On Tuesday, October 1, the President’s health care overhaul went “live” in the form of insurance exchanges where consumers can find health care plans and determine any applicable federal subsidies they may be eligible for. The launch was met with numerous failures on both the state and federal level including web site errors, incorrect premium estimates and hours of wait time for technical assistance.

Report from Reuters:

Technical glitches and heavy internet traffic slowed Tuesday’s launch of new online insurance exchanges at the heart of President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform, showcasing the challenge of covering millions of uninsured Americans.

The opening itself represented a victory for Obama’s signature domestic policy achievement after years of attack from Republican foes and delays in building the technology infrastructure to support sites in 50 U.S. states. It defied a partial federal government shutdown precipitated by Republican efforts to delay the law’s implementation.

Reuters checks in at least 47 states throughout the day turned up frequent error messages or traffic overload notices, particularly for 36 sites run by the federal government. One frequently observed glitch involved a page asking the user to answer security questions that either went blank or would not accept new data. Kansas officials urged residents to wait a few weeks for the “bugs” to be worked out before enrolling.

What does Obamacare mean for you and your family? Will it give you access to health insurance? Did you lose your existing plan because of it or have your premiums doubled?

For me personally, Obamacare has meant a 20% increase in my health insurance premiums in 2012 and 2013 and the cancellation of my existing plan and enrollment in a new plan with a higher deductible and more cost. These increases were due entirely to changes required by the Affordable Care Act according to my insurance carrier.


  1. Since I am on Medicare. health coverage has only improved for me. My meds cost far less so I do not reach the donut hole nearly as fast and other than that I see no real change except many things that were not covered are now covered!

    • Glad to hear medicare is working well. Do you still think American’s should be forced to buy health insurance? That’s the crux of the problems, not so much the regulations and requirements within health care. Government already over-regulated that. The difference now is that Americans now do not have a right to *not have* health insurance.

      I say that’s a bad thing. What say you?

      • I say if you do not have health insurance than you have no right to health care except for what you can pay for yourself. No going to emergency and not paying what you owe! No more sticking the rest of us with your bills.

  2. No difference here: Old farts have Medicare.

    But, Dude. Your INSURANCE AGENT raped you on rates, and you unquestioningly went along, because he mentioned the magic word “Obama”?? You just got screwed, dude. Try shopping around. Take this with you:

    “WASHINGTON — Personal health care costs rose in the 12 months ending in May at the slowest rate in the last 50 YEARS. . .A series of recent government reports and industry analyses have shown a DECREASE in overall health care costs.. . .A recent study by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) showed that for Americans who receive health insurance through their employers, premiums rose 3% from 2011 to 2012, the LOWEST increase since 1996.. .On Friday, Maryland announced insurance premiums up to 33% LOWER than expected. Connecticut’s plan includes an insurer that announced it would DROP premium costs an average of 36% below its original proposal. And young people in Nevada will be able to buy catastrophic coverage for LESS than $100 a month. California and New York also have LOWER-than-expected rates”.

    SOURCE: USA Today:

    I’m not arguing for or against Obamacare. It don’t affect me. But I do like to counter BS, regardless of where it comes from.

    • First of all, your link doesn’t work.

      Second, I should shop around. …. thank you, Professor Obvious.

      Your response is based on information you don’t have such as:

      1) What type of insurance I presently have?
      2) Is it for me or do I have a family to cover?.
      3) What type of insurance I need?
      4) Do I buy privately or get through an employer?

      Since you don’t have that information, please assume that I have the best option for my situation. As in, best cost/coverage ratio I can afford and/or need.

      … shop around… you’r funny.. like I was going to reply and be like, “oh man, you’re right, I never thought of checking other insurance companies for rate quotes”.

      • Nate — cause perduta on Goethe Behr.

        One can do just about anything, but brains into a fool’s head….

      • Nate: That’s odd. Try this:


        Anyway, my comment was based on your previous comment (which you seem to have deleted), in which you said your insurance agent told you Obamacare was responsible for a big increase. And I was just amazed that anyone would automatically believe an insurance agent, unquestioningly–unless that’s what you already want to believe.

