All eyes have been locked on Hillary Clinton in relation to the 2016 Democratic nomination. However, could 2016 be similar to 2008 when an up-and-coming candidate to Clinton’s left beat her out of the top spot? Supporters of progressive-minded politicians like Elizabeth Warren, Senator from Massachusetts, certainly think so.

Report from the Washington Post:

For more than two years, President Obama has endorsed reducing Social Security payments as part of an ambitious deal to tame the national debt. But then Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) — viewed by supporters on the left as a potential 2016 presidential candidate — embraced a far different proposal: increasing benefits for seniors.

As Obama struggles to achieve his second-term domestic agenda, a more liberal and populist voice is emerging within a Democratic Party already looking ahead to the next presidential election. The push from the left represents both a critique of Obama’s tenure and a clear challenge to Hillary Rodham Clinton, the party’s presumptive presidential front-runner, who carries a more centrist banner.

The left’s influence will be on display in coming weeks when a high-profile congressional committee formed after the government shutdown faces a deadline to forge a budget agreement. Under strong pressure from liberals, the panel has effectively abandoned discussion of a “grand bargain” agreement partly because it probably would involve cuts to Social Security.

“The absolute last thing we should do in 2013 — at the very moment that Social Security has become the principal lifeline for millions of our seniors — is allow the program to begin to be dismantled inch by inch,” Warren said recently on the Senate floor, announcing her support for a bill that would expand the program.

Liberals say Social Security is one example of how Democrats are likely to face sustained pressure in coming months to move in a more populist direction on a host of issues.

Many people, myself admittedly included, thought Hillary Clinton was a lock for the 2008 nomination. I specifically remember a family member asking me what I thought of Barack Obama beating her to which I replied, something along the lines of, “no chance.” Thus, my career with the Psychic Friends Network came to a halt.

Can lightening strike twice and deny Mrs. Clinton the nomination a second time?


  1. Elizabeth Warren’s speech on Social Security was not liberal, leftist, or any other popular political brand. Elizabeth Warren is a former Harvard Law School professor specializing in bankruptcy law. The speech was an attempt to get each member of Congress to correctly view our present day economy. She said: “Today, only 18% of private sector workers have defined benefit pensions. Employers have replaced guaranteed retirement income with savings plans, like 401(k) plans that leave retirees at the mercy of a market that rises and falls, at the mercy of questionable investments. Nearly half of all American workers don’t even have access to these limited plans. People who have worked their entire lives and paid into the system are on the edge of financial disaster once they retire”.

    I don’t think 2016 will be Elizabeth Warren’s opportunity to run …maybe 2020.

    • Tess,

      I’m with you 100%! Let’s hope such a leftist wins the Dems nomination 2016!

      So Rand Paul can squash it like the infantile anti-American bug that it is, during the presidential debates.

      Keep on posting, your help is much appreciated in winning our nation back from the Sick Obamanites that you espouse!

  2. Once i thought Democrats (lib or centrist) had a lock on 2016, not so anymore. Go Obama and a GOP House and Senate in ’14, so Mr. O cannot declare a National Emergency.

    • samreusser,

      Obama hurt our freedoms by signing NADA, but shot his wad with Obamacare, doing the most damage to our free nation that he could have with his DICTATE to ALL 300,000,000 + Americans.

      EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN CITIZEN MUST DO WHAT OBAMA SAYS…or else — “Buy my Health Insurance products, or be penalized by The Law, I, King of America Obama, made for all Americans!”

      The people are rejecting this, and thus rejecting Obama!

      From now on it is downhill for all his anti-American policies! He won’t get squat trying to knock the 2nd Amendment again, or any other attacks on our Constitutional Rights!

      Barrack Hussein Obama is now IN SELF-PRESERVATION MODE — trying to defend his failing Obamacare till the end of his term, or until he gets impeached!

