Information is sketchy at this point but many outlets are running with this as a full-blown scandal of sorts of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The allegation is that Christie’s top aides made the decision to leave lanes closed on the George Washington Bridge for days to punish the residents of Fort Lee, New Jersey, for voting against Christie in the governor’s race.

Report from the New York Times:

The mystery of who closed two lanes onto the George Washington Bridge — turning the borough of Fort Lee, N.J., into a parking lot for four days in September — exploded into a full-bore political scandal for Gov. Chris Christie on Wednesday. Emails and texts revealed that a top aide had ordered the closings to punish the town’s mayor after he did not endorse the governor for re-election.

“Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee,” Bridget Anne Kelly, a deputy chief of staff to Mr. Christie, emailed David Wildstein, a high school friend of the governor who worked at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which runs the bridge.

Later text messages mocked concerns that school buses filled with students were stuck in gridlock: “They are the children of Buono voters,” Mr. Wildstein wrote, referring to Mr. Christie’s opponent Barbara Buono.

The emails are striking in their political maneuvering, showing Christie aides gleeful about some of the chaos that resulted. Emergency vehicles were delayed in responding to three people with heart problems and a missing toddler, and commuters were left fuming. One of the governor’s associates refers to the mayor of Fort Lee as “this little Serbian,” and Ms. Kelly exchanges messages about the plan while she is in line to pay her respects at a wake.

Mr. Christie denied knowledge of the emails and said his staff was to blame. The growing scandal threatens to tarnish him at the moment he assumes an even larger position on the national stage, as chairman of the Republican Governors Association and an all-but-certain candidate for his party’s presidential nomination in 2016.

Is this a real scandal? Does this matter for 2016?


  1. Gov.Christie won his re-election by what percentage?

    Therefore does anyone besides the MSM really believe this was done in retaliation or is even a “scandal”?

    Could it be another attempt to distract attention from Secretary Gates book on the administration?

  2. Here’s an angle: Is there any way that a politician can come out better from something like this? I mean, is there anything he can do? He acted fast. He fired a top aide. Is that enough?

    Jack Kennedy said something like, the more I screw up, the more they like me. I think that is because he seemed sincere. For instance, he took “full responsibility” for the Bay of Pigs fiasco, even though it had been planned in Ike’s term. Of course, later presidents saw that and “took full responsibility,” realizing it meant NOTHING. In Europe, if someone “accepts responsibility,” they resign. At least in Christie’s case, one head rolled.

    He could have earned more credibility by saying, “we were way ahead, and why would we expect a Democratic mayor to be on our side?” Except that Nixon was way ahead in 1972, when Watergate occurred. It was no secret that Christie wanted a big vote surplus so he’d look like a “winner.”

    I think the real problem for Christie is personality. He has been called a bully. He has overreacted. He has been seen as petulant. Last year, he got into a shouting match with a Navy Seal, and called him an idiot. So this might be seen as just another example of someone who takes punitive measures.

    Daily Beast says this is no big deal, but he’ll be hurt by his stand on immigration, instead:

    USA Today sees it as taking away from his “bipartisan” image:

    • Goethe: I agree with you 100%

      In regard to what you said about Presidents accepting full blame and it not mattering. President Reagan was cleared of any wrong doing by an independent panel in the Iran Contra, accepted full blame but still has it hanging around his neck. President Obama meanwhile has not fired a single person in any of the screw-ups in his administration nor has he felt any heat from his party to.

      Governor Christie strikes me as not such much a “bully” but as philosophizing with a hammer. He doesn’t like to discuss things with people who disagree with him as shown with Senator Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. Instead of using “Chicago Mob” tactics he uses “Jersey Mafia” tactics.

      • Lil’ Bobby…you seem to agree 100% with Goethe Bore… and respond nearly shortly after (to agree 100%)…LOL.

        You sure you are not one and the same…or just conjoined at the hip sciolists…?

  3. The Democrat on “The Five” commented “not knowing is not an excuse, why wasn’t he aware last September.” A Democrat on CNN commented this was a real scandal whereas Obama’s not knowing about NSA,IRS, Benghazi, DOJ all were simple Policy issues not scandals. Get ready this is what voters will be dealing with once more regarding MSM attitude, reporting, and coverage of Republican vs Democrats.

    • samreusser — just to give you heads up (since you are also dissatisfied with Obama).

      I have a program installed that warns me of outside spying on my computer.
      After posting many critiques of Obama (and asking for his impeachment), the NSA just swiped my computer!

