association, hoping to win some office once he’s done!

    LOL — no such luck for you, Kathleen Sebelius, you’ve been forever pegged!

    • Surfisher: It was actually good timing for Obama. Now, people can blame Sebelius for the roll-out of the system, and the new person can just talk about implementation.

      Considering all the fire she was taking, it took guts to wait until the sign-up deadline to resign. But I agree that she probably doesn’t have much of a future, with all the bad-press she got.

      • GO ‘VEGAS! Recall Diarrhea-Mouth Reid!! Goethe – Sebelius’ replacement was responsible for editing all Whitehouse releases for Obamacare – BHO can throw blame wherever he wants, we call it Obamacare for a reason!

  3. Nate: “Sheldon is adamant that the GOP must go to Vegas,” said one source. Some GOPers fear that if Adelson doesn’t get his way, he’ll give a couple hundred million dollars to the Democrats just for spite.”

    Glad you posted this. For it exposes that the Money Men (not the citizens) have the real say who gets elected!

    How do you square a Couple of Hundred Million Dollar donation FROM ONE INDIVIDUAL — when “Under the current limit, a donor can’t give more than $123,200 to candidates, parties and political action committees. Of that, just $48,600 can go directly to candidates.” ??? What loops and hoops do such Money Men jump through to get it done, “legally”?!

    America For Sale…??? Since few Working Americans can afford to donate, and the ones that do give $20-$200 (expecting little for their donations, but trusting that it makes a difference) — what an INSULT to have One donate $2,000,000.00 in order to have his way…either way!

    • Oops — $200,000,000.00 (is a couple of hundred million).

      Which means that ONE such Money Man can negate the small donations of over 1,000,000 (that’s One Million) working Americans!

      How sad it that — to realize that our Nation is For Sale to the Highest Bidders…and Both Parties will willingly and gladly kowtow to them…to get their money!
      And he ain’t the only one — many more such Super-Rich have their agenda, and will apply their pressure to get their way…Not The American Way!


      • Surfisher: I agree. There should be some things that money can’t buy, and that includes votes. If it were up to me, ONLY individuals could donate to a political campaign (candidate or issue), up to a certain amount. AND only those who are registered voters. No foreigners, no kids, no apathetic people who aren’t going to vote, anyway.

        Likewise, no gangs, groups, corporations, or unions.

        If a candidate can’t fire up individuals to contribute and vote, that candidate shouldn’t be running.

        • Goethe Behr — 100% correct on your entire post!

          Make it $250 max per registered voter! That’s about the max that folks can afford — anything more… and it’s no longer a support for your candidate…but trying to purchase him/her!

          A total return to the Original Constitution would solve this quickly — A LIMITED Gov by the People for the People (what USA used to be), NOT WHAT WE HAVE NOW — A BLOATED EVER-GROWING OCTOPUS of a Gov by Corporations & Special Interest Groups FOR Corporatism & Special Interest only (since THESE MONEY MEN HAVE FOUND A LOOPHOLE FOR “DONATIONS” SO THEY CAN BUY IT)!

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