Former GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul is taking sides on the Rand Paul versus Chris Christie spat over foreign policy and the size of government. Not surprisingly, Ron Paul falls more along the lines of his son, Rand.

Report from The Hill:

Former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) said it is “safe to say” he is not a fan of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) and would not back him if he won the GOP nomination in 2016.

“At this moment, he is not going to have a change of heart: he is a big-government person, it would be similar to the last go-around — I couldn’t endorse our candidate,” Paul said on Fox Business Network in an interview to air Monday.

“I want to change things, I don’t think we are doing well,” he said of the GOP.

Paul, a former candidate for president, opted not to endorse GOP nominee Mitt Romney during last year’s presidential election — one of only a handful of Republican congressmen to not do so.

Paul made the comments after a public high-profile feud between his son, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) — also a possible 2016 contender — and Christie over the scope of national surveillance programs and government spending.

Ron Paul has grown a respectable following within the GOP since his runs in 2008 and 2012. His support seems to be increasing as more Americans become weary of government growth fostered by both major parties.


  1. I will have to say that Christie has more integrity than Willard, since Christie has not pretended to be something he is not.

    It is correct that Ron Paul has many admirerers, such as myself. Up to now, the problem has been that he has no real “followers.” It would be nice if he established a PLATFORM of ideals and policies, with candidates answering which points they can support.

    That is not to say that it would be a “litmus test,” but it would show where candidates stand. As we have been discussing, NO candidate can agree with your views completely, For instance, I think Ron Paul is wrong in not taking a libertarian stand for a woman’s right, but I know where he stands, and I was all for him last year.

    NOW we need to know where the Next Generation stands. I’d be interested to see how many of Ron Paul’s ideals Rand Paul could support.

      • 2012 Libertarian Platform, smartass:

        Plank 1.4 “Abortion”
        “Recognizing that abortion is a sensitive issue and that people can hold good-faith views on all sides, we believe that government should be kept out of the matter, leaving the question to each person for their conscientious consideration.”

        So, clearly, neither Ron Paul nor I are “wrong,” but “leaving the question to each person for their conscientious consideration,” sounds perty damned pro-choice, to me. If the government “should be kept out of the matter,” doesn’t that mean that the decision should be between a woman and her doctor?

        Paul is a gynecologist. My guess is that if he were a podiatrist or dentist, he’d want government to get out of medical matters. While the good doctor is “pro-life,” he is not as doctrinaire on the issue as you would have us believe, saying:

        • Get the federal government out of abortion DECISION. (Nov 2007)

        • Abortion laws should be a state-level CHOICE. (Apr 2011)

        • Day-after pill allows individual moral CHOICE. (Apr 2011)

        • Morning-after pill SAME AS birth control pill; not immoral. (Feb 2012)

        • More laws don’t solve problems on abortion. (Sep 2011)

        • Deregulate the adoption market. (Apr 2011)

        You can find as many arguments from him saying abortion is “wrong,” but he doesn’t say it’s illegal.

  2. From The Libertarian Party Platform (May 2012 Las Vegas) : 1.4 Abortion

    Recognizing that abortion is a sensitive issue and that people can hold good-faith views on all sides, we believe that government should be kept out of the matter, leaving the question to each person for their conscientious consideration.

      • Surfisher…I do not know why you have chosen me to be the victim of your cyber bulling. Everyone knows the story of Judas Iscariot and for you to equate another with such a contemptuous and profane act is a blasphemy that you will have to deal with at a later date. Perhaps because I am a woman. It is obvious you did not have the guts to write that to Goethe Behr. I will ask you not to write any more posts to or about me. Cyper bullying and cyber lies are illegal.

        • Tess: You’re making the mistake of thinking the Surfman is reading your post. Didn’t you see that his post had nothing to do with what you wrote? He has his own agenda, regardless of the topic. That’s why he spams all the threads with the same message.

          So–you just gotta consider the source. Your post about his being a Troll was the perfect comeback. But I think he’s more of a Smurf. . .

          As for why he doesn’t attack me, he knows I’m like Mikey–I hate everybody. I have plenty of complaints about Mr. Big Ears, so he can’t say I’m a shill. Sometimes I post in support of Obama, but it’s only because someone has made an unrealistic claim, and everyone jumps on the bandwagon–except me.

          The biggest idiocy is the Benghazi flap. And it has just taken a new turn. People have been complaining that Obama has not taken us to war against Syria. Now we’re finding out that Benghazi may have been a CIA funnel for weapons to Syrian rebels. And the question is whether it was run by Hillary, who has been pushing for action against Syria.

