Iowa was the source of Barack Obama’s initial upset of the Clinton machine and arguably the win that put the rest of Hillary’s 2008 ambitions in doubt. Clinton was such a conventional wisdom lock for the nomination in 2008 that witnessing some newcomer beat her in Iowa setup a scramble to the end which she couldn’t ultimately win.

Fast-forward to 2016 and some of the same scenarios and circumstances still exist in the Hawkeye State. Report from CNN:

In Iowa, the state that pulled the first block out of her wobbly Jenga-game of a presidential campaign six years ago, Hillary Clinton enjoys stratospheric approval ratings, well-heeled outside groups toiling on her behalf, and important political connections that date back decades.

From a distance, she appears invincible once again, far outpacing her rivals in the polls and primed to redeem herself in the caucus state that has never been especially friendly to the Clintons, or to female candidates.

But beneath the surface here, familiar pitfalls might await Clinton should she decide to run: A restive and emboldened progressive base long suspicious of Clintonian moderation, a hunger for fresh Democratic voices, and a caucus electorate that boasts a cherished tradition of voting with its heart rather than its head.

But like many Democrats in Iowa, Boggus said she is eager to hear more from other leaders, pointing to Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, two names that have surfaced in early discussions about the next presidential race.

I’m beginning to wonder how much negotiating will be happening behind the scenes to make sure certain other potential Democratic candidates stay on the sidelines in 2016.


  1. It’s the Hawkeye State. And yes, Clinton will have some trouble there, because she is vulnerable to a challenge on her left, and Iowa Democrats, especially on issues of war and peace, are extraordinarily dovish. But I think it will take a candidate with a higher profile than, say, Schweitzer to push her. I don’t think HRC will even have to engage Schweitzer, as she would have to engage someone like Warren.

  2. Hillary has a Hillary problem. Too many people know too much about her. If she sends a middle left, emphasis on *middle* agenda, then she just might make it. But I think the country has had enough of leftist ideas and has predominantly abandoned them altogether over the past 40 years.

  3. I believe Ohio is the “Buckeye” state.
    Iowa is referred to as the “Hawkeye” state.

    Wasn’t Elizabeth Warren mentioned also as a potential candidate?

    • I was composing my comment and had to leave before I finished to have lunch therefore I missed Mike R’s correction. My apologies for repeating it !

  4. @ Josh – “But I think the country has had enough of leftist ideas and has predominantly abandoned them altogether over the past 40 years” who’s in the White House having got there with the biggest ‘leftist’ agenda in half a century?
    IMHO it’s not a ‘left vs right’ discussion it’s a ‘not ideal but sane vs a c’mon that’s definitively insane’ one. Given a choice between Clinton and any of Rubio, Cruz, Huckabee, Ryan, Palin or Christie, the ONLY possible alternative for anybody with an IQ bigger than their shoe size (and even though Palin has big feet) is Christie ….. and then only if the bible thumpers get behind him which I’m pretty confident they wont. And just BTW, if you think Obama is a lefty wait till you hear what Hillary has planned!!

    @billymalone – entertaining as always but it’s ‘Bungalow’ not bongalow (originates from India).

  5. “Does Hillary Clinton have an “Iowa problem”? No. The killer-bitch-of-Benghazi has an American problem!”

    What untruth is contained in my post — to have the jackals here (Bob/Goethe) swarm into a combined personal attack on me?

    This single post of mine elicited a total of 6 ugly replies directed personally at me by the two clones (clowns?) Bob/Goethe.

    The funny part is they state that my posts are ignored by them….
    Therefore, they must somehow divine their content without reading them….

    How sad is that, to claim one thing then do the opposite….Bob/Goethe, lessons learned from Obama?

    Keep trying your luck kids, I’ll always put you in the end at the detention corner you belong.

    p.s. No one answered why Hillary Clinton is not to be held responsible for the American deaths in Benghazi, under her watch?


    • Oblivious:

      Well, where do we begin?

      “Killer” is someone who causes the death of another person intentionally. Even the most extreme paranoids do not claim that.

      “Bitch” is a female dog. As delusional as you are, you have never heard her say “woof, woof.” (Well, I can’t speak for the voices in your head, I suppose.)

