Ralph Nader is none too pleased with the prospect of Hillary Clinton carrying the Democratic mantle in 2016. According to Nader, Clinton has become a stooge for the “military-industrial complex” and he’d like to see a more solidly liberal candidate challenge her from the left.

Report from The Hill:

Ralph Nader tore into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s liberal bona fides on Monday and said a candidate should challenge her from the left if she runs for the 2016 Democratic nomination.

“Somebody must challenge from the left, because, I mean, Hillary Clinton, who started out as a progressive out of Yale Law School and Wellesley, she’s become almost the poster child for the military-industrial complex,” Nader said in an online interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd.

“She hugs Kissinger; she hobnobs with Bob Rubin and the Wall Street crowd — I mean it’s almost a caricature,” Nader added. “But you know on social issues, like pro-choice, children’s issues, you know she keeps that liberal sheen.”

The former Democratic presidential candidate, who has also run for president as an independent and for the Green Party, said Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), both of whom have been vocal proponents of Wall Street reform, would be solid challengers.

Probably not going to happen but maybe Nader himself will be inclined to take on the Clinton machine if he thinks the liberal wing of the party isn’t being adequately represented.