The Senate version of an immigration reform bill which was shepherded through the process by Florida Senator Marco Rubio has become a very sharply debated topic on the political right. Texas Senator Ted Cruz took the opportunity this weekend, appearing Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” to launch some jabs at Rubio over shortcomings in the bill.

Report from CBS News:

Cruz even managed to sneak in an underhanded dig at another potential GOP hopeful, staking out a platform as an unapologetic conservative that could serve him well in a presidential primary fight come 2016.

He again voiced his opposition to the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform bill, and knocked one of its Republican co-authors, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., who is also believed to be eyeballing a presidential run in 2016.

“I think [Rubio] believes in the [Senate] bill,” Cruz said. But he added, “If the [Senate] bill became law, in another 10, 20 years, we wouldn’t have 11 million people here illegally, we’d have 20 or 30 million.”

And as Republicans consider 2016, Cruz said, they should seek a candidate who prizes purity over accommodation.

“You know if you look at the last 40 years, a consistent pattern emerges,” he explained. “Republicans nominate a candidate for president who runs as a strong conservative, we win. And we nominate a moderate who doesn’t run as a conservative, we lose.”

Rep. Peter King also got in on the action declaring the he is officially exploring the possibility of a presidential run to counteract what he sees as a rise in the “isolationist” wing of the Republican Party:

On Saturday, King, who has been more frank than most about his presidential designs, again condemned the direction in which Cruz and Paul have steered the GOP’s foreign policy conversation, telling ABC that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would eat them alive in the general election if she secures the Democratic nomination.

“I think she’s very strong on foreign policy, and I think that if we nominate someone from our isolationist wing of the party, she’ll destroy them,” he said.

There is a discernible divergence within the GOP over the direction of foreign policy and national security. No doubt this will play itself out in many ways over the next three years.


  1. Oh, DELICIOUS!!

    The Cuban born in Canada is battling the Cuban born in Florida about what to do about the Mexicans. Where’s my popcorn?

  2. Texas has illegal immigrants in the work force which is estimated to be 1.1 million. California is first with 1.85 million. These figures come from the Pew Hispanic Center 2012. As Ted Cruz pointed out on the Senate floor, June 25, 2013, “S.744 grants legal status and work permits to most of the 11 million illegal aliens currently living in the United States. But the bill also exempts them from ObamaCare, so if an American company with at least 50 employees has a job opening for a low-skilled worker, the company would actually benefit financially by hiring the amnestied illegal alien over a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident who also wants the job.” The Senate’s Gang of Eight included in the bill proposals that sets up four major barriers to legalization. First, there is at least a ten year wait in order to become a legal permanent resident. Second, there is a requirement that the U.S.-Mexico border be declared “secure” and that 90% of the undocumented who try to cross are being turned away before any of those with RPI visas can be legalized. Third, there is the requirement that anyone with an RPI visa show that they have had no more than 60 days of unemployment at any one spell in order to be legalize. Finally, those on an RPI(Illegals who have applied for provisional immigration) visa must apply for a new visa under a new system that emphasizes education and English speaking ability. Rubio has an accent indicating English was not his first language, will he have to correct that?

    Being a Texan, I love open spaces. So I cringe at the militarization of the border, plus ramping up the E-verify workplace system, a national ID card system, a new system to track visitors to the U.S. to make sure that they leave the country, and a Secure Communities program, so that local police can be an arm of ICE, all included in this immigration bill. Many illegals have children that are American citizens by birth or in the case of Ted Cruz, Canadian by birth. Offer the people that have lived in the shadows for years an opportunity to come forth and take the citizenship oath, then to make them a real American let them pay income tax, let them pay for driver”s license, insurance, car registration, doctor bills, let them pay to go fishing, hunting, pay for their schooling in the same manner the rest of us have to deal with these money drains. Imagine how robust our economy would become. Put the criminal element in jail. Why deport a criminal who would soon return.

  3. Why not put the illegal aliens on the same plan that the Cruz and Rubio families used??

    All illegal aliens should be designated as CUBAN citizens, and we would then welcome them with open arms and give them all the help they want!!

    Problem solved.

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