      “of Benghazi” suggests that that is her native land, which is “obviously” untrue.

      So out of your ten words, at least four are false.


      As for the “personal attack” on you, it just shows how paranoid you are. Your bizarre comment led to JOKES that the government must (or should) be watching you. So, aside from being paranoid, you are, as I noted, extremely humor challenged.

      And what you do find “funny” is that you perceive that you are being “ignored” just because we are not bowing to your “superior intellect.” While it is true that Sam says that it would be healthier to ignore you, what you are complaining about is that we are NOT ignoring you, and I have specifically said that someone like you must get response, or you will interpret silence as agreement.

      And to answer your PS, I speak only for myself on this, but (a) it could not be more “obvious” that people ARE considering if and how she should be held responsible, and (b) there is a limit to reasonable retribution. There are those who think Bush should have been jailed for ignoring warnings about 9/11. Nonsense. There are ALWAYS “fears” and “warnings.” A person cannot possibly respond to every “fear” and “warning.” If you did, you would never do anything in your life.

      There is a limit to what CAN be done about what occurs “under your watch.” Besides, as I have noted, if the guards had followed orders, and if the “safe room” had been built to be “safe,” no one would have died.

      • Bob — what an unsupported by logic and thus idiotic reply.

        It is as if Goethe Bore posted it….

        p.s. you wanna keep negging my posts — game on, kid!
        I’ll start dissecting all of yours once again. Sure you wanna continue on this route, kid…?!

        • Oblivious:

          If you were not so in love with your own voice, you would have seen that Bob and I have disagreed, sometimes vociferously, on everything up to now.

          The only thing he and I have agreed on is that you’re a moron. And for that, I am grateful, since it feels good to find common ground with an opponent.

          Luckily, since you have such tunnel-vision, you even fight people when they agreed with you–such as your recent attack on Tess, when she said Congress should audit the Fed–which is exactly what you’ve been saying–yet you let off a senseless, blistering attack on her, anyway.

          You are not just humorless, you are witless.

      • Goethe – Clinton should have a U.S.A., as well as a World problem. Obvious’ statement, while coarse, it is somewhat accurate.

        Bitch: I wouldn’t bet that she has never said “Woof, woof” and definitely looks like a “dog” in comparison to someone like Raquel Welch. Definition 2: she is a definitely a whinny Bitch if things don’t go her way. Def 3: As SecState she was 100% Obama’s Bitch with never an original action or thought and absolute obedience to Obama; more so than as 1st Lady. And the principle Democrats’ Bitch.

        Killer: The Clintons has unsolved deaths in their careers back into Arkansas.The reality is she was absolutely responsible for all four deaths in Benghazi. Possibly as Obama’s Bitch she was under orders from him to ignore the needs of the CIA and Stevens for protection to orchestrate the arms movement (i personally believe BHO has a side deal to CAPTURE Stevens and then trade him for the blind Sheikh). No matter, Clinton was responsible for not making sure there was protection.

        Had this whole disgusting set of actions happened during a Republican Administration, the POTUS would have been impeached, the SecDef, SecState would have been fired, tried and a minimum of SecState would have gone to jail by now. CIA tried to tell it straight but SecState and the WH forced it to be redacted and eventually came as the YouTube scam.

        God, it’s great to be a Democrat and have the MSM suck up to you!!!! .

        • Sam:

          Well, as I said, I was just speaking for myself on Benghazi. I’ve seen way too many such situations like that over the years.

          We have thrown our people all around the world as if we spread ’em with a giant salt shaker. That’s problem number one. We’re asking for trouble.

          This is not the first such incident, and it won’t be the last. YET, nobody is asking WHY we put people in those situations. Nope, we just want to act indignant and score political points when the inevitable occurs–and keep sending ’em.

          • Goethe – as before I have said, this Administration is unique and very mendacious. This particular activity was planned with the enemy? and complaisant. There hasn’t been any past action willing to sacrifice American lives. And if happened on a Pubs watch – eaten alive and paraded forever as “killers”

            • samreusser — 100% correct!

              Hillary should be in jail… FOR LIFE with no parole….instead she is planning to run for US PRESIDENT …?!?!?

              How screwed are we as a Nation…to allow such TRAVESTY ?!?!?!?!