      Tomorrow I’ll be contacting my lawyers to start an investigation why American Citizens, I in this case, are targeted in the USA by the NSA (for simply exercising the constitutional right of free speech)!

      samreusser — you have been most likely “scanned” too, and thus targeted as a person of “concern” because you are a patriot. Take action against these New Nazis, don’t let them get away with it! Call your lawyers and see how to install a program to catch these anti-American creeps in the act of spying on you, so you can sue them!

        • Bobby/Goethe — NSA shamelessly collects all meta data on ALL Americans.

          If my posts are ignored by you, how would you know their contents to respond to…?

          What a silly oxymoronic sciolist you are….LOL.

      • Obvious – i have never put on the “cloud” anything that would give the NSA “cause” plus my activity is quite advertised and anyone can google me and get emails, web site, facebook, etc and i’m not anonymous in the least. In addition i have three anti viruses on my notebook plus another on my router and use GoDaddy for my Domains and Emails and use one particular email for 99% of my involvement in the “cloud”.

        I have 3 notebooks and two desktops and could really give a flying . . . if they want to waste their time on me – i’m an open book.

        Plus 30 years USN / USNR, a retired Naval Officer, and would only be guilty of what the more than 200 Flags that were rifted because they would NOT fire on American citizens and think HBO is a piece of shit.

  4. Fat Christie, The-Jersey-Pig, is the anathema of what a true republican is!

    One of the most corrupt governors, in one of the most corrupt states: New Jersey — where citizens are arrested for even thinking of gun ownership (an exaggeration to underline Christie’s complete disregard of the US Constitution and the 2nd Amendment in particular)!

    This Uber-scumbag was finally caught PUBLICLY in what he usually does IN PRIVATE to his opponents (and the people of NJ that disagree with him) — retaliate ala Obama style against them! (The sicko Obama closed the National monuments to peevishly get back at his opponents, Fat Christie closed bridges to show similar sicko power).

    Liberal MSM will make a meal out of it — and for once I’m grateful to the scumbag Mainstream media!

    Come 2016 no-one will remember Fat Christie, The-Jersey-Pig, even without this exposure of what this Rhino does on daily basis in his little fiefdom he calls New Jersey.

    Of course the bought-and-paid-for liberal media will never expose Obama on NSA, IRS, Benghazi, DOJ, etc….since it is their PAID JOB not to!

    This why the internet is so important — to ask people to look at the picture DISREGARDING the non-stop daily propaganda that’s MSM’s dead dogma bombardment aimed at Americans!

    Many have reached the conclusion that impeaching Obama now, rather than later, is better for America.

    Jailing Hillary Clinton now, rather than later, is better for America.

    Rand Paul must become US President 2016 — or we’ll become slaves of the Ever Growing Big Brother Government, FOREVER!

  5. I’m not justifying Governor Christies actions but :

    President Obama closes outdoor memorials, national cemeteries, national parks and anything else he could think of during the shutdown simply for spite and NO ONE HELD HIM ACCOUNTABLE.

    • Lil’ Bobby — which part did you miss…that I already posted, Goethe Bore?

      “This Uber-scumbag was finally caught PUBLICLY in what he usually does IN PRIVATE to his opponents (and the people of NJ that disagree with him) — retaliate ala Obama style against them! (The sicko Obama closed the National monuments to peevishly get back at his opponents, Fat Christie closed bridges to show similar sicko power).”

        • Bobby/Goethe:

          If my posts are ignored by you, how would you know their contents to respond to…?

          What a silly oxymoronic sciolist you are….LOL.

  6. “President Obama closes outdoor memorials, national cemeteries, national parks and anything else he could think of during the shutdown simply for spite and NO ONE HELD HIM ACCOUNTABLE.”

    Bob, if anyone should be held responsible, it should be the GOP for CAUSING the shutdown! I hope the electorate doesn’t forget.

    • LOL…….I bet you do !

      You probably are quite content with the “Gleichschaltung” the left has inflicted on the country. The left doesn’t want a debate they want a consensus based on manufactured intelligence which mistakes feelings for actually thinking. It’s an extension of the liberal self esteem project of thinking outside the box by climbing into it and pulling the flaps shut behind you. It’s about reassuring the elites they are good and caring and to smart to fail.

    • hey lefty – we hope the Electorate remembers – the government was shut down because Obama and Reid had no give and the GOP was trying to delay or cancel Obamacare. You bet your sweet liberal ass the the Electorate is going to remember who forced Obamacare on us Nov 2014

  7. The country will come to love Obamacare just as they have Social Security once all the conservative lies and dire predictions have been exposed. You heard it here first.

    • Godfrey — english hooligans like you need to go back to England, and not pollute this American forum with their clueless, brainless, hooligan statements.

      Obamacare will fail — the Math is there for all to see from what has transpired so far, only idiots like you, and Tess, would claim it will work…LMAO!