          That is the REAL possible scandal about Benghazi–that Hillary was doing some kind of CIA/Iran-Contra operation that Obama didn’t know about.

          • Goethe Behr —

            Swallowing Tess’ post hook-line-and-sinker? What if Tess turns out to be a drag queen…still feeling romantic…LOL!

            Now put on your thinking cap, and divest yourself from the feely-touchy stuff.

            1) Insulting me to please Tess is beneath you — but she/he/it did set up a good trap, so you are excused for falling for it.

            2) That Obama did not know about Benghazi is just a surmise — not a valid conclusion. Therefore, lacks any merit.

            3) Why I haven’t attacked you — you haven’t posted anything in support of the Obamination that is our current Administration. Should you do so, I’ll be glad to logically dissect your faux pas as I’ve done in the past.


            • Dude. Your rants really don’t add to the discussion–and so irrelevant that they are as out of place in every thread you spam them to. Also, your attacks are coming off as increasingly desperate and delusional.

              This thread was about the fact that Ron Paul couldn’t support Christie. I hinted that Ron Paul really shouldn’t support Rand Paul, either. Then I noted that Ron Paul has a clear agenda, but that he has no one who can take the baton from him, since no one else is willing to commit to such a clear and comprehensive vision. Rand cherry-picks, and then panders to NeoCons and others–in order to beef up his own, personal political ambition.

              Nate then turned it into a discussion of abortion. And Tess actually made NO personal comment at all–NONE. She merely quoted the Libertarian platform, word-for-word. Then YOU went off the rails, ranting about Obama(?), as if quoting the Libertarian platform was somehow “shlling” for Obama.

              I mean, rant all you want. I usually read the first sentence or two of your posts. And attack all you want. I’m sure most people on here think you’re a. . .bit off. . .when you do so. Tess’ mistake was in taking your irrelevant attack to heart.

              And doubting that she’s a woman?? I mean, dude. . .

        • Tess — all you have to reply with are poorly constructed sophisms?!

          How sad — didn’t they teach you better in the Paid for Obama Propaganda School…?

          Exactly what could be expected of a paid shill to post:

          1) “I’m a woman” — therefore, read between the politically correct lines I post: “As a woman I should be exempt from criticism by the big, bad men….”. How predictable and transparent is that….

          You can claim anything you want to be perceived as on the internet — the Pope, or a typing monkey —claiming you are a woman is just your assertion, NOT a CONFIRMED FACT.

          But nice try — I give you points for this (Geothe Behr has fallen for it, so it does work for those that have limited logical abilities).

          2) “Cyper bullying and cyber lies are illegal” — you state. That’s just another lie, of your many, to try and put fear into people not aware of the 1st Amendment’s TOTALITY of free speech protections.

          Nice try trying to play the victim, when my conclusion is that you are nothing but a shill, paid to post support of the Obama Administration that all Real Americans find repulsive. So, enjoy your 30 pieces of silver…as you say, eventually all will be judged (and you won’t be exempt, either).

          3) ” I will ask you not to write any more posts to or about me” — you state. Sorry, but your request is denied by me. There is no mandate as of yet to limit free speech per your desires.

          I will continue to expose all shills that support the despotically inclined government under Obama.

          In conclusion — I do not care a whiff what your kind thinks of me.

          I only care what the thousands that read this blog, but do not post here, determine for themselves who is right and who is wrong.

    • Are there no two honest men left in the US Congress and Senate — to start the NEEDED Impeachment Process of Obama, the creature that is hell bent on destroying our Constitution, our freedoms, our privacy, our prosperity, our way-of-life and our nation as a whole ?!

      Are all Congressmen and Senators so concerned for what’s best for them — to get reelected or run for some office — that NONE care to risk their positions to do what’s right to save our Nation from this Obamination?!

      Start calling them all — and ask them why they are complacent to this criminal act perpetrated against the American people!

      A sad day in today’s America — if no two honest people can be found in office!


    • Between them and God. Big government has its hands in so many things, it cannot accurately keep track so they distract America with divisive issues while the economy & other big issues have grades too low to mention. If not for their deceit , we would discover the truth more expediently & proper punishment will come more timely. If not, Obama & the other corrupt power-grabbers will get away with it. With the Democrats in power, it is too bad the base follows their leaders, right or wrong. We can’t live like that and are looking forward to stop most of this madness on 2014 and the rest after January 2017.

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