            • …. another half-wit comment. Under Christopher, Albright, Powell and Rice no American lives were needlessly lost? This administration is more mendacious than that of Bush? Is unique? No, mendacity is nothing new in US administrations but to see it you have to be at least open to the notion that it’s possible for those on your own side of politics is doing it as well. One eyed ‘they are all wrong and we are all right’ is as infantile as the Tea Baggers are ridiculous and dangerous.

          • Goethe Bore — another one of your stupid and irrational posts!

            It makes no sense whatsoever…take your meds, troll.

          • Oblivious – Just what part of Goethe’s post ‘doesn’t make sense’? Which part is ‘stupid and irrational’? I know I’m inconsequential (because you presume I support ‘the fat Jersey pig’ over Paul), but of exactly of what consequence are you? Are you suggesting that anybody that uses phrases like ‘killer bitch of Benghazi’ (anonymously you brave petal) is of consequence or substance and would not be laughed at as an turrets suffering moron? You are the village idiot. Republicans of your ilk with no education (that much is ‘obvious’) and no capacity for rational thought or process are exactly why Obama won TWICE and Hillary (if ….) will win at a canter in 2016. God and hatred might sell well in loony town but for anyone with an IQ greater than their shoe size the choices are still ‘not too good’ vs ‘they said what, are you f$#@^*g kidding me’.

        • samreusser — correct on all counts.

          let me add to it — Hillary-the killer-bitch-of Benghazi-killer-bitch-of-White Water-killer-bitch-in-Waco Texas-by whispering to her hubby…kill them all, they be religious nuts with guns!

          is this less “course”…? LOL!

      • P.S. Goethe – SecState, instead of putting extra U.S. guards there in August, pulled all the U.S. guards out and on the evening of the attack the Libyan guard conveniently disappeared. Amazingly on that very night their was a Drone overhead photographing the first attack. There was a CIA forward air controller spotting BUT the drone was unarmed.

        As it turns out, Woods was defending the CIA complex when the al Qaeda attacked and killed Stevens and Smith and no guards were at Stevens compound. When Doherty arrived by plane to rescue the remaining Americans out of Benghazi, the CIA compound was under attack and Doherty went on the roof to help Woods and both were killed by RPG’s.

        I keep telling you, you gotta read something other than MSM if you want the truth – goes for anything!

        • Sam: Your hatred is blinding you.

          First of all, nothing you said counters what I said–and that is, if the two guards had followed orders, they would be alive, and if the “safe room” had been built correctly, so would the other two.

          Second, I am insulted by this MSM shit. I do NOT get my information from MSM. I do not even watch television. I go to primary sources, and the primary source, very early gave me the above information, which is all that matters to me.

          Third, your conspiracy theory lacks one important element: motive. Why on EARTH would anyone want to do what you are suggesting? Who could possibly benefit?? This is just a case of something very bad happening, and then a lot of crazy people have assembled details to suit their goal.

          It’s like the old comparison of Lincoln and Kennedy that appeared shortly after his death–including the fact that Lincoln was killed in Ford Theatre, and Kennedy was killed in a Lincoln–built by Ford. That kind of crap can be very compelling. If you look through a million details, you can find a thousand to make your case seem air-tight.

          But I have not heard anyone suggest a motive. At least after 9/11, people could say Bush did it, so that he could take unquestioned control–or the Jews did it, to force us to attack Muslims. There were other such motives suggested.

          I have not heard of any motive related to the Benghazi attack. Only after-the-fact complaints. Nobody “allowed” it to happen. Certainly, it could have been prevented, just as 9/11 could have been prevented. Just as the sinking of the Maine could have been prevented, along with a thousand other such events.

          At least those who say Pearl Harbor was “allowed” to be attacked is reasonable, because it gave us the excuse we needed to go to war. What possible motive could here have been in Benghazi??

          • Goethe – you obviously didn’t read my URL’s and why would Wikipedia create a conspiracy story. Doherty and Woods were never at Steven’s compound, and Woods reported to the CIA compound and was on that roof defending. Doherty flew in with a rescue team and went on the roof to help Woods. There have been 10’s of media articles on a continuing basis since Sept 2012 through today that reflect the Arms part – not a tinfoil hat conspiracy bit – ask your relatives, guarantee they know the real truth, unless they have an ulterior motive to not reveal it.