      The young blood Obama-the-Usurper needs to drain to make his Socialist Dream come true, ain’t happening.

      It never will — even with the DESPERATE PROPAGANDA TV Ads aimed at college students showing: “Basketball and Football players in college getting hurt (so Go and Get Obamacare Young Americans)” are becoming a joke on campus!

      The Young (without whose participation Obama care is DOOMED TO FAIL) are laughing at this idiocy, saying:
      “LOL, for 1 jock that plays sports, there are 99 of us that don’t, so we won’t get injured on the extreme field of Jockery. And for the thousands of jocks that play, only one gets truly injured…so because of One-in-Several-Thousand, you Obama, expect US ALL to buy into your Bullshit…?! — NO WAY idiot”!

      • p.s.

        MSM — the Master Scumbag Media — reports great numbers signing for Obamacare…close to 2.1 million so far!

        What it fails to report (since they are not allowed to state the truth, only liberal bullshit) is that 90% of the signers are 50-70 year old, and most are signing up for free Medicare.

        Less than 0.5% is the Young Blood Obama needs! Statistically that means that ZERO% of Young Americans are buying into his scam (this alone spells disaster for Obamacare…thus, the only way he can pay for his Socialist Health Dictate is to raise taxes on all, by a lot)!

        Add to this that over 35,000,000 Americans lost their INDIVIDUAL Health Plans already, because of Obamacare mandates!

        Now, add the estimated (by no less than MSNBC…an MSM outlet) of 110,000,000 Americans losing their Health Plans when the Employer Obamacare Mandate kicks in starting this year!

        And you get a total of OVER 145 Million Americans losing their Health Coverage because of the wannabe dictator called Barrack Hussein Obama!
        There are about 312 Million Americans in the USA as of now. What this means is that that’s about ALL of America’s work force (minus the children and senior citizens) that will get SCREWED by Obama!!!!

        And no-one wants to impeach this creep — how sad!

      • p.p.s

        Forgot to mention that Congress and Senate and the Executive Branch are exempt from Obamacare — “some are more equal than others”….George Orwell….

        Read ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell (much better than 1984) as it applies most aptly today in the USA.

        The largest Pig becomes a dictator (Obama) and gets the dogs (his DHS) to be his enforces in keeping the rest in obedience, while the horse (the American people) works nonstop to feed them all, until he dies by old age and overwork, to be eventually melted for glue by the Pig’s orders!

    • Godfrey…You’re right The Affordable Care Act is a mandated law. The House has tried, unsuccessfully, something like 41 times to repeal this law. Yet, Republicans, Tea Party, Democrats, Whatever Party, all have reaped it’s benefits without thanks. All families can keep their children on their insurance policies until the children are 26 years of age. This is the law from Affordable Care Act. Ever hear of a Republican, Tea Party, Democrat, or Whatever turning this down because it is part of Obamacare? You won’t.! Insurance companies cannot cancel your policy because you have a debilitating disease such as cancer or brain tumor. This is law from The Affordable Care Act. Ever heard a Republican, Tea Party, Democrat, or Whatever Party say.”just cancel me and let me die”. You won
      ‘t! There are many things in the Affordable Care Act that need changing but the basic fact remains…everybody needs health insurance. The emergency room would once more be for an emergency instead of the community healthcare center. The savings to the taxpayers would be thousands and thousands and thousands. The men and women of Congress bitched and wailed until got themselves excluded from Obama care (Affordable Care Act).. Back to their old insurance plan, which includes entire family, the very best healthcare in the very best hospitals, and the taxpayers get the privilege of paying for all this. Fleecing of the flock.

      • tess — Obamacare is doomed to fail by its idiotic assumption that young people can be brainwashed to buy into this idiocy.

        see what happens after Jan 28th — your beloved wannabe dictator (who wants to dictate to the American people what they can, and cannot have) is going to get a rude awakening!

  8. I love reading Oblivious’ ad hominem insults! It means he can’t rebut the arguments.

    He can’t get his facts straight either. For example, he said, “Forgot to mention that Congress and Senate and the Executive Branch are exempt from Obamacare.” But as the Washington Post Fact Checker reported:
    “As for Congress being exempted, this is also incorrect.
    As a result of an amendment offered by Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), the Affordable Care Act includes a provision that would require members of Congress (and their personal staffs) to get their insurance on the Obamacare exchanges.”

    “Obviously” he’s been watching WAAAY too much Faux News!

  9. Good post, Tess.
    I’m still looking forward to a full government option, a Medicare for all plan. Maybe then the cost of health care will be cut in half and the quality will improve, similar to what they have in Canada.

    • godfrey — again you display your total ignorance of what free people stand for.

      you are nothing but an english hooligan that has no clue, but posts for the sake of posting….

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