      Unless he declares a National Emergency or Martial Law (the odds of such are getting smaller as people are catching on on his constant lies — but than again, he is a socialist psychopath…so one never knows to what new infamy he’ll plunge our nation).

  3. Its absolutely possible for someone to edge out Hillary. She’s got a lot of negatives.

    however, i’m still stuck on the ‘liberal and populist’ statement. Being liberal politically is not something that meshes with being populist. Liberals, in America, are not about populism, but division. Rich vs. poor, men vs. women, race vs. race, upper class, middle class, lower income..etc. They hate on one group of American citizens and promote hatred of them in order to further their political purposes.

    American liberalism by definition is not populist…but coming from the Washington Post its not too surprising they thing liberalism is somehow populist.

    • Josh: You are an example of what is wrong in this country. You buy into the dialectic of “them versus us” that keeps us from accomplishing anything.

      We are in an era that George Washington warned about. He didn’t like the idea of political parties, specifically because you end up with two groups of thugs who seek power, and will do anything to get it–country be damned.

      And they stay into power because of people like you, who come up with any possible good and assign those attribute to your group of thugs, and then come up with every possible evil, and attribute it to the opposition.

      Things you have said about Democrats and Republicans have gotten quite ridiculous.

      American Heritage defines populism as–

      A political philosophy supporting the rights and power of the people in their struggle against the privileged elite.

      That sounds a whole lot like socialism to me–in which “the people” battle the powerful rich.

      Collins Dictionary defines populism as–

      a political strategy based on a calculated appeal to the interests or prejudices of ordinary people.

      Is that what you are saying Democrats do NOT do?

  4. Hillary will be nothing but a footnote come 2016 (the ‘Bitch of Benghazi’ term will haunt her forever).

    Same with fat rhino Cristie on the repubs side — come 2016 he’ll become another nonentity (just a fat slob that’s left to rule his private domain, the Big Brother State of NJ).

    Elizabeth Warren is very clever to cuddle up to senior citizens — for they are the most powerful voting block per capita (nearly all vote; unlike the rest who barely cut 50%)!

    Elizabeth Warren is from the tyrannical State of MA — regarding 2nd Amendment Rights, and the Civil Liberties of all; where after the Boston Marathon fiasco the City became a martial zone with the suspension of nearly all liberties for Millions of Bostonians, while 10’s of Thousands of Militarized Police searched for days for a Single Individual!

    Let us hope such a “populist” from the left wins the Dems nomination!

    She, and her likes, will be fodder for Rand Paul — who already made Hillary look the fool!

    2 minute MUST SEE video:

  5. p.s.

    Watch the beginning of this video — HOW SICK AND WRONG IS Hillary Clinton’s laughing and smiling AT THIS CONGRESSIONAL HEARING …when she knew she caused the deaths of Americans by her “supposed” negligence!

    And she has the gall to run for US president in 2016 — who does she think she is…Obama?!

  6. I didn’t think Hillary was going to win in 2008 because she was mostly known as the “suffering wife” at that time. And the fact that she was CONSIDERED the frontrunner, and then lost, has stuck her with the title, “loser.”

    Besides, Americans are notably fickle. We’re always looking for something, someone new–which is why we have been so successful throughout our history–and it’s also why Harold Stassen never became president.

    • Goethe…I had forgotten Harold Stassen. Ralph Nader was my perennial presidential candidate. I still admire him.

  7. “The liberal, populist movement” — described in two sentences:

    1) we love obama cause he makes you get obamacare for all, gathering your personal information to give you a great national health plan.

    2) we hate obama cause he makes the NSA gather your personal information to make you “safe”.

    so, we is clueless how we feel about anything….

    • Godfrey: That’s a good article, but I’m surprised you like it. It is just repeating Jindahl’s exhortation to stop being “the stupid party.”

      And hat includes coming up with ideas. Politicians can only be negative. We went directly from Dems orgasming over the government shutdown to Reps wallowing in the software mud.

      Whatever happened to “The New Frontier,” or “Morning in America” optimism?

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