            In addition even the latest congressional release, whitewash as it was, said that the attack could (should) have been prevented. Flat ass, it was an Arms movement from Libya to Turkey to Syria gone bad coordinated by Obama-Clinton, the CIA. And i believe there was even more. Had it been just arms alone, SecState, SecDef, CIA all would made sure Stevens’ (top CIA for Libya) butt was covered instead of hanging out in the wind for al Qaeda.

            • P.S. The whole compound as well as the Safe room was Temporary space, Stevens and Smith were supposed to be captured, not killed.

              I doubt seriously that we “allowed” Pearl Harbor – We did financially force Japan in a corner and they must declare war and their fleet was coming our way and would attack something. We had several warnings but I doubt we knew it would be 12-7 and Pearl.Even FDR wouldn’t have cruel enough to sacrifice that many American lives on a Stand-Down Sunday Morning @ 0800.

            • Sam:

              I keep coming back to the fact that we are doing too many things in too many places, and THAT is the problem. We should not have been involved in ANY of the uprisings in the Arab Spring, and we should not have anything to do with Syria. We should not have been in Benghazi, and Stevens was warned not to go there.

              I was not claiming that we “allowed” the Pearl Harbor attack. But IF we had, at least we would have had a motive, and that’s what you’re missing in the Benghazi affair.

              Certainly, it could have been PREVENTED, just as 9/11, Pearl Harbor, the attack in Lebanon, The Iran Hostage Crisis, the Great Depression AND Great Recession, the sinking of the Maine and Titanic, and a lot of other crises could have been prevented.

              Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

              My point is that if we didn’t have our fingers in so many pies, we wouldn’t sometimes get them burned. And we shouldn’t act so disingenuously surprised when we do.

            • Sam:

              I did go back and re-read your links, but they are irrelevant to your argument.

              There are two possible scandals here:

              (1) Iran-Contra:
              If you want to claim that this was an illegal paramilitary adventure, I agree. And that’s what your links were about. I have said repeatedly that we should NOT have been involved in any of the Arab Spring uprisings. This was possibly an involvement in Syria, and SHOULD be investigated.

              (2) Pearl Harbor or 9/11:
              But the problem is that most of the blather has suggested that we knew about the attack in advance and let it happen. That is as much nonsense here as in the examples of Pearl Harbor or 9/11.

              The Benghazi kerfuffle has been about throwing everything at the wall, to see what sticks. And most of it is partisan nonsense, which is more of a desecration of the dead than anything the administration did or said.

            • Goethe – first i apologize for accusing you of only MSM – you do have a puter and WWW – ABC-CBS-FOX-NBC-CNN-MSNBC-CBN-JAZERRA news and opinions are all available online.My URL’s are exclusively Benghazi, don’t mention Iran-Contra and is over Arms for hostages and Col North unilaterally moving funds to support Contra activities plus MANY REPUBLICAN Administration being indicted and found guilty – but no deaths involved – strange the difference in media coverage and treatment.

              I was expressing an opinion about Benghazi – i’ve been following the event since the day it happened and have read left / right / independent news feeds. No reason whatsoever to leave Stevens completely un-defended and to have 35 CIA’s in the annex – so I’m sticking with my opinion. no reason to have a unarmed video drone there that night except for a planned action.

              I agree we should not have been involved in the Arab spring, matter of fact we should not be in the middle east – except in 2001 bombed Kandahar out of existence. saving Kuwait (should have taken Baghdad out then) – no boots on the ground.anytime. The Middle East is none of our business.

              I did comment on Pearl.

            • Sam:

              The fact that I brought up Iran-Contra, in itself, should point out that I draw my own conclusions. As you say, no one else, to my knowledge (or yours) has made the connection. And here is the connection–covert illegal arms movement. And, yes, there were indictments.

              I am the one who is saying that Benghazi should be investigated on those grounds, so I’m clearly not buying into any whitewash.

              And I disagree regarding the Gulf War. As “Poppy” Bush said in his book, it would have been stupid to take down Saddam. He said it would lead to deadly sect fighting, as it did. And, of course, it could lead to making Iraq a client state of Iran, whereas Saddam was Iran’s mortal enemy. It made sense to kick the legs out from under him, but leave him in power. Even though, under our thumb, he was still a counterbalance to Iran.