        • Nate: Also from USA Today:


          “. . .some big companies are blaming the Affordable Care Act, insurance and economic experts call those claims an EXAGGERATION.

          Making health insurance changes, including big premium and deductible hikes when the rate of increase in health care costs has SLOWED, creates a “messaging issue,” says University of Michigan business economics professor Thomas Buchmueller.

          “That’s not an easy conversation,” says Buchmueller. “It’s CONVENIENT to say, ‘the ACA is raising our costs.'”

          Big companies citing the ACA are “using this as COVER,” says Farzan Bharucha, a health care strategist for consulting firm Kurt Salmon.”


          This sounds just like gas prices. There will be a story about something going on in the gulf, and the NEXT DAY gas prices will skyrocket. The gas their selling was pumped a long time ago, and the supply and demand has not changed at ALL–but they figure people will read the news and be confused, and therefore, easily fooled.

          Same thing here. Since people are confused by the law, insurance companies are jumping their prices, blaming ACA, and if you don’t know they’re gouging you unnecessarily, you complain about ACA, instead.

          I’m not defending ACA, I’m just saying be a better consumer, and don’t believe everything they guy selling you is saying.

        • That comment you referred to is in the actual story above, nothing deleted.

          I don’t think you know too much about the Affordable Care Act, do you? I say this based on your comments. Lets establish some facts as to why people (like myself) are seeing their premiums rise and/or losing their existing plans.

          1) Lets say I have Plan A which meets my needs for a certain price. I like this plan, I’d like to keep it. It covers everything I need for me and my family.

          2) According to ObamaCare, Plan A I have doesn’t meet the new federal standards under Obamacare and doesn’t cover service X, Y, and Z that all insurance plans must cover now by law.

          3) As a result, Plan A gets canceled (as it did for me) and I’m now enrolled in Plan B which is more expensive because it has added more covered services (whether I want or need them or they apply to me or not) and thus it costs me more and the deductible is higher.

          That is what is occurring. Can I shop around? Yes I can but I found nothing cheaper or worth switching to because the level of coverage I used to have which worked fine for me has disappeared. Keep in mind, Obama promised that if I like my plan and like my doctor, I can keep them.

          Well, my plan was canceled and I was enrolled to a new plan to meet Obamacare guidelines. If I switch companies seeking a marginally cheaper plan, I might lose doctors not in the “provider network” anymore under my new insurance carrier.

          That is what is going on. Your assertion that I’m taking the word of an insurance agent is not the case. I shop around, I would not leave my financial fate to someone else to shop my health insurance.

          There’s no exaggerations, nothing else that you allege. It is the reality that many people are dealing with so please don’t assume I or others are simply being “taken” by our insurance company. There are no good options when I shop around and find no better alternatives because every plan is now being governed by Obamacare rules.

          Luckily, for me, I’ve been fortunate enough to absorb these higher costs. For others, they’re having their plans canceled and the new plan is double the cost of the old one leaving them without insurance they can afford.

          • Nate: OK, so what you have is more coverage for more money. That’s not the same as an increase in price.

            My complaint all along is that ACA puts you in the hands of insurance companies, and since coverage is required, it is now a shared monopoly from which you cannot escape.

            • Yeah, tell that to people who have the prospects of double or triple the cost under Obamacare. See if they agree with you about how it’s not really an increase in price because they’re “getting more coverage.”

              I don’t have more coverage. I have less coverage. I pay higher premiums for a higher deductible. Oh, but now the plan might cover birth control, something I was doing just fine without having it mandated on my insurance plan.

              You still don’t understand the ACA and the vast ways in which it changes the structure, offerings and makeup of private health insurance plans. Your continued comments demonstrate that.

            • Nate: But you make it sound as if the “poor” insurance companies are being forced to rob you against their will. Of COURSE, they will cry crocodile tears for you as they turn the knife in your back. They HAVE to do it–sorry, chum–not their fault. Yeah. Right.

              And that’s not some wild-eyed “Occupy” conspiracy theory. It comes from FORBES MAGAZINE, 10/1/13:

              “Obama’s sellout of the public interest has allowed the public companies the ability to raise their premiums, especially on small business, dramatically multiply their profits and send the value of their common stocks up by 200%-300%. . .

              “there would have been no Affordable Care Act of 2010 if the White House had not given into demands from the giant profit-making health insurance companies. . .

              “the ramification of ObamaCare, which was to multiply the profits of five giant insurance companies, just as the major bank oligopoly was rewarded by the federal bailouts and Fed monetary policy.”


            • …and?

              My initial statement was a statement of fact that my premiums went up due to Obamacare. Did Obamacare mandate it or merely *allow* it to happen? That makes no difference to my bottom line. I’m not defending insurance companies but man, you’re splitting hairs and ascribing arguments to me I didn’t make.

              I knew you’d argue with me for argument’s sake. You always are.

            • Nate: Isn’t that what we’re doing here?

              I started out by saying I don’t know and I don’t care. I thought that was pretty clear. I just can’t believe the hysteria, and how seriously everybody’s taking themselves.

              Dude: for a moderator, you’re pretty easy to suck into a meaningless back-and-forth 🙂

  3. You running for president? I think you just got my vote.

    My mom had kidney failure a few years ago. They were without insurance at the time. The hospital said, we’ll figure something out. Just start dialysis. There’s a rule within Medicare that kidney failure is covered by medicare/caid automatically, after 3 months. The 3 months of bills were around $30k. What did they do? Like most Americans, they started making payments.

    Then one day, she was attempting to make a payment and they said. Your account has been paid in full. Catholic Charities has picked up the bill – i think it was still in the $20K range. They weren’t even Catholics.

    This is really how America should work. When the citizens get in trouble like that, we should take care of each other.

    Most people agree to paying for Medicare/caid for those in tough situations like that. But nobody wants a government to force us to buy something for our own good. C.S. Lewis had it right – basically – the worst kind of tyrant is the one who does things for your own good.

    That’s what this bill is a ‘we’re doing this for your own good’ persepective. We don’t need it. Repeal it! I hope they keep the gov’t shut down until its gone.

    • Josh — great post. Another home run!

      Keep posting, Josh — the truth needs to be front-line (to undo the lies and perfidy the shills here attempt to pose as “what’s good for all”…must be “true”)!

      Obamacare is unconstitutional to its core — nowhere in the US Constitution is there even the slightest clause that can force any US Citizen (let alone ALL US Citizens) to buy a product/service against their will. And worst of all is the complete disdain of the US Constitution by Obamacare to PENALIZE citizens for refusing to buy into something they are unwilling to do!

      Why I say, and will keep on saying — Impeach Obama NOW, he is nothing but a wannabe US Dictator!

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    • Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam. . .

      Surf: Didn’t Nate already warn you about this sort of thing?

  5. Nate: I was just thinking about the fact that you worked directly with your insurance agent to choose a new plan. Can he/she then arrange for it? Or do you have to go through the federal sign-up process?

    I heard that only five percent of the people can lose a personal plan. Companies will deal with their employees’ program. If individuals can arrange for their new plan through their current agent, that means only the uninsured really have to go though the government site, right?

    I still think they should have just let the insurance agents comb the country for prospective customers. It would have gotten done, and if there were any problems, people would have blamed the companies.

    • I have an employer, no insurance agent involved. My employer shopped around for better options but found no better plans at any better rates.

      In my case, the insurance provider had to change our plan (by canceling it and enrolling us in a new plan) to meet Obamacare guidelines, thus resulting in the price increase and deductible increase. I’m considered a “lucky” one. My cost increase was *ONLY* 20% which is comparatively low.

      5% is nearly 20 million people who likely will lose their plan entirely in the next year.

      • Nate: In the other thread, I asked about riders. Is there anything in the law that says they couldn’t give you a lower level plan and then add riders to bring you back to what you had?

        As you noted, while it costs more, there’s more to the policy. If your employer had chosen a lesser program, couldn’t the agent have fashioned riders that would make the new plan identical to the old one–but just “named’ as the lower level policy?

        The job of salespeople is to make things work. Adding facets to a basic plan seems like the way to handle this.

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