              But back to Benghazi, if reasonable people investigated what the CIA was doing there, we could come to understand what happened and why. Instead, it has become a political football, which is seen as frivolous and irrelevant when the insane come out from the woodwork to say things like “the killer bitch of Benghazi.”

            • Goethe – The media won’t back anyone who truly wants to discover whats undercover in Benghazi because Obama-Clinton are their “pretties”. They in fact are ultimately responsible no matter what.- Congress has balls / ovaries.

              As I said the term is humorless and very coarse; but Clinton is a Bitch, she could have stood up to Obama, protecting Stevens and told the CIA, “this is a bad idea at this time” instead of lapdogging it.

              You know Petraeus got out of Dodge as quickly as he could, was thankful someone squealed on his side-missy. Once he was thought of as a presidential candidate. Not a peep from him in year, have to call DFAS to find out where they deliver his checks.(i’m guessing 0-10 over 34 => $16.3K/mo)

  6. Goethe:

    What a sad little man you must be, to invent a Bob character in order to argue with yourself, so you have a fantasy friend — since All of Merit here find you to be a clueless, humorless, spiteful, hate-filled to all that’s good, little troll. …?! And when done “arguing” with your “Bob” self, you all make lovey-dovey… and agree how great you both are…and how despicable the ones that oppose your idiotic posts are…so you blindly attack them….LOL!

    I truly feel sorry for you, and wish you all the best getting a good psychiatrist to hopefully cure you from your hate-filled persona.

    • Oblivious:

      First of all, no sane person would read the harsh fights Bob and I have had and consider that he and I have much in common. The only thing we seem to agree on is that you are a moron. And, everyone else here will probably also see that YOU are the only one we have ridiculed. There are no other “ones that oppose your idiotic posts.” Only you. You are the one who is hate-filled, totally without humor, and delusional.

      Second, it is amazing that people who perpetrate hoaxes think everyone else is duplicitous, as well. We all know that you were “Surfisher” until you realized that name had been totally discredited. But instead of trying to come back with reasonable posts, you dole out the same crap in the same manner, so it didn’t take us long to realize YOU are the one with multiple personalities.

      Third, we have figured it out that your duplicitous lack-of-character also led you to invent the “Gulag1972” name, as well. It didn’t take us long to see why that character couldn’t be real–and when “he” was asked to give some background, “he” suddenly disappeared. The idea of inventing a gulag victim to push your delusion that the U.S. is worse than the U.S.S.R. is such an insult to the people on here that they should all be as disgusted with you as I am.

      • Goethe — LOL, let it all out, it’s OK.

        So much hatred in such a little man as you, needs to be vented — or you’ll explode….

        Sincerely hope your psychiatrist gives you the right meds — and don’t forget to take them.

          • your repeated obsession with little girls, teenage girls, how pre-teen girls laugh, etc. …is very disturbing.

            By your constant reference to such, Goethe, seek psychiatric help for this, also!

            Hope your shrink gets you to take your meds regularly, and you get the proper shock treatments to cure you from your sickening obsessions that you constantly display here.

        • Oblivious:

          I didn’t realize how schizoid you are. The idea that we have too many people in too many places on the globe used to be one of the drums you beat. Now, just to be disagreeable, you’re saying we should put lots o’ people in harm’s way?

          And since you keep using “LOL” like a pre-teen girl, maybe the problem is not senility after all. . .

          • thanks for winning me a bet — i told some friends how i got a troll here (you goethe) trained like Pavlov’s dog to always respond to my replies.

            and you proved me right — now, go and bark some more, Lil’ Pavlov … don’t disappoint….LOL.

            • … you have friends? What a strange strange world we live in. I’d assumed that with your bitter and twisted logic, your vile, irrational and uneducated reasoning you’d fall in to the category of someone who’s own family would have totally disowned them.

  7. Hillary should be in jail… FOR LIFE with no parole….instead she is planning to run for US PRESIDENT …?!?!?

    How screwed are we as a Nation…to allow such TRAVESTY ?!?!?!?!

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